Trump Transition Team Shake-Up with Transition of Power Underway

VP Mike Pence now leading the transition team with many wondering what key roles his top advisers will have.
4:16 | 11/11/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump Transition Team Shake-Up with Transition of Power Underway
Good evening it is great to have you with this Huard a Friday night in what a week it's been here in America the election is over but inside trump tower tonight. The next administration is just beginning and this evening we were on the inside as we learn many of the names and faces who could be on board in this administration. The president elect out of cited trump tower today but the trucks were not filled with sand there a protective barrier now outside. So many key name seen heading in Rudy Giuliani among them to two posts he could be up for. Eddie barker trump her husband her Brothers all of them involved in shaping the next White House. But already some breaking headlines Donald Trump's tweets as president elect. And I'm Obama care his new comments tonight will it stay alive under president trump. ABC's Tom Davos meeting this off. Tonight trump tower of fortress own police out front. The president elect inside surrounded by his core team he's White House though taking shape. 24 hours ago Trump's visit to the Obama White House going off without a hitch and I look forward to being with. Many more times. We're turning to his Manhattan skyscraper. Trump seemed least really good meeting he tweeted great chemistry. But as night fell the mood at trump tower room door. On the sidewalk outside and in cities across the country protesters. Into the street to denounce the president elect. Now. Trump keenly aware of it all end at 9:19 PM. Firing off this angry tweet just had a very open and successful presidential election. Now professional protesters in cited by the media are protests dean very unfair. But overnight from stone subtly changing. Just after 6 AM a very different message. Love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night. Have passion for our great country we will all come together and be proud hours later trumps inner circle started to arrive. Former campaign major Kellyanne Conway now with senior advisor greeting me inside arms and you want. Well right that they know or care and that they. Conway telling me vice president elect Mike Pence is now taking over the transition. Replacing embattled New Jersey governor Chris Christie who will assume a lesser rule. As for who'll make up the trump cabinet Conway is tight lipped and there are a number of people being talked about for different jobs ultimately that's that's Thomas house decision. Today we're learning Trump's children Don junior you Blanca and Eric will play a big role in that decision. All three no name to the transition team. Hoping to build her father's administration. Even as they prepare to take over the family business. During the campaign they'd promised to keep a strict separation between the two. And locked incredibly response plan this is so much bigger than another Zealand and we all recognize we're not going to be involved in government. But now we know the trump family will in fact be deeply involved in shaping the trump White House. Creating the appearance at least of a conflict of interest with their business ball controls husband Jared Kushner. Now on the short list for White House chief of staff conceived your commissioner and he bunker leaving your. Washington DC when Darren about her brilliant free press and decision when people doing honey they feel they can best serve within the context of their own personal. Relationships but at this whole time it's difficult to resist that time from us anyone. Among the big names in contention for top jobs. Newt Gingrich RNC chairman right spree this and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani spotted at trump tower today. Occasionally do you like Giuliani a former federal prosecutor. Certainly sells interest in being attorney general it. Certainly have the energy and this probably nobody. That knows the Justice Department that is admits it. And Tommy Ellis witness live tonight and Tom Rudy Giuliani is also under consideration for another top job. That's right David Rudy Giuliani's loyalty to Donald Trump may eventually pay off we hear not only CB considered. For attorney general but also secretary of state. David Todd now misleading us off on a Friday.

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{"id":43479235,"title":"Trump Transition Team Shake-Up with Transition of Power Underway","duration":"4:16","description":"VP Mike Pence now leading the transition team with many wondering what key roles his top advisers will have.","url":"/WNT/video/trump-transition-team-shake-transition-power-underway-43479235","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}