Trump’s defense team makes case for just 2 hours

The House impeachment managers filed more than 28,000 pages of trial records with the secretary of the Senate.
2:41 | 01/26/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Trump’s defense team makes case for just 2 hours
Now the white house's turn on the floor of the senate. President trump's defense team on the offense, accusing the Democrats using the in the meantime process as a plot to overthrow the 2016 election. Kyra Phillips on the hill for us tonight. Reporter: Tonight president trump's legal team didn't even warm up, opening their defense straight to the point. You will find that the president did absolutely nothing wrong. Reporter: Even getting personal, attacking lead house manager Adam Schiff, going after his summary of the president's phone call with Ukrainian president zelensky at the center of it all. This is the essence of what the president communicates -- I want you to make up dirt on my political opponent, understand? Lots of it. That's fake. That's not the real call. Reporter: In their two-hour presentation, the president's lawyers repeatedly discrediting the Democrats' evidence that president trump pressured Ukraine to investigate his political rivals by withholding military aid. Most of the democratic witnesses have never spoken to the president at all, let alone about Ukraine security assistance. Reporter: President trump blasting the quote, totally partisan impeachment hoax. While his defense team suggested the Democrats are using the trial to influence the election. They're asking you to tear up all of the ballots across this country. Reporter: Some Republican senators saying the defense's case is off to a good start. Our team entirely shredded the case that has been presented by the house managers. Reporter: Tonight, the question of whether the senate will compel witnesses and documents the president has blocked is still not resolved, but the republican-controlled chamber appeared unmoved. They want this to be the first impeachment case in history without a single witness. Okay, Kyra Phillips joins us now from capitol hill. Watching it all play out today. Major development today -- Republican senator Mitt Romney indicating he may support hearing from witnesses. Reporter: That's right. This is the furthest he has gone, saying he'll likely be in favor of witnesses in the senate trial. But remember, Democrats will need at least four Republican senators to vote in favor of calling witnesses. And right now, even with Romney, it's far from clear that they have enough support for witnesses when it's put to a Still apparently an uphill battle for the Democrats.

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{"duration":"2:41","description":"The House impeachment managers filed more than 28,000 pages of trial records with the secretary of the Senate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"68535751","title":"Trump’s defense team makes case for just 2 hours","url":"/WNT/video/trumps-defense-team-makes-case-hours-68535751"}