Worst Storm of Season to Hit Major Cities

East Coast braces for latest winter weather, more snow on the way.
1:56 | 03/05/13

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Transcript for Worst Storm of Season to Hit Major Cities
And now, we turn to havoc in the heartland, from that snowmaker on the move tonight. And this is no ordinary storm. The snow is wet, heavy and dangerous. Abc's alex perez is in chicago tonight in it. Reporter: Well, diane, the snow has been piling up here. We've had a mild winter so,any thought we were in the clear until this storm. The mammoth storm is hammering the midwest tonight. In minnesota alone, more than 120 car crashes. In wisconsin, a truck driver killed. His semi plunged off an icy bridge. This car, wheels up, on a lake. And the storm's target tonight -- chicago. Where plows are trying to keep up and keep roadways clear of ice. The colossal storm also creating headaches at the airports. More than 1,300 flights canceled across the country. 1,140 of them at chicago's two air porments alone. And tomorrow looks no better. More than 1,100 flights canceled already. But this slushy, snowy deluge is a welcome sight to some. Welcome to my world, alex. Reporter: No kidding. Thanks for having me. Busy day, huh? Like snow remover tim, whose snow business has been suffering from a snow drought. This storm was key at this moment when it came for your business? Yeah, this was very well timed. Helped for our season, the revenues and earnings for our employees. Reporter: There are concerns about flooding and high winds on a coastline already battered and broken by superstorm sandy. Places like washington, d.C. Could get up to a foot of snow. They're stocking up. And this storm is dumping what is called heart attack snow. It sends 700 people to emergency rooms every year. It's heavier and wakes twice as much as that lighter, fluffier stuff. Just one of the many problems this storm is dumping across several states tonight.

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{"id":18661523,"title":"Worst Storm of Season to Hit Major Cities","duration":"1:56","description":"East Coast braces for latest winter weather, more snow on the way.","url":"/WNT/video/worst-storm-season-hit-major-cities-18661523","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}