Young woman killed in Charlottesville violence 'was a strong person'

Friends and family of young woman killed says she died standing up for what she believed in.
2:57 | 08/13/17

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Transcript for Young woman killed in Charlottesville violence 'was a strong person'
Eva, thank you. Across the country tonight, an outpouring of support for the victims caught in the chaos in charlottesville. In Seattle, take a look at this, an anti-hate group and a pro trump group holding dueling rallies. And another crowd paying respect to two state troopers killed in a chopper crash. Applauding police as they walk down main street. And tonight we're hearing from the mother of a young woman killed on the streets in what is being called an act of terror. Here is Stephanie Ramos. Reporter: Tonight friends and family of the young woman killed in that crash telling ABC news she died standing up for what she believed in. She wasn't just standing up for me, she was standing up for my sons in there and you know, all people of color. Reporter: Heather Heyer was a paralegal, working a second job as a waitress. Her mother tells us through tears, she was proud of her daughter. Heather was a strong person who always defended what she believed in. Reporter: Heyer's final public Facebook post, coming just days after the presidential election reading "If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention." Heather's life was not about hate. And this young man who ran my daughter down mistakenly believed that hate would change the world. Reporter: And tonight, the Virginia state police, marching in mourning. Two of their own killed in a helicopter crash responding to the violence. Berk bates and Jay Cullen, both veteran troopers and fathers. He was just a warm, loving dad and supportive dad, and he will be dearly missed. Reporter: But some caught in the scuffle, lucky to be alive. This 19-year-old counter protestor tells us she didn't have time to run from the speeding car before being knocked to the ground. The minute I heard the screams was also the minute that I got hit. I didn't have time to react. Reporter: In all, 35 people injured in that crash and the clashes. I got hit in the head. I have eight staples in my head. Reporter: Deandre Harris says a group of white nationalists armed with shields and helmets beat him with poles. Just called me the "N" word. Told me to die. They were definitely trying to kill me. Graphic scenes out there. Stephanie Ramos now from the scene of the car ramming. Virginia governor has asked that the white nationalists go home and stay out of here. Are they listening to him? Reporter: It seems Arizona they are, Tom. We have ent seen anything organized groups here in charlottesville. For the moment, people are heeding the warning from the governor. So many people coming here to where the car rammed into the people. This is where there is a growing makeshift memorial. People stopping by, singing to honor those who lost their lives. Tom? We just saw someone put flowers behind you. Thanks so much.

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{"id":49196472,"title":"Young woman killed in Charlottesville violence 'was a strong person'","duration":"2:57","description":"Friends and family of young woman killed says she died standing up for what she believed in.","url":"/WNT/video/young-woman-killed-charlottesville-violence-strong-person-49196472","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}