Zika Virus Concerns Growing

The Olympic games in Rio are six months away and more cases have shown up the United States.
1:33 | 02/02/16

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Transcript for Zika Virus Concerns Growing
To new concerns about physique of lot worse tonight in the case in Dallas showing a new way to disease can be spread. At least forty cases now reported in twelve states here in the US and Olympic officials in Rio today are now encouraging athletes to come to the summer games. Saying there's little risk for those who are not pregnant. But not everyone is convinced ABC's doctor Richard vests are on the Dallas case and the concern in Brazil tonight. With the Olympic six months away athletes here in re admit to being the launch. I care about that hotel so scary the announcement from the IOC that by August mosquito populations will be down that athletes faced zero risk. Isn't completely reassuring because there's something else potentially deadly. Edna JJ students can go longer walk without help. Turkey on beret syndrome a neurological disease that causes paralysis. May also be a rare complication of cica. Same thing she says she contracted the disease is seven months ago and at one point could only move her eyes. The fact that seven months out she's still having such difficulty walking. Does make it a pretty severe out. We went with doctor Ashley's kitchens. The CDC detective who's working with the Brazilian government to find out whether is he kicking causes potentially fatal debilitating complication. All as the world's athletes train and work. And a disturbing note late today David according to health officials are new case of seek a virus infection in Texas. This one pick up through sexual contact with someone who acquired the virus while abroad. A frightening development.

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{"id":36677559,"title":"Zika Virus Concerns Growing","duration":"1:33","description":"The Olympic games in Rio are six months away and more cases have shown up the United States. ","url":"/WNT/video/zika-virus-concerns-growing-36677559","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}