'Trikers' Drive Three Wheeled Motorcycles

Nick Watt shares the experiences of a new breed of adventurers.
3:00 | 11/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Trikers' Drive Three Wheeled Motorcycles
The next time you hear the rumbling of a motorcycle gang approaching take a look at them. They may be the new breed of adventurer showing every generation how you reinvent the future. And ABC's nick walked hitched a ride with a growing tide of boomers revving up there from -- wheels. -- Grove. Leather vests. More beards and these -- -- like. They're like saddling -- -- and easy right. Life without your right just like. That's never been enough -- old -- -- -- just can't handle two wheels anymore. -- want to get a -- But I have a bad way different reasons different hip replacements different backed fair and -- We go to or try as the baby boomer bike visit the seventies are anything like sales are through there -- about 45%. Last year. Harley-Davidson. Is even. Making it and wheeled mobile and many of these beasts. This custom made. Most of us -- want to keep ourselves in the win. The Brothers of the third Wheeler benevolent global biker gang has 7000. Members and -- think there are guns still writing. Well today running. It's a more laid back experience -- -- and writing Billy and I could pull this lead wasn't for all these pink pony tail. MySpace vikings keeping the aging and injured. On the program if you don't know the Phelan in it's hard to explain. Things -- now if this black. Are you gonna ride this thing to lead all right -- -- legged killer or and to be wild adult is refusing. -- -- -- ABC news. Pacific Coast Highway.

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{"id":17711841,"title":"'Trikers' Drive Three Wheeled Motorcycles","duration":"3:00","description":"Nick Watt shares the experiences of a new breed of adventurers.","url":"/WNT/video/trikers-drive-wheeled-motorcycles-17711841","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}