Wuhan under lockdown amid deadly viral outbreak

The CDC is funneling passengers from the Chinese city of 11 million through five U.S. airports with mandatory screening.
3:04 | 01/23/20

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Transcript for Wuhan under lockdown amid deadly viral outbreak
Good evening and we are back from Washington tonight, and we'll get to the impeachment trial in just a moment. But we begin tonight with the growing concern as the toll from that deadly coronavirus now grows, spreading from Wuhan, China, and tonight, that first case here in the U.S. The patient in isolation, now being treated by that robot. While in China tonight, the urgent effort to contain the passengers arriving at the beijing airport met by health officials in hazmat suits. Crowds at the entrance to this train station protecting themselves with masks. And in the city of Wuhan, where the outbreak began, patients now in isolation, all trains and planes out of that city halted just tonight. While here in the U.S., two more airports now screening some passengers, and that American patient, where was he before he showed up at that hospital? ABC's kayna Whitworth leads us off tonight outside Seattle. Reporter: Drastic measures to halt the spread of that deadly virus. Wuhan, China, ground zero for for the outbreak, now under lockdown. Most of the 17 dead and more than 500 sickened are here in Wuhan, where today we saw the first images from the front lines. Patients in isolation units being treated by doctors in biohazard suits. Pharmacies struggling to keep masks on the shelves. The city of 11 million now halting all public transportation and outbound flights. Put on a face mask or consult a doctor as soon as possible. Reporter: Our Bob woodruff made his way there earlier. This is the international section of Wuhan international airport. And there's basically almost no one here. It's empty. Reporter: Passengers now catching the last flights out. It comes as doctors outside Seattle today revealed new details about the first American patient, who is being kept in a isolation. He was transported in this unit. Teams in protective suits using a robot with a stethoscope to care for the man. Thankfully, our patient is doing relatively well. Reporter: Officials now saying that patient's first stop in the U.S. Was Seattle. His connecting flight was abroad. The CDC funneling all passengers arriving from Wuhan through five U.S. Airports with mandatory screening. How effective are these screenings at airports? Well, the screens are very effective ways of determining who is really a risk for having the infection and then spreading it. And so let's get to kayna Whitworth, outside Seattle tonight. And kayna, they are still trying to retrace the patient's steps. How concerned are they about anyone who might have come in contact with him, including the team who first treated him? Reporter: Well, David, they are concerned, and officials just now identifying 16 people they believe this patient came into close contact with, but this man did not show symptoms until he arrived home in Washington and because he knew he was high risk, he immediately went to urgent care, alerted them of his travels and so doctors there were able to take proper precautions in treating him. And David, so far, none of those doctors have shown any symptoms. That is encouraging. Kayna Whitworth leading us off again on this story.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"The CDC is funneling passengers from the Chinese city of 11 million through five U.S. airports with mandatory screening.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"68463250","title":"Wuhan under lockdown amid deadly viral outbreak","url":"/WNT/video/wuhan-lockdown-amid-deadly-viral-outbreak-68463250"}