Views from above a wildfire

KABC's helicopter reporter J.T. Alpaugh discusses and shares views of the severity of the Thomas fire.
1:48 | 12/07/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Views from above a wildfire
Moments ago I spoke with GTL Paula helicopter reporter from our team at KABC here in Los Angeles they're flying over the Thomas fire. Right now and here are the images coming in just moments ago. DTL plot think so much for joining us again I know you're flying right now over the Thomas fire by far. The largest of these wildfires burning out of control what he's seeing right now. Well David we're about 45 miles east of your location that they can fuel the fire were nestled between the community's help build or ants at the Pollock and we're looking at a hillside with a belt just above those communities that is on fire right now what very large section. Can beauties down here are extremely worried about the winds the winds are really sort of pick up at this hour. Gusting to about 45 to 35 miles an hour. Hoping that'll won't get much stronger than that firefighters are worried about the embers that'll get themselves in this smoking go down range down with it those communities. Possibly setting off more spot fires that's what they're scared about down here right now we're keeping a close eye on it as a -- pick up in the Ventura county area. Yet to stunning images coming in right now from UJT and I want to stick with those images and you mentioned the embers. Because the fire chief here in Ventura county told me late today that that's is concerned with these wind gusts overnight. They saw gusts up to eighty miles per hour or more that sustained winds. But those gusts as you point out are not to carry does embers multiple vials and ignite new fires. And that's absolutely right David you can see those numbers all the angles like those get in bed at the spoken victory outreach it could be extremely dangerous if that's exactly what's happened with these fire shall see this week firebird and it. Articles like it. Event all the Senecal cite a about a mile or two whales just start catching on fire and the fire that uses the crowd for what about top to another scene at this hour GT elf on our thanks to you.

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{"id":51655659,"title":"Views from above a wildfire","duration":"1:48","description":"KABC's helicopter reporter J.T. Alpaugh discusses and shares views of the severity of the Thomas fire.","url":"/WNT/video/views-wildfire-51655659","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}