New Trouble for Donald Trump Now Losing Momentum in the Polls

Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump by nine points after he criticized a fallen Muslim U.S. solider, and after the Democratic National Convention.
5:09 | 08/02/16

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Transcript for New Trouble for Donald Trump Now Losing Momentum in the Polls
Breaking headline in the race for the White House a new poll just coming out as we come on the air tonight. Every four years we wait to see what kind of bounce a candidate might get out of his or her convention. And tonight the new numbers just out take a look after the Republican Convention. Donald Trump had a three point lead over Hillary Clinton the numbers then 48. To 45. Tonight just days after Democratic Convention of reversal Hillary Clinton now in the lead 52 to 43. The new numbers do reflect some of the controversy Donald Trump taking on the con family the mother and father who spoke at the Democratic Convention about their son. A Muslim American army captain who lost his life saving others on the battlefield in Iraq. A tonight Donald Trump is standing firm when it comes to that gold star family saying the father quote viciously attacked me. ABC's Tom Davos meeting this off. Tonight we could help to boost new polls showing Hillary Clinton with a solid lead. Donald Trump now declaring this I don't afraid. Elections got a direct I have to be honest it comes as he's under flyer for attacking the Muslim parents of an American soldier killed in a rock. Gonzales because you're Condit appeared the Democratic National Convention there'd late sun kept them quiet content and dreamed of becoming a military lawyer. But he poured goals dreams a solid. The day. He sacrificed his life. To save the lives his fellow soldiers. Dawn I'm from. Consistently. Some Beers the katic truth Muslims. And then two questions let me also few. Have you even read the United States constitution. It. Hollywood let me. Finally I have you have would have been to Arlington cemetery. Bullet look at the graves of prayer privateers. Who died defending. United States of America. You always see. All of face. Genders. And ethnicities. You'll have factored fly is. Nothing. Would George Stephanopoulos asked trump about at the Republican nominee. First zeroing in on mrs. Kan. He his wife. If you look at his wife she was standing there she had nothing to say she probably maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say you tell me but plenty of people of Britain that. And trump disputing mr. Kahn's assertion that he hasn't sacrificed anything how would you answer that father once second. Things happen. The chemical upset if this is. I worked very very hard I've created thousands and thousands of jobs tens of thousands of jobs. Built great structures have done I've had I've had tremendous success. I think there's a lot of questions. From should think this exercise. The con family outraged but he is a black soul. And this is totally unfit for bit leadership of this beautiful country this is caught in an op Ed in the Washington Post explaining why she didn't speak. Walking onto the convention stage with a huge picture of my son behind me I could hardly control myself. What mother could and today this is con breaking down when talking about the last conversation she had with her son. He said mom. I have a responsibility. To pardon my floor yes I love my age and so we're just so I've been made. I do take can't offer them. But trump won't let it go horrible things were said about the I think Louis frankly. The very tough so all I did his respondent I will always respond. Now trumps fellow Republicans are denouncing him. Including war hero Senator John McCain today get a blistering statement McCain sane or party has bestowed upon him the nomination. It is not accompanied by unfettered license to defame those were the best among us. At just moments ago are appropriate. I ask our problem. Have you no sense of decency sir. Warren Buffett with Hillary Clinton sitting there behind him Tommy Thomas with a slide from Pennsylvania and Tom also tonight. At least one T veterans group and several gold star families are now all weighing in. That's right David tonight veterans of rewards the BMW coming up very strong against Donald Trump C attacking a gold star mother is out of bounds Padilla Doug Walton sandy will not tolerate anyone. For radio a gold star can't remember. For exercising his elbow right look we didn't speech and expression David top dumbest line from a Donald Trump rally in pencil being.

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{"duration":"5:09","description":"Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump by nine points after he criticized a fallen Muslim U.S. solider, and after the Democratic National Convention.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"41057245","title":"New Trouble for Donald Trump Now Losing Momentum in the Polls","url":"/WNT/video/trouble-donald-trump-now-losing-momentum-polls-41057245"}