Tornadoes, Lightning and a New Build Up of Super Storms

Stretch of storms from Nebraska to Maine targets 65 million people.
2:05 | 07/07/14

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Transcript for Tornadoes, Lightning and a New Build Up of Super Storms
And it begins with a new stretch of storms from Nebraska to Maine, targeting 65 million people. At least a dozen tornadoes already deployed against Iowa yesterday with a kind of savage beauty. Bold lightning strikes in Wyoming from the clouds overhead to the city below. And at this hour, a new build yum of storm cells on the way, as ABC's linsey Davis starts us off, right now. Reporter: No rest for the weather weary. Watch as this tornado thrashes across an Iowa field, as another round of severe weather invades the state. There's like a whole tree up there! Reporter: Even the storm chaser who captured this twister admits he was caught offguard. If I hadn't been there and see it with my own eyes, I would have thought that it would have been a fairly strange event, just because the storms weren't expected to be that large. Reporter: 13 reported tornadoes in central Iowa yesterday alone. Like the one that literally turned Mary Nielsen's life upside down in a matter of seconds. I said, "Dear god, don't trap me down here. I got three beautiful grandkids." Reporter: Tonight, more than 65 million Americans remain in the storm zone. In North Dakota, hail. And winds strong enough to flatten this trailer. And ef-1 tornado packing winds of 110 miles an hour in western Michigan mangled homes and brought down trees. Stuff flying around. Reporter: Up and down the Mississippi, cones of caution. They're bracing for more rain. Flooding already forcing closure of several roads and bridges. While Utah and California could use more rain to battle blazes. Outside of San Francisco, more than 6,000 ache earl acres have burned. Here in the northeast, temperatures are nearing triple digits. A severe thunderstorm watch for New York and Pennsylvania tonight. And more storms in the forecast over the next few days. Diane, it's not over yet. All right, linsey Davis, thank you so much. And we also want to tell you

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{"duration":"2:05","description":"Stretch of storms from Nebraska to Maine targets 65 million people.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"24459951","title":"Tornadoes, Lightning and a New Build Up of Super Storms ","url":"/WNT/video/tornadoes-lightning-build-super-storms-24459951"}