USA, a Nation of Spies?

German spy allegations mount as new Snowden-based story reveals some Americans whose emails the NSA monitored.
2:16 | 07/09/14

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Transcript for USA, a Nation of Spies?
Now tonight, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is back in the news. A new report claims the us spied on more than 200 Americans including Muslim professors, lawyers, civil rights activists. Brian Ross with the new report that is naming names. Reporter: This is the first time that any of the names were made public. Among the five named today, faisil gill, a prominent American Muslim who served in the department of homeland security in the bush administration and ran for public office in Virginia as a republican. There's no question in my mind that the reason I was being surveilled is because I'm a Muslim. There's nothing in my background. Reporter: He was one of 202 U.S. Persons whose names or e-mails were allegedly found on this NSA document, taken by Edward Snowden and turned over to journalist Gren green Wald. They're very prominent and have absolutely no connection to terror plots. Reporter: This came on the same day of diplomatic fireworks over spying between the U.S. And Germany. It was on July 4th that German authorities first told the U.S. They had arrested a 35-year-old German government employee who had been spying for the cia. And then today, word that yet another German in the ministry of defense suspected for spying for the Americans. And all this just months after the U.S. Had been caught spying and apology jiezed for spying on chancellor Angela Merkel. All nations do this, but if you do it, you want to be successful at it. You want to be good at it. To do it and be caught is the worst of all possible worlds. Reporter: The U.S. Had nothing to say today about allegations of spying on friends in Germany and as for spying on muscle lum Americans, officials said it's false to suggest that any U.S. Citizen is targeted because of religion. Thank you, Brian. Now a note from Texas tonight and the showdown over

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{"id":24496771,"title":"USA, a Nation of Spies?","duration":"2:16","description":"German spy allegations mount as new Snowden-based story reveals some Americans whose emails the NSA monitored.","url":"/WNT/video/usa-nation-spies-24496771","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}