What Would You Do: Cashier shames elderly man for paying with coins

An elderly man struggles to count his change in order to pay for his groceries. The cashier grows impatient, saying that he’s taking too long with his coins. Will real customers get involved?
8:34 | 08/17/19

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Cashier shames elderly man for paying with coins
One, two, three, four. You know, sir, we don't have all day. Hold your horses, I just need to count it out. Now, where was I? One, two. You don't have cash or a credit card? No. This is all I have. What was the total again? I can't seem to remember. Cha-ching, or kerplunk? It's money, all right. But some have taken to "Coin shaming" those paying with change. Recently, a business called out a teen on Facebook for his payment method. Ridiculing a high school student who paid the bill with coins. The restaurant later took down the post and issued an apology. But there are many, like this social media star, who witness others fumbling with their change and see it as an opportunity to do a good deed. He told me that you had to pay for your gas with pennies, so I had to show love. It's only right, we have to stick together. Today, however, it's our shopper who's sorting cent by cent. $6. One, two, I lost track. If you saw an elderly man. Can't you see you're holding up the line? I'm sorry, I won't be much longer. Struggling to gather his change. Sir, you can't pay with just change. "What would you do?" Our hidden cameras are rolling at the shopper's value in picayune, Mississippi. All right, your total is going to be $12.33. Okay, let me just get my change out. This first shopper looks on as John digs through his coins. Are you paying with all change today? Yes, ma'am, that's the best I can do. This is going to take a really long time. I'm going to move as fast as I can. Almost immediately -- I'm sorry, sir. You fine. He picks up on John's need for assistance. What was the total again? $12.33. $12.33, I can't seem to remember. Want me to help you? Yeah, I need a hand. Thank you for your help. He steps right in and gets to work. But when Lynn questions his motives -- Why are you helping him? He hits her with the silent treatment. Really, don't you have better things to do, sir? He totally ignores her. As for the woman in the back of the line -- We need two more dollars. Oh wow, look at this. Wow. She has no problem giving her two cents. There, shut up. Ma'am, why are you giving him money? Because I have it to give. Why are you helping this old man? God helps me every day. Right, right. You need to keep your opinion to yourself. You're a worker here. He's a customer. Thank you so much. You're very welcome. God bless you, god bless you. Time for us to exchange thanks with this tag team. What's going on here? He had change. I'm sorry. It touched you that much. Yes, it does. That's very kind of you. I just try to help people I can help. What does that tell us about about picayune, Mississippi? We're the bible belt. We give. If we have it to give, we give. Because that's what god tells us to do. I'm a youth pastor, so it's all about helping. I had my days where I done had to come to the store with change. You were counting penny by penny, man. It took a long time. Yeah. If that's what he had to work with I was willing to help him. Three, four. We're at it again. This is just taking too long. I'm doing the best that I can. Here she comes. Do you need some help? I could use some help, ma'am. And no matter how rude our cashier gets -- He's paying with all change, it's annoying. It doesn't annoy you? I have all of the time in the world. This shopper has no trouble keeping her cool. Why would you help someone you don't know? This is kind of my job. I'm a nursing assistant. How short am I now? And she doesn't stop there. You're only at $8. You're going to pay for him? Uh-huh? Why are you doing this? I've been in this predicament myself, it is fine. She is so sweet. Thank you so much. You're welcome. How are you? Oh, my god, in our little town. In your little town. Despite everything she said, you didn't feel like yelling at the cashier? No. I've been in Walmart myself and not have enough money and the people behind me will pay. Paying it forward. Yeah. Some shoppers steer clear of the change situation by switching lanes. All right. Let him go, let him go. But the majority of people are willing to spare their time. This is ridiculous. If he needs two extra hands, I got two hands back here I can help. I could really use a hand. I mean, I got two. I hate when people come in here with all change. This woman can't believe what she's hearing. I'm doing the best that I can. Are you serious right now? Look how much change there is. He's a senior citizen. You're rude. What's the total again? You don't have to count that change out, sir. I'll pay for it. And this shopper has no issue putting our cashier in her place. This is your Job. Okay? So that means if you didn't want to be no cashier tell them, "Hey, let me do something else like stock or something." How long are you willing to wait, though? I can wait all day. I'm fine. Are you sure I'm not bothering you? Oh, no. You're not bothering me actually because I have a grandmother and I wish a cashier talked to her like this, because I'm going to punch her in the Face. Before things get physical -- I'm John Quinones with the TV show "What would you do?" What do you want people to learn from this? You have to be respectful and kind to your elders, because one day that might be you. We're all gonna be there some day. Exactly. And perhaps most heartwarming throughout the day? Why are you paying for him? People's willingness to pay out of pocket. Give me your address, I can send you the money. Oh, no, no, no, no. God will bless me. Despite their own situations. I cried last Tuesday. You were in tears last Tuesday? Yes, sir. Discouraged about my bills, overwhelmed. And you still gave. Yes. I believe in helping people and I believe in getting my blessings back from god. But no one puts their own troubles aside as selflessly as this last family. Is that all you have with you? At the drop of a dime, this father/son duo is tuned in. Why didn't you go to the bank? Ma'am, I'm 83 years old. And when Lynn just won't quit it -- Well, I'm not going to help you. He shouldn't be paying with all change. Ma'am, please. I'm sorry. Do you know this man? Do you know him? No. Then why would you help him? Why would you be absolutely inconsiderate of another human being especially whenever you happen to be much younger than him? Maybe he should have help and have a credit card. Who's your manager? It's Ed. It's Ed? Have him come around here please. Our intercoms are not working. Go ahead and take a walk. And as she steps out, this young boy follows his father's lead. Even continuing to count when our impatient cashier returns. Are you done helping this old man? How much else was it that he needed? $6.33. $6.33? Before he covers the difference, let's commend this father/son team. You were wonderful in addressing this. Me and my father just lost my mother. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. I cannot imagine what you're going through. Yeah. So you're preoccupied, you didn't have to do this. No, I had to do this because if it wasn't for losing her, you know what, I would have been back there and said, you know what, I need to get. I have to teach you to be a better person. Right. Life is short. Yeah, and the older generation needs our help. Whenever it comes down to it, truth be told, down straight to the heart, we're all good people. Good people. There was certainly no shortage of them here today. Coming up --

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{"duration":"8:34","description":"An elderly man struggles to count his change in order to pay for his groceries. The cashier grows impatient, saying that he’s taking too long with his coins. Will real customers get involved?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"65025230","title":"What Would You Do: Cashier shames elderly man for paying with coins","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/cashier-shames-elderly-man-paying-coins-65025230"}