Will Georgia stay blue? | FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast

The podcast crew speaks to Greg Bluestein of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution to understand the trends that flipped Georgia blue and how durable they are.
35:11 | 11/19/20

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Transcript for Will Georgia stay blue? | FiveThirtyEight Politics Podcast
Hello and welcome to 530 politics podcast I'm Gayle and route. Democrats might not have gotten the landslide they want. But they did expand the political map in some pretty meaningful ways. Joseph Biden became the first Democrat to win Arizona on the presidential level since 1996. And the first we in Georgia since 1992 U. If 2016. Showed that the upper midwest was in play for Republicans on the presidential level. 20/20 has shown that the sun belt is in play for Democrats. And bolt of those developments could mean a whiter and more uncertain political map going forward. So in order to better understand how these shifts happen and how durable they are today and a zoom in on Georgia in particular. It was probably the biggest upset win for Democrats and how democratic misty is is good to be tested again in less than seven weeks. As listeners probably know they're two senate runoff elections that are that are gonna decide which party controls the US. So we need to dive deep into Georgia politics it's politics Ritter appeared in Jr. he Perry it is. Likewise and also joining us from the road in Georgia I think driving from Atlanta to make it right now is Atlantic journal constitution political reporter. Glad Gregg at least it right. And a thanks so much for taking the time I know that Georgia political coverage as hectic these days are reverse of you watching this on YouTube you'll see that Greg is in his car pulled over not actually driving pay pager went into the podcast. The ethnic so much for taking the time. Greg let's start with you and in order to put 120 heating to context that we should back up a little bit and talk about. What politics have looked like in Georgia over the past couple decades so how Redd has misty being historically. It's a great question it has been a very solidly Republican state the last Democrat to win Georgia in a White House race was Bill Clinton back in 1982. Republicans. Starting in 2002 started winning kicking off statewide seats and been steadily consolidated power in Georgia the last Democrat. To win a statewide office in Georgia was back in 2006. So it has been. A steady Republican role here in Georgia that is. That has been. Kind of kind of steadily also rolling back. Starting you know if you look at the margins they're getting tighter and tighter and tighter Republicans haven't had any. Easy post victories really since between sixteen when Johnny Isaacson easily beat when of his opponents but between eighteen Stacey Abrams showed that. Democrats have a path back to flipping Georgia and as we son tweet when he that's what happened. Terri you recently wrote an article for the web site called how Georgia turned where. And so we have this kind of trend as Gregg described where it's getting redder essentially ever since Bill Clinton won it in 1992 you. Where is the turning point when did things start to changed eating tortures you see it. Seoul. You know forwards aren't here yet 41% of the vote in this and 07 Obama yet 47%. There was a jump there so with a state where the Democrats from the low forties. Two in this over the mid forties and only in twelve. In that meeting came from the end of the vote in the Atlanta area Bolton sort of city to Atlanta also more importantly at a suburban Atlanta. Sifted left a little bit during the Obama's two elections so that does that have to shift the air. Was in the east and basically what's happened is two days. Yet land area is growing in south. And and so in an urban areas tend to vote for Democrats and in the Atlantic area is getting more. Democrat it. In part because people are moving there in you know from other places. If their job for businesses in part is getting much more racially diverse network that it is gonna need but it also means. The easy and it looks you know publishers are growing there as well. So also right now you have we're yeah Atlanta metro area somewhere between forty. More than you know. But people in Georgia Lin in Atlanta metro area so what really happened in 28 in and week when he was it. The Atlanta metro area and it out boating the rest whose name is still pretty conservative. Yeah Perry what it one of things your article pointed out which was which is very Smart was that the suburbs. People can see the suburbs and maybe some other cities as a stand in for white voters. But not in metro Atlanta. Abu Gwinnett County one of our biggest suburbs is a majority minority county Cobb County which is the Republican stronghold for decades. Is about to become the majority minority white white white voters make up like 51% as soon few years. That will be the case. And rather than to cab counting. Is a majority black counting that's that is also one of the biggest strongholds for Democrats in. In in the state so I think people when they look at the suburban shift they intend to look at. Oh yes that's only white voters who may be college educated women who are turning instructing that that is that is partly the case but it's also because. Atlanta is sue sprawling. There's no natural barriers to development hit her city there's no rivers or mountains the major rivers or mountains or oceans or anything like that. And so. Very very diverse population has. Has spread out and is starting to change those suburbs in counties