New warnings, closures as COVID cases rise in 23 states

Florida and Texas have shut down bars and reversed course on reopening as officials race to contain new coronavirus outbreaks.
4:32 | 06/27/20

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Transcript for New warnings, closures as COVID cases rise in 23 states
Good evening and it's great to have you with us on a busy Friday night I'm Cecilia Vega in for David and we do begin with that breaking news new numbers just in 44000. New corona virus cases in the US today alone. A third straight day of record highs those cases now rising in 29 states Texas and Florida hit especially hard. And tonight they are both imposing new restrictions to slow this Brett. 5700 new cases in Texas the governor they're closing bars. A day after pausing further re openings and suspending elective surgeries in the biggest match metro areas to free up hospital beds. For the expected surge of new patients. Our record nearly 9000 cases reported in Florida bar's they are now closed to. Hospitals and Arizona activating search plans to handle Kobe cases. And today the White House task force holding its first public briefing for the first time in two months ABC's Marcus Moore leads a sock from Dow. Tonight Florida and Texas with a stunning reversal. Now shutting down bars racing to contain new outbreaks the governor of Texas ordering all bars and outdoor tubing businesses to close immediately. And limiting restaurant capacity to 50%. One day after pressing pause on the State's next phase of reopening. Today we find nursed both careening toward a catastrophic. And unsustainable. Situation. Houston tonight raising its cold it alert to the highest level. Warning of un controlled transmission. New cases doubling in less than two weeks in Dallas ICE has over 70% full and into the restaurant and could help me that's how you can help me. New cases surging in Florida nearly 9000 new infections today alone the state pausing plans for the next phase of reopening the governor pointing to younger people. The community transmission. Is being driven by that eighteen to 35 year old group the state now suspending drinking at all bars calling them. A breeding ground. I would not personally. Go to an indoor restaurant space. Two. Have food even if I had a mask. The White House corona virus task force holding its first public creeping since April 27. Nearly 75000. Americans have been killed by cove at nineteen since that briefing vice president Mike Pence paving a positive picture. This we stand here today all fifty states and territories across this country are are opening up. Safely and responsibly but the evidence says otherwise with several states halting their re openings. Factory after he felt she delivering a sobering assessment we have facing a serious problem in certain areas with hospitalizations. Off the rise in 23 states. And new cases breaking records in twelve this week. Now she says all Americans have a societal responsibility. Or risk to you is not just isolated TU. Because if you get infected. You up heart innocently or inadvertently. Of propagating did dynamic process. Of the pandemic. Arizona now joining the list of states pumping the brakes are reopening when we reopened the academy. I said that this is a green light to proceed. Not a green light to speed 20% of all people tested in Arizona. Have the virus hospitals feeling the strain tonight one of the largest activating a search planned icu beds now at 88% capacity state why. We have a wildfire that's out of control and you need to do everything in Kansas to control that fire San Francisco delaying the reopening the hair and nail salons a long look barber shops. And in Los Angeles the virus infecting nearly thirty members of the same family. Politics is at once that. Or that cop act to add a ten minute conversation with Adam ask because you felt comfortable. And that's all that's all that's all he needs it to get it. That's all it takes place fan mark this morning joining us from Dallas Marcus those cases on the rise in so much of the country's we've been saying but so far. The daily death toll has been declining. However it now a grim warning from health officials about what's to common in the coming weeks. Very grim Cecilia you know health experts say that the death toll is a lagging indicator behind that. The new cases and the hospitalization so while we have seen the death told the climbing experts say could be a few weeks. Before we know the true impact of what's happening in our nation's hot spots doctor about she said today. They we will likely see more deaths facility lagging indicator they say Marcus thanks.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"Florida and Texas have shut down bars and reversed course on reopening as officials race to contain new coronavirus outbreaks. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"71483414","title":"New warnings, closures as COVID cases rise in 23 states","url":"/WNT/video/warnings-closures-covid-cases-rise-23-states-71483414"}