FiveThirtyEight: What makes a good quarterback?

The Hot Takedown crew asks can a good quarterback have a bad winning percentage?
3:40 | 06/21/18

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Transcript for FiveThirtyEight: What makes a good quarterback?
The great quarterback stuck on a bad team. That's hardly because we've heard I think some in the other people. Better around them also teens tend to shape themselves to a good quarterback and I think your run with free agents and free agents want to come play with good quarterback. And I I wonder lake. Obvious it is a problem like. At CEO and company levels where perhaps others people who could be calm grade CEOs but there's so few CEO positions and this. And people who get there don't leave this CEO position that sometimes I might not only that thousands of great. Perhaps heads of companies never got the opportunity. I mean alias my question for that is lake do you think there have been quarterbacks who would have been amazing quarterbacks in just never got the chance to leave the backup role. Well I certainly that seems possible we've even seen court ready staff early harder. And you know various others over the years sort of gritty take over Tom Brady himself he has for May did Arkin typical example of this. Where. Guy wasn't thought of very highly and then by some freak injury to the starter. Was given a chance and ran with it but. I think. We've seen the cases in which that is true are vastly outnumbered by the cases where you know the back up does come in and the team is really. In not as good and end it doesn't. Make the most of that opportunity. And also the go to your point Chad about like. Lou it's hard to think of a great corder rack that doesn't have a great winning percentage. I think that says. A lot about what how we define a great quarterback is it I think more that its chicken and egg great lake do we consider someone to be a great cornerback if they don't have a good winning percentage I think. For the majority of football histories certainly in the media in the narratives that give vote there. I don't think that's true what you have to be a winner to be a great quarterback in pubic be a winner by winning and then that makes you. We also to be. A winning quarterback to keep quarterbacking your teen to mend stack up the years to be. Considered in the pantheon of the straits because mean if you posting. 79 records continuously the team is likely continue shaping around their current roster they're going to want to redo things still. And I understand that this is the simplest of the metrics that you're gonna talk to spaniel but it seems like it's not AE. Whole the tainted one like I I do want a good quarterback to be a winner I I I don't think that's unreasonable request. As a fan or even as that the savvy fan and at that could quarterback should be winner's death. Now I mean it's that's why the the leaders in it are kind of considered the best cornerbacks on top of this chicken and egg thing is that. When playing quarterback well. Is associated it's pretty strongly with the winning football games for your team. I think the issue is just that there are statistics out there that are better at isolating the quarterback himself. And filtering out the that contributions of his teammates and scraps and non contributions in the case of court racks that are mining. And presumably also ranking it the best themselves from one another right numbers one through five. Maybe all have a when he percentage between. 630 and 650 year hire part maybe yet they Manning has a seven. And then Aaron Rodgers has 77% Tom Brady 77 threatened so very close Parma where I guess we're trying to settle with this except we'll like. How to best and I rape greatness in general has as we often talk about it's just.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"The Hot Takedown crew asks can a good quarterback have a bad winning percentage?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"56070409","title":"FiveThirtyEight: What makes a good quarterback?","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/fivethirtyeight-makes-good-quarterback-56070409"}