Is 'fake news' here to stay?

Learn more about the language of Reddit.
2:05 | 06/25/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Is 'fake news' here to stay?
The conversation about statements dominating the real news I wanna take a closer look at the term thickness a couple of discussed an outline how that's changed over time here 538 we have a tool that allows you to see how often certain words and terms have been used on read if you look at fake news as a term. I started to become popular. Right after the election. Which makes perfect sense because that's when it came to light that there were stories that were completely false that were widely circulated on FaceBook and that's sort kind of died down in the news a little bit and you see the conversation about taking these dying down but then starting in mid December. I started to grow again. And my suspicion is that. It was a response to you Donald Trump tweeting it on December 10 and accusing C and take. It's none of the January data yet but that trend is most likely continue so that's an example you can view this radical track currently. But what's really interesting news you can also use it to see how language is evolving kind of in real time. For example people spell a word while two different ways W way Antonio each and 2008 almost everybody on reckless spelling girls W show which. Right list shortly thereafter you see people selling at WH more and more and in 2006 teams this year stallings actually converged and throughout the rest of the year. They're neck and neck a third thing that you can we sizzling that. It is slang terms Jolo had a huge spike in 2002. Presumably after breaks them on and came out. But can educate fairly quickly Sus as another term polymer similar patterns liked about two years later but then people start using it. And Alice and you can also contract terms Dillon saw some wins. Totally ask for which has grown steadily over times. Flashed. So using toll you can learn a lot of our culture and Elaine language has evolved and just updated it with Dana through again. And definitely go check it out trust or so newspaper terms and different numbers. And. A I.

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{"duration":"2:05","description":"Learn more about the language of Reddit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"56134754","title":"Is 'fake news' here to stay?","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/fake-news-stay-56134754"}