Washington, DC preps for Biden inauguration

The nation’s capital is now a fortress of fences, checkpoints and barricades forming a ring from the White House to Capitol Hill.
4:06 | 01/17/21

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Transcript for Washington, DC preps for Biden inauguration
We begin tonight with the nation on high alert. Four days to the inauguration of Joe Biden and the hope of a peaceful transfer of power. But it comes after the violent siege at the capitol. Tonight thousands of national Guard troops are on duty in Washington. By Wednesday, there will be 25,000 troops. Four bridges into the city will be closed. The streets are deserted. Store fronts are boarded up. Much of the national mall is closed. The FBI saying last week's attack likely emboldened domestic extremists. Tonight, a new arrest. Media personality Tim Janette, known as baked Alaska, allegedly spotted on video inside the capitol chanting, quote, patriots are in control. And Jenna Ryan, the Texas real estate broker who flew to D.C. In a private plane now asking for a pardon, saying she doesn't feel guilty because she thought she was following the president. It's not just Washington on alert tonight. At least ten states activating the National Guard, and their capitols are boarded up. Kenneth Moton leads us off from Washington. Reporter: Tonight, the nation's capital now a fortress. Fences, checkpoints and barricades forming a ring of steel from the white house to capitol hill. This bridge, and three others connecting Virginia to D.C., shutting down starting Tuesday. 25,000 National Guard troops, many armed, flooding D.C. By inauguration day. Massive trucks like this stationed around the city. Five times the number of American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan guarding D.C. Our mission here is to protect our people and our property, and so we're going to do everything to make sure that they're successful. Reporter: A Virginia man arrested at a D.C. Checkpoint with an unauthorized inauguration credential. Police say he had a loaded handgun and 500 rounds of ammunition. Tonight, the FBI on edge about the threat of improvised explosive devices on inauguration day and the threat to political leaders, saying the January 6th attack on the capitol likely emboldened domestic extremists. I don't know if anyone has raised their hand to say, we are coming, we will be there, but we are preparing as if they are. Reporter: At least ten states activating their National Guard. Capital cities boarding up. Michigan's legislature suspending next week's session because of credible threats. Now new chilling new details about the insurrection. The "Washington post" reporting three days before an internal capitol police intelligence report warned that congress could be the target of angry trump supporters. The FBI is investigating whether lawmakers aided pro-trump rioters by giving building tours the day before. So far, at least 300 open investigations into riot suspects. This far right media personality who calls himself baked Alaska also arrest in the Texas today, allegedly spotted in video inside the capitol chanting, patriots are in control. And suspect Jenna Ryan, the Texas realtor accused of taking part in the riot, now publicly asking for a pardon, telling station KTVT she was just following president trump. Me personally, I do not feel a sense of shame or guilt from my heart for what I was doing. I thought I was following my president. I thought I was following what we were called to do. Reporter: That defense echoed by suspect Jacob chansley, the Arizona man allegedly left a note on pence's desk in the senate chamber that read, it's only a matter of time, justice is coming. He's also now asking for a pardon through his attorney. He walked down constitution avenue and entered the capitol. He was there at the invitation of and request of our president. Kenneth Moton joining us now from a heavily fortified checkpoint in the nation's capitol. We can see those military vehicles behind you. You're also learning tonight that the TSA may take urgent action on some of those involved with the attack on the capitol? Reporter: That's right, Tom. After the capitol riots, TSA is working with law enforcement, reviewing hundreds of names to see if anybody should be added to the no-fly list, also those who fly in and out of the city will see stepped up security at TSA checkpoints ahead of the inauguration. Kenneth Moton leading us off from the nation's capitol tonight. Kenneth, thank you.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"The nation’s capital is now a fortress of fences, checkpoints and barricades forming a ring from the White House to Capitol Hill. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"75300793","title":"Washington, DC preps for Biden inauguration","url":"/WNT/video/washington-dc-preps-biden-inauguration-75300793"}