Upper Midwest reeling amid whiteout, blizzard conditions

In the Northeast, there were multiple crashes on an icy stretch of Interstate 95, causing backups for miles.
3:41 | 12/31/19

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Transcript for Upper Midwest reeling amid whiteout, blizzard conditions
And we begin with at major winter storm stretching across more than a dozen states shutting down highways causing hundreds of accidents taking at least two lives. The stunning images of blizzard conditions slamming the Dakotas. Fargo brought to its sneeze drivers needing a toe and humbled South Dakota black ice causing multiple spin outs on an overpass in western Iowa. Freezing rain and slick roadways from upstate New York to New England ice and wind bringing down trees and power lines leaving tens of thousands in the dark. So I winter weather alerts remain in effect as the countdown to New Year's Eve is set to begin. The forecast in a moment but first ABC's Eva pilgrim leading us off at cold and rainy New York City. Tonight the upper midwest really and it white out blizzard conditions and massive snow bids Daryn an icy mess in the northeast. Lilly now traveling over the holidays. Waterston. I race are right Rhodes about historic art XXX I've managed in Maine a multiple crashes on icy I ninety's by the stretches of the crucial highway shut down. Backups for miles. In New Hampshire this truck crashing into a utility poll. Knocking out power if you don't have to be out on the roads today to stay inside only for the storm to finish. Back in the midwest the mayor of Fargo, North Dakota calling this one of the worst storms they had. A farmer helping pull one of the city's police vehicles out of the snow. More than twenty inches falling in parts of the Dakotas. The Minnesota hundreds of crashes and at least two fatalities. The state patrol showing how slippery conditions are on I 94 this school bus skiddie outside Minneapolis. And in Saint Paul the city declaring a snow emergency. Same system bringing severe weather to parts of the sound multiple reported tornadoes in Mississippi. Building torn apart this tractor trailer overturned. A. So let's get right to Eva pilgrim live from the Bronx where a wind turbine has crashed into a shopping center there and eve it's. Very busy travel week for drivers already this is creating quite a mess. That's right when that wind turbine crashing here in the rods completely unexpected take a look at this video you'll see that newly installed wind turbine crashing to the ground taking down a billboard it also smashed into a parked car at this busy intersection the whole area is shut down to traffic right now. It is a mess here this turbine crashed combined with this weather causing a rail traffic nightmare for people on a very. Busy travel day when. All right give our thanks see you tonight let's head over to ABC's chief meteorologist ginger Z tracking it all forest. And ginger how old when he nineteen close out with the forecast for New Year's Eve. Apple's not going to be easy and Tony nineteen lit that is for sure is wet windy and cold here around New York City but I want to take you to that radar because you're seeing the snow blowing in parts of Minnesota Wisconsin still very dangerous iRows they're up to the UP of Michigan. But on the roads in Massachusetts say I ninety's Eric to Connecticut where that up to half inch of ice has formed thanks to the freezing rain. That's a big concern tonight if you have travel plans in New England so keep an eye on all those ice storm warnings especially going into. Tonight in the early tomorrow. It's really tomorrow where this starts to break apart and that's great news for the roads there will be some snow showers blowing through especially western new York and Pennsylvania spent attending it's because they should dry out for the most part but it will be blustery. And look at that. Everywhere except the Pacific northwest look at it okay answering in the new year when it. All right ginger thank you.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"In the Northeast, there were multiple crashes on an icy stretch of Interstate 95, causing backups for miles.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"67990992","title":"Upper Midwest reeling amid whiteout, blizzard conditions","url":"/WNT/video/upper-midwest-reeling-amid-whiteout-blizzard-conditions-67990992"}