'Treasure' found during Apollo 11 Mission Control restoration

Sandra Tetley, who was charged with the restoration, said they found cigarettes, an RC Cola and even a flight plan when the consoles were taken to a space museum.
2:32 | 07/19/19

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Transcript for 'Treasure' found during Apollo 11 Mission Control restoration
Finally, our persons of the week in Apollo 11 mission control. 50 years ago tonight, they were already on their way to the moon. And tomorrow marks the day. Neil Armstrong, 10:56 P.M., opened that hatch. I'm going to step down now. Reporter: And stepped foot on the moon. That's one small step for man. One giant leap for mankind. Reporter: 19 minutes later, buzz aldrin too. And back in Houston, Apollo 11 mission control, many wiping away tears. Do you feel it when you're in this room? I do. You can feel it. Reporter: This week, they allowed us to broadcast from that room, a first. Sandra Tetley was charged with restoring Apollo 11 mission control. You see the lights, what's on the screen and just realize something big happened here. Reporter: They took out the consoles and sent them to Hutchinson, Kansas, to be restored at the space museum, cosmosphere. Underneath the consoles, they found cigarettes from that time. They used photographs to place items right where they were 50 years ago, the rc cola, the Winstons, the Apollo 11 flight and when you search you archives, you see it, the miniature Apollo 11 spacecraft. Then and now. Right where it once sat. And remember this week, they even showed us the heartbeat. They were monitoring the astronauts. They had Neil Armstrong's vital signs right in from of them the entire time? Absolutely. Reporter: And all of those images of the flight director, gene krantz, 50 years later, history still being made. Now two women in the top roles, the chief flight director and deputy flight director, Emily Nelson. Already looking ahead to the moon again, and then Mars. Getting to put boots back on another surface away from Earth, again, that will be incredible. Reporter: They hope to launch that mission in 2024 from Florida, where there is another woman, Regina Spelman, helping to lead the way. They started with a blank piece of paper. And how they were able to do that is awe-inspiring, what people can really do when they put their mind to it. Reporter: And until the next mission, preserving that other mission 50 years ago. The woman and the team who saw what was left here and thought we should save it. Most people would say, "What a mess!" But you thought, I've got history. Oh, it's treasure. It was treasure. It was history. Absolutely.

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{"duration":"2:32","description":"Sandra Tetley, who was charged with the restoration, said they found cigarettes, an RC Cola and even a flight plan when the consoles were taken to a space museum.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"64450305","title":"'Treasure' found during Apollo 11 Mission Control restoration","url":"/WNT/video/treasure-found-apollo-11-mission-control-restoration-64450305"}