Trump Goes on Early Morning Twitter Attack

The GOP presidential candidate took to Twitter early this morning to attack Hillary Clinton and former Miss Universe Alicia Machado.
2:44 | 09/30/16

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Transcript for Trump Goes on Early Morning Twitter Attack
The Donald Trump's late night Twitter tirade in the race for the White House a tweeting shortly after 3 in the morning. About miss universe about reports members of his own campaign saying he didn't prepare enough for that first debate. Here's ABC's Tommy Thomas. Don't twelve. He's 39 days away from the election but at 3:28 AM he wasn't dreaming of victory he was tweeting. First railing against new reports about his debate performance based on a source in his campaign tweeting they are just made applies then. Three more tweets by 538 yen slamming Hillary Clinton and at least you much Otto the miss universe you mark for gaining weight and was mentioned by Clinton at the debate. Troll posting my worst miss you Hilary was set up. And crooked Hillary help disgusting check out sex tape and passed. A BC and become a US citizen so she could use her in the debate this as a 1997 interview with program which idol has surfaced. And she had a little problem doing the middle where she gained a little way don't a lot of stuff. God just from what we're I found things on the campaign trail Hillary Clinton calling out well. Relay. Gets up at 3 o'clock in the morning. Do engage in age glitter attack. I guess to up armor miss U verse is latest terror meltdown is unhinged even earn him. Trump back on Twitter by the afternoon. Those few people knocking me for tweeting at 3 o'clock in the morning at least you know I will be there all week to answer the call. Which auto also want social media posting this photo instead grant in the caption she says Trump's claims are false and that he's tried to intimidate her. But trump is pledging that charged with this new campaign had obtained exclusively by ABC news between daughter he bought the trump her first general election commercial. My father will change outdated labor laws that they support women. An American family. And some vindication for trump tonight that debate microphone he complained wasn't working right work that microphone. Was a house. More difficult that worked game get Hillary Clinton that I can tell you. Tonight the debate commission saying in a statement there were issues regarding Donald folks audio that affected the sound level the debate hall but said it didn't affect viewers at home. Tom dumbest with a slide in Michigan and Tom USA today making headlines of its own tonight a first for that newspaper. That's right David for the first time in 34 years USA today is taking sides. In the presidential race telling readers not to vote for Donald Trump. They say quote he's unfit for the presidency and that he's a serial liar well today Donald Trump fired back saint as far as he's concerned. USA today is not much of a newspaper.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"The GOP presidential candidate took to Twitter early this morning to attack Hillary Clinton and former Miss Universe Alicia Machado.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"42488377","title":"Trump Goes on Early Morning Twitter Attack","url":"/WNT/video/trump-early-morning-twitter-attack-42488377"}