Thanksgiving Storm Causes Flight Cancellations

Worry over the effects of snow, ice and wind grounds some flights during holiday travel season.
3:00 | 11/27/13

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Transcript for Thanksgiving Storm Causes Flight Cancellations
Diane is off tonight, 43 million americans are on the move. Across the country the long thanksgiving weekend got off to a hectic start, weather forcing more than 200 flight cancellations today because of snow, ice and wind. In north carolina a tornado blew the roof off this condominium, snapped trees and downed power lines. Look at the map tonight, most of the trouble in the northeast, parts of the country bracing for more cold and wind on the way. Our extreme weather team is tracking it all and we begin with abc's meteorologist ginger zee. Good evening. Reporter: Good evening, george. Who doesn't love a nice, cold rain to kick off the holiday. Behind me you can see the balloons into will go up tomorrow like we will be talking about in a bit. First I want to show you the wreck that this storm left behind. Reporter: Sliding into the holiday from the carolinas to new england. Trudging through nasty wind and driving rain. The timing of this storm, just cruel for the 39 million of us hitting the road this thanksgiving. The pre holiday hustle clogged in tennessee, an oil tanker flipped. In boston, gusty winds near 40 miles per hour. In atlanta, snow! The first measurable november snow they've had since 1975. Along the east coast, we've had a solid soaking with at least one to two inches of rain almost everywhere. In north carolina, they're cleaning up after two tornadoes sliced into buildings tossing debris. We heard it, it was just a high pitch whistle like. Reporter: And less than 24 hours after the tornadoes, jaw dropping snow. It's snowing pretty heavy right now. Reporter: Tires were spinning from new york to lake effect snow land in lake michigan as travelers fought through those streets. No, it isn't horrible everywhere. They're loving the snow at ski resorts like this one in michigan. Weather or not, more people on the road means more accidents. On the night before thanksgiving progressive insurance found a 24% increase involving accidents involving rear end and parking. Fortunately this storm is out of here tonight. Behind it winds and bitter cold which has the balloons on high alert at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. Any wind above 23 miles per hour would ground the beloved inflatables. Officials are optimistic that the balloons will fly but will make the final decision in the morning. I promised it will be dry and if you watch me on "gma" right here tomorrow I promise bitter cold. It's going to feel like the teens. Let's go to those long lines at america's airports. Abc's ron claiborne is in laguardia airport. Ron? Reporter: George, things are actually going pretty well, surprisingly well. There were predictions of all kind of chaos on top of a traditional crush of travelers but those dire warnings appear to have spooked a lot of people into looeg early. Reporter: In new york's penn station the concourses were packed with crowds of people trying to avoid the chaos at the airport. Travel on this day before thanksgiving wasn't so bad. One reason, it seems days of warnings of a mess persuaded many to depart yesterday. The airlines offered people to move their flights up a day so we did a couple thousand extra passengers yesterday to make today a little easier. Reporter: Of course there were some flight delays and p cancellations. I asked them and they said I'm sorry, ma'am, your flight has been cancelled. Ne told you? No. Reporter:7 hours after she got here she finally made her way to security. In atlanta we met this woman who didn't care if there was a snarled mess at the airport. You're waiting for -- my husband in afghanistan. Reporter: She was waiting for army soldier jason shelton due to arrive today. We're waiting for him to be home. Reporter: On this evening of thanksgiving, these images from around the country, a weary santa waiting to tackle the security line at chicago's midway airport. At o'hare, little boy waiting to board a plane wearing what has got to be the best turkey cap, well, ever. If you are still traveling tonight the tsa has these tips. You can bring pies through the security check point and turkeys as long as they're not live. Cranberry sauce is considered a liquid, three onss. All those people traveling this week are eventually going to have to go back home. The vast majority travel the sunday after thanksgiving. This coming sunday has the potential to be a real mess. In washington today a new delay for obama care. The white house announced it's

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{"id":21037065,"title":"Thanksgiving Storm Causes Flight Cancellations","duration":"3:00","description":"Worry over the effects of snow, ice and wind grounds some flights during holiday travel season.","url":"/WNT/video/thanksgiving-storm-flight-cancellations-21037065","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}