like Cobb and when that they've been run by Republicans. I'm forever are now having majority democratic countywide offices. I wanna dig a little deeper in cute that question of what's parts of the electorate exactly have shifted in the past for several years. Before you didn't have that nitty gritty can you put into some perspective how. Much Georgia politics were all around. Atlanta is it like if you win the Atlanta area and the suburbs around Atlanta you win the state is it that dominant. For Democrats it is. As Terry mentioned in half the population. Of the state is focused on which we have other accounted sized cities where candidates campaign Savannah Columbus Macon Augusta. But most of the attention is focused for Democrats on metro Atlanta and conversely for Republicans we really saw this in twenty teen. Republicans congress ceded. Metro Atlanta. Two Democrats they didn't campaign much metro Atlanta there of course they still aired millions of dollars worth of ads in the latest TV markets but it really focused. On small town. And roll in eggs urban areas of Georgia rather than natural and it's suburbs. Because that's where they they've racked up huge margins mean counties use to maybe go sixty years W percent. Send it to Mitt Romney went eighty and 90% to. Blind camp in and Donald stroke over the last four years. And so that's where Republicans are really trying to undercut democrats' gains in in those Mitchell in the suburban areas. Here's a quantify that Biden want around 65%. Of the vote in the metro area of Atlanta. And that's that you wanted to up 37% of them soon. Really kind of very. Disparate or lopsided. Electorates for local Republicans and Democrats geographically. But that also is a significant change from what we've seen historically right I mean I think. When people think of the Atlanta suburbs they expect. National political characters like Newt Gingrich for example so my what exactly has changed in those suburban areas. And also I'm curious what where is the dividing line between suburban and acts or because it sounds like Republicans are still winning. Ex urban areas. So so what exactly is happening in the suburbs and what what has not changed to what do stayed the same Ian ex urban areas. Our whole our holy crap moment was 2016 and when we all kind of figured trump would would win Georgia easily and immediately woke at five point so the smaller margin than. Mitt Romney here are John McCain carried the state but he still won without really exerting much effort in the state never visited Haiti in a much of the campaign operation here. But our holy crap moment was when Gwinnett and Cobb boat flipped Cobb there early would have a little bit more. Without any of that institutional offer. And that was the start and then John Ross off. A few months later runs for Tom price is old congressional seat which had been Republican for more than two decades which Tom price easily won by more than twenty points against kind of a standing democratic figure who didn't really campaign and raises thirty million dollars and comes within a whisker of winning that seat. That was a huge wake up call than to the nation not just about Georgia's political changes but also the suburban political changes that are there were happening. Everywhere so I think part of it is the suburbs or become increasingly diverse. As we mentioned before they're not just this homogenous white area. That has been Q so innocent traditionally conservative. Com and other part is. The dream of especially. White edgy college educated women who used to vote Republican for maybe fiscal reasons. Who we're upset by trump but also goes beyond that also upset at what was happening in the state. The the anti abortion heartbeat bill that passed in Georgia last year I really galvanized. A lot of a lot of women. Who who are fro abortion rights. And who were upset about those those changes and end flocked to the polls. I'm so I think there are two of the changes that as you mentioned. Eggs herbs. Which are basically see those as the there's five or six core metro Atlanta counties and then there's. That ring the city and then there's. I don't know eight or nine counties that ring those those have been Republican strongholds. For a long time we're talking Cherokee county for safe katic in very densely populated. Delegates and popular do those inner. The suburbs but that's where Republicans get some big margins and carry highlighted one of them Forsyth County that's where David Perdue and Kelly left flirt. Held their first joint event just a few days ago. If that's how important it is to Republicans Donald Trump won that county by about 71%. If my math is right. Back in in 2016. And he's lost five points there in twin twenty. In those five points better when when the margins and George are like thirteen thousand votes. Yet Harry how are you conceptualize and some of those changes. You know in your reporting. So we'll weeks in the piece was Greece's of that he's weakness artists oats from. So Biden won it is you know in the Atlanta area with so being and win and win more left. Then before and it was a gradual trend and it light and it really. Abrams campaign really grew. On like Hillary did a little bit Hillary and about 40% Abrams get about 4049. And in biting at 49 degrees and will be gradual wrote. So it'll try to look yet at this deal with the story isn't land of what happened in Atlanta. In four and a theories about it the first is Gregg referred to ms. yes. Tenet anti strong sentiments of because you know 20162018. To when he when he Atlanta suburbs all of yet. A little more progressive east leases as of cycles I think it does tell you. There