Torrential Rains and Flash Flood Warnings in 10 States

Fish swimming through the streets of Newark and high water levels on the roads in other cities make it difficult to drive vehicles.
2:43 | 06/02/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Torrential Rains and Flash Flood Warnings in 10 States
For millions the dark skies have already moved in a night of severe storms ahead from Washington DC up through Philly new York and Boston. The map says it all flash flood watch is already in ten states as we come on images from inside the storm zone tonight. Lightning striking the new World Trade Center the Empire State Building in four run there. This driver and Hoboken, New Jersey being pushed through the flood waters. And fish swimming in the middle of the flooded streets here in the northeast this image from new work New Jersey. It Atlanta interstate 75 and 85 the water came down so fast clogged storm drains their cars stranded. Chief meteorologist ginger Z with the new track at this hour but first ABC's Lindsey Davis with a very slow moving Monday commute. 45 million. The northeast still at risk for flash flooding tonight. Tires are on the road in New Jersey a front loader brought in to push drivers out and these car. Displaced from an overflowing river onto a nearby road. New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford posting on insert Graham his gratitude for being alive after totaling this rental car early this morning in New Jersey. Saying he slammed into a massive body of water. As he drove home for practice after visiting his newborn daughter to be honest an army times has run around. With that torrential rain lightning that's New York's one World Trade Center getting struck. In Georgia rain plus club storm drains caused this massive backup on a major highway in Texas a blessing of clear skies today. After more than thirty weather related deaths here and in Oklahoma another ten people still missing. This time lapse video from Austin showing just how quickly flash floods canning golf roads. And tonight more than 500 cows are safe thanks to the her rope work of an old fashion cattle drive near Houston. Rescued from alligator infested floodwaters carried by boat to dry land. More rain in the forecast throughout the northeast tonight. Making for a long commute home David. Just look at that slow moving traffic tonight Lindsay thanks let's get right to ginger Z with a new tracks the next twelve hours some most concerned about David's let's get straight to the map you see that stationary front very slow moving a couple of disturbances along at bringing showers and thunderstorms. All the way from the southeast up to the northeast you saw those flash flood watches in place really through tomorrow. Another two to three inches possible remember our ground already saturated. From what fell yesterday and it's not just the rain that were watching were also on top of the severe thunderstorms in the northern Rockies that's for tonight with a severe thunderstorm watches. And then it rose to the northern plains tomorrow large hail strong winds. From North Dakota down and the backs you had to get up a plane today because of bad weather ginger G tonight thank you.

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"Fish swimming through the streets of Newark and high water levels on the roads in other cities make it difficult to drive vehicles.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"31456697","title":"Torrential Rains and Flash Flood Warnings in 10 States","url":"/WNT/video/torrential-rains-flash-flood-warnings-10-states-31456697"}