Don't Throw Out That Old Cell Phone!

If old gadgets and cell phones don?t work, there is someone to take them off your hands for cash.
2:50 | 08/08/13

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Transcript for Don't Throw Out That Old Cell Phone!
Tonight our "real money" team is back in action finding a new way for american families to save money. So look around the house, find your old cell phone. Abc's paula faris says they can put hundreds of dollars in your pocket in minutes. Reporter: Does this look like your house, on old back berry here, a cracked iphone here. Chances are this guy will pay you good money for it. He's founder of a website, gazelle.Com. Consumers are blown away by how much they can get and it's usually more than they expect. Reporter: That's because american house holds have an average 14 electronic devices going unused just sitting in their junk drawers. We've shown you before how to make money on those old devices. Member the cohens? They traded in their old gadgets on similar sites like amazon and the god wins used their old cell phones to the mall and got cash on the spot from ecoatm. Now ga zil predicts the amount you can make is about to go way up because nearly 5 billion consumers are now. Reporter: Mia finds two phones in the coat closet. Downstairs their youngest, justin, finds two more in the kitchen. And noah finds a 3-year-old ipad in the toy cabinet. Gathering them all up, dad logs onto gazelle.Com and types into details about each gadget and gets instant quotes. This one is $50, $85. This was $10 and this is hm years old and smashed. Reporter: Where does it all go? They pack everything up and said it to gazelle's warehouse in kentucky. Each is scanned and tested and shipped to a reseller who will fix anything broken or cracked. Recognize that ipad? The cracked phone? Those are the carusos. Adding it all up they three families found an average of $341 each just sitting in their junk drawers. That's real money! Now, one of my children mysteriously destroyed our family's ipad. It's cracked in several places, chipped. Looks worthless. Right. One of those websites we mentioned is going to give us $117 for this, not bad considering it's almost three years old as well.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"If old gadgets and cell phones don?t work, there is someone to take them off your hands for cash.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"19910954","title":"Don't Throw Out That Old Cell Phone!","url":"/WNT/video/throw-cell-phone-19910954"}