West Texas Salutes Their Fallen Heroes

Massive fertilizer plant injured 200 and killed 4 some of whom were volunteer first responders.
3:14 | 04/23/13

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Transcript for West Texas Salutes Their Fallen Heroes
texas, but as you can imagine, in dallas, all eyes for days now, have been on a little town 77 miles south. massive explosion at a fertilizer plant where 200 people were injured, 14 people died. Among them, so many first responders, volunteer firefighters who knew it was dangerous, but rushed in to help. Abc's steve osunsami has been there from the very first night and spent the day with the people of we texas, again. Reporter: The volunteer first responders were everyday people, racing do that burning depot. Factory workers, salesmen, repairmen, heading straight into danger. There was a big explosion and our house is destroyed. Reporter: In these newly released called for help -- my god, what has happened? Reporter: You can hear the panic. This place is on fire! Reporter: He said they knew the plant would blow, but stayed there, buying them time to evacuate the nursing home across the street. We were able to evacuate those people, there could have been 30, 40 lives lost because they didn't delay the fire. Reporter: For the first time, we're hearing from firefighters who were inside that terrible disaster. They say the explosion instantly tore apart two of their fire trucks, flattened homes nearby, and killed their friends on-site. My wife and my kids are helping keeping me together. Reporter: Firefighter cody dragoo was killed instantly. He worked at the fertilizer plant and organized the yearly barbecue where he and his brothers at the fire house raised thousands of dollars for new equipment and new trucks. He was the absolute grill master. Reporter: They also lost morris bridges, who fixed fire sprinklers for a living, and loved his motorcycle. Kenneth luckey harris, "luckey" with an "e," who ran a home inspection business. And brothers robert and doug snokhous, both iron workers -- and fathers and husbands. Doug had a saying, especially to his wife, when she's tell him to be careful when he was going on a fire call. He would always respond, "the good die young." And if doug was here, I'd tell him, "indeed, the good do die young." Reporter: Td preparing for their first funeral. Joey pushosky was just 29 years old, the town secretary, a god-fearing man, and they'll bury him tomorrow. I think about joey and I just picture his son' face, and it makes me think about my own children and what could have been. Reporter: Is the word brave big enough for the men who fell here? These guys are true heroes. We are all so moved by their story and steve osunsamis here now. 70% of firefighters across the country are volunteers, like the brave men and women of west, who work with soittle and have asked us to thank the country for all of the support and all of the prayers they've received. And again, I know you've been there every step of the way.

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{"id":19026459,"title":"West Texas Salutes Their Fallen Heroes","duration":"3:14","description":"Massive fertilizer plant injured 200 and killed 4 some of whom were volunteer first responders.","url":"/WNT/video/west-texas-salutes-fallen-heroes-19026459","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}