What Would You Do: Mom argues with child over gender appropriate toys

At a toy store, a young boy loves the dolls, and his mother is ashamed by his choice and wants him to pick out what she considers a boy's toy. What will other shoppers think?
7:44 | 07/07/18

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Mom argues with child over gender appropriate toys
Bloom even the Chinese take out its choices you guess Marla I want X-Men and now you are not turning out like magic. Sixteen more foul line wanted to. It's less like that I really want to exit that this this morning yeah. I don't know much about it no sign of signing is going to be playing with a doll. About a tour store when you see a mother preventing her son from getting what she considers girls told worried about how we might change him. Do you step in and tell mom the toys are toys or do you agree that maybe you should stick to the more traditional the only stolen base what would you do. Sagging get something I want kids just not a girly way. Our cameras are rolling out tons of toys in why can't you jerseys. Where our mom Michelle is pushing her son AV toward a so called boy toy. When I have almost always I'm really wanted prince tennis. Call Hyatt and my pillow my friends come over if you don't want to have it now. This woman clearly here's a beast fleeing. I don't want to playing with dolls at the top back at the top back on its. That she reassures our mom that babies request is not unique. Clayton but little Billy King better than it queen. Seriously. Teenage mutant ninja turtle he once sent a doll. She suggests drug compromise. Maybe ten. He wants fairy princess. I'm just weary nobody believed to wearable go. We understand. Some sense it makes you much. Really goes the other way. Hi there I'm John Quinones slugging would you do. It's. All right beyond this. I felt firsthand. I really did it and my son was his age so I think you are what you are and I am I really die he should heed to what he had three months. No reason for the mom to be wearing. You know I do understand a lot of people they don't think progressively pledge that the sings her name's Steve little kids happy. And I wanted to be happy hands off of whom. Throughout the day there is of a shortage of shoppers sharing their opinions. This woman agrees with our son. Cecil said since early. And this lady suggests you are who you are. I just don't want him to turn but it's. And then there's this man this man right here we're not behind a Barbie doll for his son though he once Vista home. But even he thinks our sons you get what we want. Really likes. Cunningham morning about the things your liking these days like that look I don't put my dollar and. And is this man walks in our actors pushy grab his attention. That's your girls have a dog home himself. Fairy prince since it myself oh yeah he's not playing with a New York. You know trying to use store your some places. Houston and but I guess I'm just worried tags. This you know pencils. Stay with him in. And room when he gets older better be a problem and. Well enough that my son back whatever it is that you're thinking could have. I don't know join a cycle creative sort of energy you know that's my opinion and of the fuel it soon becomes verses and they're not allowing it to develop and become so. Good to be. Very beneficial Von Rosen. But what are we switch things up and now it's Amanda who wants what some might consider oh boy toy. Yeah. I know I am tired old but girls play with dolls boys play with tracks. Those words hit these women like dump truck and my little girl and. It's really million dollars Leon I tried to this place and chat for years. The justice trade you know she everything's boy going by official become much like now and don't. He knew mine until someone it's against the grain is even more attractive. Better just signed. Her frankly their eyes they. Sticky candy. Your two kids that matter black. Children should be able to. Plavix whatever they've been to truck that Saddam and the message was simple. Let them play with but they wanna play well. Prove global. Actually you know what stray days gets you. It's I. Except to track. Because Carol synthetic tracks or like any any check them because constantly attacked as being Tom tone and announcement. Now this woman roles and toward daughter's rescue. Even if she wants a truck and she's someone at this treaties and she should get what she wants she's Harlem my daughter her first and it's why it was a dinosaur because in my mind much you marry. Fell one no home okay. It happens in my son's going to be eighteen ranked orders for using their fine. Yeah I mean she's starting to attract sizable IA and US and put it this barn. She's a sweet little thing she worked really hard she got goes easy. Freight. Insurance look at every check existing home can I went everywhere gateway does it say for boys who has its say that anywhere. Yeah. You aren't. Oh yeah. If you spoke from the heart. Crack. You know person as a person you can't change where you are so you have to embrace it you know. This is a new generation. We won't let cameras one last time. No boys choice to get this party town discarding doubled looks so. I there is some. Yeah. Okay well you Angelina yeah. Athlete. New mother in this store is confined her currently on track our world all around the world times in his curveball as this mom steps away. Her daughter instead sin and that. I've. Sometimes what I believe that is a nice play like it's. It with was hey Mike good them and I definitely like getting. Teach at yeah. I feel like maximum when she wants to bike and being credible home yeah. I know I. Very happy nearly gone. A task. Yeah. And she's not the only brave little person we meet today and you think that's. Point seven quake hit both bounced back. If you want to kid and he's doing the voice they've given up keeping good news or if a cool million wants. All right grammar unless there's a little slow like love soon clean. They did now they're aching. And could be scream four opens June whenever they want to do doesn't have had the boys lyric out tonight.

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{"duration":"7:44","description":"At a toy store, a young boy loves the dolls, and his mother is ashamed by his choice and wants him to pick out what she considers a boy's toy. What will other shoppers think?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"48915696","title":"What Would You Do: Mom argues with child over gender appropriate toys","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/mom-argues-child-gender-toys-48915696"}