probably were some voters who moved from trump and I think that's probably both people who meeting Republicans before shifting. But I think it also might be. People who know that many who do you really didn't vote before I assume there is someone on. I think Abrams get around one point nine million votes in 2018. The person who ran for governor of democracy doesn't fourteen Jason Carter. Around one point one million votes so there's a big turnout increased are also the targets on the yet GOP side team. So the Democrats have a turning priest who's a Republican to increase but I think there is evidence that over dollars there's sort of a mobilization that going. The second had talked about was even from sixteen to doesn't when he. I think Georgia in the Atlanta area is growing but I think there is a real strengths plan a thick there where people are moving there would ever for. Two other than that bigger relevant it is like Abrams has been talking for ten years it was on one person even presidents and fourteen years. Democrats should focus less on. Moving white swing voters and wore on people of color in the Atlanta area and younger people and people of color can not just black people but also. The growing Asian and Latino population. In some ways like. 2008. He's executing it. In two dozen nineteen she wrote his new mode to the Democrats saying we can really win Georgia. Here's Al apparently outs yes you know sort of really pushed for that. It's I think it rooms you know it was not a candidate in some ways season for the candidate and worn out in Oslo Corliss he has been living doing this and looks like work. And then the final thing is it looks like Biden did a little bit better than off saw war war not. In their races and it and it might go to affected people and George and people in the Atlanta area don't like strong but I wonder maybe Biden. Doesn't yield a few voters that could Abrams in also often went. Yeah that's a good point Perry alleged stolen two of them what is that Biden over perform. John I'll solve one of the two democratic senate considers about 500000 votes of there's like some. Evidence that that the that there were some may be some swing or crossover Republican votes but separately what you talked about Stacy Abrams strategy. And I know this is happening nationally but both parties in twenty team made it clear decision that he wasn't worth it. To go purely after swing voters likely to look at I'd been doing for years in Georgia. In twenty fortune that was kind of Jason Carter strategy when he ran for governor he ran it is NRA Democrat because you didn't think he can he can win in in the state if he if you win as a liberal. Well stays Abrams proved. This by embracing liberal ideals and by you know talking let things the Democrats in Georgia didn't talk about Mike light gun control. That you could you could make joining gains it was more it was more worth the the good the dying for your dollars. To energize core supporters who might not vote these mid term elections than trying to go after swing voters in the suburbs resembling that can journey get those anyway. And selling you saw that same thing with. With blanket he didn't focus on trying to tell it to appeal to the swing voters either he said his this campaign was basically a red wall campaign. Where they quietly went after I'm trump supporters in sixteen who didn't music vote mid terms either. And then he really saw that in twinkle in your about to see that 20/20 one with these run offs because again. Neither of these neither these four candidates are spending much time persuading they're all motivating their basis to come back out because they've they've I think rightly believe. Do they get 95%. Of their bases back now they've won this thing by a landslide. This kind of debate between persuasion and are now which is always somewhat of a dumb debate that we have it and the political analysis community around elections because of course generally winning elections are something of bolt. And sometimes you know whatever can help persuade voters can also helped turn out orders and so they're not. Completely white disconnected from there. But I do you wanna kind of linger on this for a second because it's been somewhat of a DB. In the year you know post election analysis of Georgia how much of the change from 2016. To 20/20. Is based on you know torn out war even demographic changes are at Atlanta area becoming more diverse for example. Vs actual votes which I note the Colonna you know a front of them podcasts over at the near times upshot. Did an analysis that said essentially you know. 15% of the change from 2016. To 2020. Is based on the the demographic changes but that. The majority of the chains just from 2006 to 2020 he's actually vote switchers that lifting the Biden over the line. All our people in the Atlanta area who were actually maybe supporting Republicans into gotten sixteen. And now supporting it. You don't Joseph Biden. Over all of course of Biden lost white voters by forty points in Georgia so it's not like. The unit of the white electorate is is now supporting Democrats. Overwhelmingly. But you know how you'd Chu speak about this this argument between. The turnout or demographic changes and at the vote switchers that our. Don't you know who is responsible fort according Georgia live as one. I think. This disease is a kind of a cop and I think it's vote. I think I think there is a blend of both he certainly had some. Some Republicans who switched over because. They they couldn't stomach another term of trump but they still voted Republican down ticket in just like just like you saw. Everywhere in many parts of the