What Would You Do: Wannabe social media model teen treats store employees poorly

A rude teen treats clothing store employees terribly because her mom is spending "a lot of money" there. She bosses the sales woman around. What would you do?
8:11 | 07/14/18

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Transcript for What Would You Do: Wannabe social media model teen treats store employees poorly
I'm only 13, and I almost have 3,000 followers. A wants to be a social media star just like her hero, self-proclaimed Beverly hills brat, Nicolette gray. She rent defended her lifestyle choice and staggering allowance, which got as high as $5,000 a month, on the "Dr. P show." I know I'm a spoiled brat but enjoy the lifestyoow? People are going to hate on me. Thish they we me. So today we've decided to put a "What would you do?" Spin on is story. Ava is more than a social media wannabe, she also de and obnoshopper. Honey, this bag is so hot. All of your friends going to be so jeous. Here you go. That is N my style. Go GE something-- cute. Okay, miss, I'll be right back. We have got a lot money to re. You would think that stupid work would get it right. You're at a clothing store when suddenly spot her -- a atty, bossy, teen who's being incredibly rude and disrespectful. You let her shop away and continue with ugly insul? Or do you step in and tell this little diva that she's a fan don't? Uh, excuse me, get out of M shot. What would you do? Why is everyone in this store G? Ugh! E're roll at "Urbanb" a popular and trendy boutique, in Wayne, New Jersey. These aren't cool E I need like -- Ol I'm sure I kind something. A ava's taking being bratty -- Gosh, she has no idea. Thtreme. Ava's rude behavior has the attention ofs woman. Kids want to be Instagram us, I think ople should have better taste in this store. With that, she's pacing around the store. She's justir around her. So maybe a dress cute? Oh no you have a completely different style than me. She Alerte store's NER O's also working with us. You should just listen. It feels urtable to me. Thank you so much for telling me. Yeah. But as ava continues -- Traci brings a shirt and she throws it back at her. This is horrible -- yon't know you're doing. She decides to handle the situation hef. Sweethea, you got to calm down. Sh working H she's doing her best for It's just not good enough. I'm sorry, it's not. You're entitled, buhe works here and does not deserve to be treat third down Y. Honestly don't know Yu got evolved. N I see somebodycting unkind I feel L I N to say somethin Time for us to let her know she's been heard. You ho something, huh? Oh! What were you thinking I just felt terrible for the woman work here we want to msuree are Ising empored girls to speak truths not to mistreat people Now that mistm counts. That's so last year. I would R wear that. Don't youave anythilse that's cuter? Mother decides to engage with How would are you? 13. 13? I have4-yearld 13 sound like fun. Wkers don't know what they'redoing. What are youki for? Something that wi make me look nice. What aru for? Y own outfit. I T these together S B step. Okay, I have these. No. Not camo person. You coul better. Her calm turns T disgust. On her way out, she lets ava's mother have it. I can promise you she wouldn't get away W it. Ava's mom makes it car E' enabling here. 'M a mom, we D the best we can. We do what think isright, T couldn't L my daughter stand with H hand like this and her eyes rolling at a grownup.thatouldn'tappen either. Well - When your daughter is 15 and tells you You'll understand why. Maybe you don't understand fashion like Wedo. Clearly not. That's not my priority but you know what is my prrity? A little girl who knows how to act. Time to tell her about our act. Social media changed the we interact with people. We see theittle ladies taking on this and some of it is ntomime. Some of it is immaturity. Don't want the see a little like a - [ bleep ]. No, no. Hroughout the day, many her shoppers feel the same. Is woman is indisbelief. Some step iny supporting our worker. It looks cheap. Looks like what the poor kids would wear. Ts teach - I'm really sorry. Ttempts to teach her a lesson. She's just trying to help you don't have to be mean. Oh, my god, stop it. I'm going cry. I heard her say, this stuff or the poor kids, almost walked out. Our lastpper of the day -- have the samesunglasses. She's a teen herself. You Tak a picture of me so I can add it to Instagram? S Thank youo much. I love it. She quickly befriends T polite ava. Howld are you? 13. That iscute. UT cute little ava -- , My no way. Is about to show her true colors. Not for me. Not for me. S do you like something like ? O. And nowessicagoldman has changed from frien tfoe. You can't do th this isn't your house. Irv the best. Where'sr mom? Right th Now she's Abo to find out where ava gets all that attitude. Mom. Yes, ney. She's throwing cloth all over the ground. Weon't have a get. Sn't have anything to do with throw clothes on the ground. We are going spend a lot of money. That's part of what they do. She just awork Don't be rude to people. Be nice. There's noso to bemean. Asva storms out I done. I'm out ofhere. This young woman isn't afraid to GE our mother some parenting ti Sorry I'm tell ugh how to parent, but that S extremely de. Why are you so one set? Shouldn't be getting . Ause you're disrecollecting peoplenow create good service. Ayou? Oh, my god, my heart is beatingo fast. That wasbeaul. We are sorry. Yeah, I just thought that wa Al. It happens, you know? Why does it touchou so much? Because these peoe family friend.th friendith my mom and they're not me. Omething tells me if Yo don't know the store owners - Just seeing her be a M to them made any sot. She wanted more followers. Wd to look cool. Definitel wasn't cool. Know the owner right? Yeah. Nk you so much.

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{"duration":"8:11","description":"A rude teen treats clothing store employees terribly because her mom is spending \"a lot of money\" there. She bosses the sales woman around. What would you do?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WhatWouldYouDo","id":"56578853","title":"What Would You Do: Wannabe social media model teen treats store employees poorly","url":"/WhatWouldYouDo/video/wannabe-social-media-model-teen-treats-store-employees-56578853"}