'What Would You Do?': How customers react to a woman vs. man crying in public

Some people may see crying in public as shameful and weak, while others may say it's becoming more acceptable. How will shoppers react when confronted by a crying individual in a public store?
7:33 | 08/05/20

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Transcript for 'What Would You Do?': How customers react to a woman vs. man crying in public
Ah, shoot. Why today? I can help you with anything? Yeah. Can you get this for me in a size small. I'm sorry, we're all sold out. It's a really popular dress. Please, don't tell me that. Are you okay? Yeah, I'm okay. For a long time, crying in public was seen as shameful and weak, providing plenty of fodder for talk shows. Have you ever just lost it in public? Like, sobbing? But today, it's become more acceptable. From athletes crying after a big loss -- That's my quarterback. To public figures. Why am I crying on Oprah? Overwhelmed by emotion in front of cameras. To serve the country I love. If you overheard this woman, crying in public -- Are you okay? I'm okay. What would you do? Our hidden cameras are rolling at mod on trend in town and country, Missouri. Ariane is shopping for a dress. What do you think of this? That's beautiful. They're so cute. Yeah. But when they can't find her size -- We don't have it in small. I checked the other stores and they also were out of it. Panic suddenly sets in. Oh, my god. I don't know what's happening. Yeah, try it on before you freak. You never know, itay fit and it may be perfect. Ariane takes her advice. And now she goes one step further. Hey, ma'am? Yeah? She has another option for you. Oh! Thank you so much. Thank you! Well, that was very nice of her, huh? When those options fail, she takes a different approach to help Ariane. All I do when I get this feeling like that is just like -- just take a deep breath. You know, it's like, "It's going to be okay." Yeah. It's going to be okay. And you will find something and it's going to be even better. Just kind of set your mind to that. Let's break it? Who is this perfect stranger? Hi, how are you? Oh, my gosh! It's John Quinones, with "What would you do?", the TV show. Oh, no! Are you kidding? Tell us what you were thinking? I just kind of felt her dismay and distress at the moment. A lot of people are suffering in silence about a lot of things, and you just don't know. This next customer also goes out of her way to check in on Ariane -- Are you okay? Providing a shoulder to cry on. Yeah, I feel very silly. Well, we've all been there. Has this ever happened to you? Have you like, cried in a random -- Over something so -- Yeah. Trivial? Yeah, because, it's like, all the other stuff that's built up. I'm so embarrassed to be like, tearing up and crying in public. It's -- No, do not. Do not. I think it's kind of just getting your breath and getting your bearings and then just deep breathing. What made you try to comfort her? I just know how I would've felt. I would've wanted someone to reach out to me and comfort me. And I don't know, I just feel like we should all be that way towards other people. What if it was a man crying? I would be the exact same way. Really? Yeah. Yeah. Customers wasted no time consoling a woman in tears. Oh, thank god, it's the last one. But we wondered -- Is that a size small? I'm so sorry. Oh, man. My girlfriend is going to kill me. How will people react if it's a man getting emotional in public? I'm sorry, sir. We don't have this in a small. That's not going to work. I really needed that dress. Immediately, Austin struggles to draw much concern from the other customers. Ma'am, have you ever had one of those days where everything is just, like, not going your way. Oh, yeah? Is that your day? Yeah, I was planning on getting a dress for my girlfriend. And they don't have it. I know it's -- There's other stores here. I know it's really minor, but it's like all the things just kind of add together. Uh-huh. Can we help you find another dress? No, I'm fine. While this next customer doesn't check in on Austin, she does follow up with our actor playing the manager. Are you guys okay with that guy? I think we're okay. Did he say something to you? No, he's just acting kind of weird. So I just want to make sure you girls were okay. Okay, thank you. Why did she approach an employee? These are some young ladies and they're here by themselves and just to make sure they're safe. I didn't see him crying, though. I just saw him over there, sitting there. So far, when Austin starts crying in public, most customers keep to themselves. Unless their prompted. Any advice for me? Do you have like, any kind of advice? Time will fix things. Just trust me, one day at a time. That was sweet. This next customer also takes the time to reassure Austin. The night's going to be perfect. I promise. I'm just panicking. I'm sorry. I know, it gets overwhelming. I get it. It's a beautiful day and the sun is shining. That's the part you should focus on. This last customer is out shopping with his family. I don't think you're understanding this. She wanted that dress right here, like, in a small. But then he overhears Austin's plight. I'm sorry, man, but I'm really upset. I'm just super upset. I have a lot going on. I'm sorry. No, it's all right. I'm married. I understand. At first, Anthony Curtis tries to lighten the mood. I'm sorry, like, I know guys aren't supposed to be crying, but -- Yeah, we're not. What are you doing? I'm just having one of those days. No, it's all right, man. We've both been through that. It is so embarrassing to be crying. But then, he makes Austin an offer he cannot refuse. Now I feel like I need to give you a hug. I'd appreciate that, Really? I appreciate that, man. Holy cow! Before parting ways, this father gives Austin some final words of encouragement. So, I'm assuming that dress that you're looking for means a lot? Yeah, I had a special night planned for my girlfriend. I'm pretty sure she'll understand. Don't be so hard on yourself. It's the thought that counts. Time to introduce ourselves. How are you doing, buddy? You've got to be kidding me! No! It's "What would you do?" I know the show. Ironically, we just had a conversation this weekend about me not crying. I haven't cried in like 15 years. Yeah. But yeah, I offered to give him a hug to console him. And you meant that? Yeah, I really meant that. And it almost brought tears to you? Oh, yeah. When he offered to go out of his way to a complete stranger, my son can see it. It kind of brought me to tears. Good example for him. Good example for your son. Yeah, absolutely. Sorry my hug was so quick. Hey. At the end of the day, both actors found people who could relate to someone who's struggling and spare a moment for a kind gesture.

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{"duration":"7:33","description":"Some people may see crying in public as shameful and weak, while others may say it's becoming more acceptable. How will shoppers react when confronted by a crying individual in a public store? ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"72179828","title":"'What Would You Do?': How customers react to a woman vs. man crying in public ","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/customers-react-woman-man-crying-public-72179828"}