nation Republicans did pretty well here are down down about they'll also the congressional seat in in indexed or Gwinnett County but that was also the home of the tightest. Congressional race in the nation. I'm just two years ago so I don't think many Republicans father and hold onto that race is an open seat that incumbent rob what all decided not to run. And it down ticket Democrats were looking at I don't know 1011. Net gain in in the state legislature created a with about two or three net gain and they lost the House Minority Leader when a blast white. Rural Democrats. So you saw is so bullet both those trends happen. Down on the ballot I think of Georgia's going to be more of Florida than it Virginia going forward I think that we're we're getting used to a very very thin margins in these races. But I think too that dad. Stacey Abrams showed the model and that Brian Kim did as well there's going to be about voter mobilization. I don't know it's that it's a silly debate we always have but they're not they're going for the broad based messages right now. They're appealing directly to their core audiences and it's like different meter vs going on. We're seeing all these leaks of of of reverend ward off. Sermons that that did that Democrats hope to come back on ice are the Republicans hope to welcome back to hunt warlock you know he's barely addressing them. He's focusing on his own base and really like it won't. These things what energized both sides. Also think about this might be mean I don't I don't totally dollars and ST exactly. What. All of these mobile space and persons. Personally he's article. But is it likely that the majority. If not the majority the plurality of people who voted for Joseph Biden in Georgia are black. So use because lord -- not really yours you black people would have more important. Like when informed and licenses that he. Did bolt ordinance you know the black or with the sizzle to close in the in the white part was probably listening to over the lines until we've both groups matters. You need to be black Republicans George I don't want to dismiss those people by saying there aren't there at the factory repairs essentially closed the first atlas. But there isn't important at the ultimate on the Swiss city. Sixties when he opposed to the overall. Ohio voters in the first place yet this big black repeated quotes. There's another part of that suit which is yes white white voters have have been dominant Republicans have elections in Georgia and that is surprised. But for for Democrats here the magic marker has always been 30%. And that's they've wanted to get 30% of white vote. They felt like if they can get around there they've got a really good shot a flipping. The state and close to 30% and it is still a little murky this because there's a significant amount of voters who didn't who don't. State their their race when they when they register to vote. I'm so we're not exactly sure but. Into the numbers I've seen gets them in the neighborhood of 30% which if you compare it to 2016. Exit polls show Hillary Clinton at 21% of the white vote. So if you're if you're a eight or 9%. Gain from that. That that helps shows you why guest black voters are the literally the backbone of the democratic coalition. In Georgia but if you give them you know nearly double digit increase from six team. Of white voters. That will get you over there to finish. I wanna talk about how durables some all of these ships are and -- won the runoff elections can tell us so let's look ahead to January 5 when Georgia becomes the center of the American political universe because it's too runoff senate elections. Will determine which party controls the sat. Greg how competitive is that this race you are thinking about this six and a half weeks I'll what's harper can. Edited. Republicans of the judicial there's evil and every statewide runoff. In Georgia history but we never had a run off like this we've never had a runoff where cynic control hangs in the balance I think just as importantly. We were just talking about the base of a democratic voters being in Georgia being African Americans we had a runoff. With a black candidate at the top of the ticket. Like we do right now with reverend Raphael war doc who is the pastor of Martin Luther King junior's church in the heart of Atlanta. Who's backed by Stacey Abrams so Democrats hope. That with with him on the ticket. And with John Arsov who is who also I'm hasn't fervent following and it is running to be the first Jewish senator in Georgia history. So he'll bring a different. Appeals well. They hope that with those two at the top of the ticket. They can they can bring out a core of voters who just don't vote in a lot of these runoff races in Georgia history. Perry how are you thinking about the ways that the electorate. Ian the runoff election might change between November 3 and January's tests. I don't know ensemble leader yet. Conditional view which seems to be human sort of into that. The black vote won't turn out for Democrat because that's a lot of the implication is on cigarettes and I don't know I think that you don't run offs historically have had lower turnout overall. Incidentally means a lot of people are not participating but I think this is going to be different environments so I don't. Realty I think we should go Watson's yet on applause throng predictions. Both campaigns units and a lot of money and very involved in it. It's like I mean I think the court and that I think is more lets loose lips the turnout is it looks like we had a big turnout election looks like. There's a there's a sliver of people who will vote for upwards you wouldn't won't vote