Is Your TV Spying on You?

New smart TVs with voice recognition and Internet connections can transmit private conversations and personal information.
1:34 | 02/10/15

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Transcript for Is Your TV Spying on You?
Next tonight, and to that question I mentioned. Is your TV watching and listening to you? New smart TVs with internet connections, able to transmit your private conversations. Here's ABC's Rebecca Jarvis. Reporter: A warning tonight, straight out of minority report. How did the tanktops work out for you? Reporter: From Samsung, your smart TV is watching you. Go to smart hub. Reporter: The latest technology that turns your voice into a remote so that you can scan youtube, choose a movie or change channels just by speaking can also hear your private conversations. Youtube. We gave Samsung's latest model a test. Once I press this button, everything I say into this device is getting recorded and could be shared with a third party. It's as cool as it is creepy. People have this expectation that the conversations that they have in their own home or what they choose to watch, this kind of data is really private. Reporter: Samsung's privacy policy telling consumers, please be aware, if your spoken words include personal or other information, they will be captured and transmitted to a third party. The company adding that they do this to improve the features of their televisions. Another step deeper into a world where big brother really is watching and listening to you. All right, this sounds kind of crazy. How do you protect yourself? Reporter: Well, you can turn off the voice recording feature. But there are trade-offs here, because if you do that, you have to go back to using your remote, no more of the voice operated feature. The whole reason you bought the TV in the first place. All right, Rebecca, thank you. Please keep watching us at home.

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{"id":28877621,"title":"Is Your TV Spying on You?","duration":"1:34","description":"New smart TVs with voice recognition and Internet connections can transmit private conversations and personal information.","url":"/WNT/video/tv-spying-28877621","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}