Terror Threats in Munich, Germany and Rochester, New York

In Germany, police warn of possible imminent threat and a suspect in Rochester is charged with material support for ISIS.
2:26 | 12/31/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Terror Threats in Munich, Germany and Rochester, New York
Around the world tonight major cities on high alert over terror concerns Paris and Brussels canceling fireworks. In jury tonight the celebrations taking place but an hour before police warning of a possible imminent threat. People asked to avoid crowds to major train stations evacuated. And that breaking news here at home fireworks called off after a terror arrest in Rochester New York he seemed there the suspect accused of plotting to kill a New Year's Eve. ABC's due but he does in Times Square for us tonight. Tonight just hours before millions ring in the new year a terror plot thwarted. 45 year old Manuel what's been charged with an alleged plan to kill innocent people on New Year's Eve in a machete attack at a restaurant in Rochester New York. All in the name of vices like did allegedly telling an FBI informant. We just got to show or allegiance and I will take a life I don't have a problem with that the government claiming lets men went to Wal-Mart with the informant to buy materials for tonight's attack. Black ski masks zip ties to knives a machete. Duct tape ammonia and latex gloves allegedly recording of video taking responsibility. For the coming massacre. The city of Rochester canceling its fireworks tonight. It's the fear of that kind of plot that has triggered the largest police presence ever at a New Year's Eve celebration here in Times Square. As more than a million revelers get ready to crowd the crossroads of the world. And law enforcement really beefing up security here. Standing their ground for weapon. Banning all backpack I'm mark. 6000 heavily armed officers on patrol on rooftops and in the year. The NYPD prepared with bomb sniffing dogs security cameras watching every move lamb for the words. Expect the best. You always have the best you know. Largest police presence ever hear largest ever actually. Officers outfitted with tens of thousands of special cell phones to share suspicious images with each other. Ngo joins us now from the heart of Times Square and Jill besides the advanced technology is also the sheer manpower not just those in uniform us. That's right on the NYPD has its counterterrorism task force out here right now many of them are undercover they assure us that this will be the safest place. In the world home the crowds drawn by the second right yeah thank you so much.

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{"id":36040773,"title":"Terror Threats in Munich, Germany and Rochester, New York","duration":"2:26","description":"In Germany, police warn of possible imminent threat and a suspect in Rochester is charged with material support for ISIS.","url":"/WNT/video/terror-threats-munich-germany-rochester-york-36040773","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}