Thanksgiving Holiday Plans Could Be Upset by Powerful Storms

Many Americans could face severe weather when traveling this Thanksgiving.
3:00 | 11/25/13

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Transcript for Thanksgiving Holiday Plans Could Be Upset by Powerful Storms
begin with that killer storm moving across the country right now, complicating highway travel plans for millions of americans. This map tells the story. 33 states in the cross hairs, 48 hours to go before the year's busiest travel day. Tonight post cards from the storm zone are pouring in. Trees no match for powerful winds in texas, whiteout conditions in oklahoma, and in philadelphia those fountains caked in ice. Our extreme weather team is tracking it all. Abc's senior weather editor starts us off. Reporter: Thanksgiving is still days away, but severe weather of all kinds is already ruining plans for millions of americans. From white-out conditions in oklahoma, over 13 inches of snow have fallen in parts of the sooner state. This car, caught on tape, rolling over. Watch again. Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt. To albuquerque, new mexico, sleet, snow and that wind. It's slick! I mean, there's a lot of snow on top of ice that's just being packed on the more cars are driving over it. Reporter: In colorado springs, colorado, police on accident alert status on sunday racing to wreck off wreck. Road accidents to blame for at least a dozen deaths across the country. A reminder to take extra care when hitting the roads for the holiday. Triple a offers drivers a tip. In normal traffic, you usually keep about three seconds of distance between you and the car in front of you. But in icy conditions, you keep more than 8 seconds behind, to give you plenty ime to stop. And roads aren't your only concern. In southern states high surf already picking up off floor beaches. All this weather is headed toward the northeast where they've already been enduring near record cold temperatures. In philadelphia a record low of 20 means layers on layers and a forecasty sight. This fountain is supposed to be turned off in this weather. Now it's a winter photo op. In new york city where the overnight low was just 23 degrees, concerns that strong, cold winds following the storm could prevent those iconic balloons from flying at macy's thanksgiving day parade. Sam joins us. Say it ain't so, sam. The parade in trouble. We're really going to get hit here in the east? Yeah, george. When folks hear a forecast like this they really want to know am I a part of this, am I involved. Let's put the maps up and show you who gets involved. This storm immediately takes a step east overnight into tomorrow morning. For wednesday and thursday it really is -- certainly for thursday it's on east coast storm, out of the way by thanksgiving day. There is a snow component to this storm and in some cases up to 18 inches of snow. Most places will get less than that. It ranges basically from four to seven inches of snow but this is a big rain maker for coastal major cities and coastal major airports on wednesday. Some places will get three, four, five inches of rain possible out of this. George, it's one to watch. Thankfully this is a storm that leaves us alone for thanksgiving day itself. All clear by thanksgiving, thanks, sam. Sam in that piece showed all that havoc on the roads. In the air another mess. The storm's rain and wind setting off a domino effect, flight delays and cancellations across the country as millions of americans try to fly home. In dallas it's begun and ryan owens is there. Reporter: Going nowhere fast -- more than 300 flights canceled at dallas fort worth international airport -- planes de-iced and passengers rebooked. Not how anyone wants to start the trip to grandma's house this year. 25 million americans will get on a plane over next week -- and those planes will be full -- more than 85% of seats taken on the busiest days. It's not as simple as if they cancel your flight you can hop on another plane? Absolutely. It's very difficult to rebook now. Repter: Rick seaney is the ceo of farecompare.Com. He says airlines have gotten smart and now cancel flights at the first sign of a nasty storm -- long before passengers arrive at the airport. In fact, just tonight delta announced it's letting you rebook for free if you are flying to certain cities in the northeast this week. How bad might this week be? One of the worst in the last four or five years. It could nail laguardia, jfk, newark. That's the hub system that causes the cascading effect to have an issue across the country. Reporter: The website flightaware shows that domino effect in its misery map. Places like dfw and houston have lots of red for cancellations and delays. Into tomorrow, atlanta, d.C. And new york it's your turn to see red. This is what the flight board looked like this morning at dfw and look at it tonight, almost all the cancelled are gone. But remember it's a domino effect and just like the storm all that trouble is moving east.

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{"id":21011207,"title":"Thanksgiving Holiday Plans Could Be Upset by Powerful Storms","duration":"3:00","description":"Many Americans could face severe weather when traveling this Thanksgiving.","url":"/WNT/video/thanksgiving-holiday-plans-upset-powerful-storms-21011207","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}