Virginia Town Fears Serial Killer on the Loose

A beloved music teacher is fatally shot after answering a knock at her door in Alexandria, Va.
3:00 | 02/09/14

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Transcript for Virginia Town Fears Serial Killer on the Loose
And now to the olympics in sochi tonight. The American snowboarder this evening and her victory. And the precious thank you she delivered right after. Jamie Anderson, winning in the women's snowboard slopestyle competition, wearing that gold medal on the podium afterward, her arms in the air there. And there was someone else she was cheering if and that got our attention. Also tonight, some disappointment for the American team, too. Bode miller, far off on the downhill. He'll have another chance to win a medal later. The medal count tonight, team usa in a four-way tie for second place. And ABC's Matt Gutman is in sochi again for us tonight. Matt? Reporter: Good evening, David. Some here have called the slopestyle course the dreaded monster of the sochi games. But so far, American athletes have made a mint on it. Snowboarder Jamie Anderson, here grabbing her board and that gold, the second U.S. Victory in slopestyle. I couldn't really eat today because I was just so excited and so nervous. Reporter: There to cheer? A neighbor from her lake tahoe hometown, who Anderson calls her "Spirit grandmother." She's the sweetest. I think mid 80s, and she made it all the way out here -- and to the course. Reporter: Those jumps so huge, the world's best snoedborder, Shaun white, last week called them too intimidating and withdrew from the competition. It wasn't much better for bode miller, the superstar of the downhill. Today, downcast, finishing eighth. Those racers clocking in speeds of over 80 miles an hour. There to cheer on U.S. Athletes like the U.S. Figure skating team, which took bronze today, hundreds of Americans. Many of them, skittish about security. So, all this gear that you're wearing right now goes into the backpack you have -- Yes. Reporter: You put on the coat and you try to blend in? Yes. Reporter: So, outside the olympic village, Americans are hard to find. Have you seen any Americans here? Of course, a lot. Reporter: Where? On the mountain. Reporter: On the mountains. But the big buzz here, still the tweeted pictures. A british bobsledder nearly falling into this open elevator shaft. And American bobsledder, Johnny Quinn, finding himself locked inside a bathroom. Once I got out of there, and I put a towel on, I looked back at the door and I'm like, oh, man. There's a giant hole. Reporter: Cratered by one of the big guys that ride in this tiny bobsled. You're a sail. You're being a parachute back here. Get down! Reporter: And then cram themselves inside this tiny cocoon. A skill coach Brian chimer tried to teach me. David, those bobsledders are so powerful, they can push that 400-pound sled and go from 0 to 30 miles an hour in just five seconds. But we'll have to wait a week before we see them actually bobsledding instead of breaking through doors. David? Work in the bathroom was pretty impressive. Matt Gutman, thank you. And one more note about Johnny Quinn's breakout from the bathroom. American teammate Jessica smith tweeting out this picture of the two of them, pointing to his arms, smiling about that bathroom scene, calling him her new body guard.

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{"id":22436317,"title":"Virginia Town Fears Serial Killer on the Loose","duration":"3:00","description":"A beloved music teacher is fatally shot after answering a knock at her door in Alexandria, Va.","url":"/WNT/video/virginia-town-fears-serial-killer-loose-22436317","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}