for Trot Nixon Ian looks like. Did we sort of analysts are at sort of thing it. Purdue was closer to fifty you've been in office off and I'll be surprised don't think it's a turnout which I think it flight. Georgia may have more Republicans than Democrats unless it's Toronto's run. Yeah I guess there's also this kind of new. Piece of the equation which is trumps Republican coalition has started to rely so much. And it. Rural white voters and on college educated white voters who may also be low propensity orders and who may not show up in a runoff. At the same rate that the Republicans old coalition in like the early off in Georgia might have so I guess that's an open question. I think that's why you're seeing Republicans tiptoeing around trump even I think more so than they are now actually here in Georgia because they're they are desperately worried. Then a single. The ticking them off. They're conceding that he that he lost the election. What will spurred him. Well drivel that it will jeopardize any sort of his support with his loyal base Kazaa. He came to Georgia descended over the election to northwest Georgia in the area of room Georgia work. Where as of heavily Republican area and tens of thousands of people showed up this little airport. Harris happening around the country but it was a reminder to me of how food and a bases and these and in the end a lot of voters who don't usually vote in. In these lower turnout elections so. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler who reliant on him. And they can't make the this. They can't make them. Argument that they wish they could make I think right now to this carnival more middle of the road Republican voters an argument be hey. Joseph Biden Democrats are about to have complete control of Washington if we don't stand up. Right now we're put up a firewall. And they can't make that argument because they haven't conceded the trump lost. Being on the ground it's doesn't seem like last lower and Purdue RT king of the Maurer. Like rumpus approach to winning an election in Georgia because you would think that. If as Perry mentioned and there seemed to be Republicans who don't like trump but are okay where's Purdue. That you don't part of putting together a winning coalition is appealing to there is you know suburbanites in the Atlanta area who don't really like the trump style politics but are they playing the trump style politics or are they polls are trying to play you know chain. It's politics and word in. Georgia Republican politics for. So far trump and politics so far it's fair and Democrats will amount to the road to socialism. It's China. And it's it's echoing trumps rhetoric about about the false narrative that he'd that the election was stolen. And I think that's the Dave they came out really early in just a few days ago. And they Soviet p.s present trumped by calling for the secretary of state of Georgia who's the top elections official who's also a Republican. To resign. Because of what they saw as as his faulty oversight of the system. Did it ring any of that evidence of that of widespread fraud. And in only. Only on. Only on background did they bring. Did one of the campaigns bring those reasons why I'm he should resign in basically. It was exactly the same reasons the Stacey Abrams who had criticized Republicans for. I'm including blanket when he was the secretary of state for long lines tangible which is that couples all these issues the senior Republicans I'm complain about. Not only two years ago but also after are really bad. Melt doubted in the June primary will we had people waiting in lines for eight hours at the polls because. Go fill the property poorly trained poll workers and ulcer to glitches and system so I just found it very. I don't know what the passwords hypocritical whatever might be. That Republicans are just choosing right now to bring of the same issues that. The Democrats have been had been raising for for years. So that's what kind of campaign that left for a Purdue or running Perry. What kind of campaign are also often wore running. More are doing a little bit more of this sort of has been doing a little bit of that sort of not to renew you know I'm not Medicare are all a matter and the police. Or not doing some of that soon I mean so. Are trying to distance themselves from the most liberal they mean they're running in Georgia they seem. So they are going to tiptoe into the centrists zone a little bit management at figured it out while. Also mobilizing the beast you you know there's talk of Biden might come down there are accurate that happens also Obama. And that is I think I think they're gonna try to do you think they are. In June Gregg public immigrants and I think the Republicans is running. More of a sort of a base campaign in. Even Abrams I collect rent a little bit more of a swing. Was not Jason Carter but I do you think the Democrats are shrine. See the mentally adding that they need to do more persuasion and the Republicans. Yeah and they've got to pick whatever but a lot of the of these allegations to and he's really interesting because three of these four candidates. Have been defined. Publicly. I'll soft started running twin seventeen ton of attention everyone in the shortly and it seems to have seen one of his commercials and short of way about women. Sixty million dollars has been on that race. Already just for this runoff 130. Million dollars plus has been spent or reserved into TV airtime so it's ridiculous that a torrent of money. I did produce good offers for six years Kelly left caller has has had a year or so of campaigning and Doug Collins said they're all pretty well defined. Rocca Warrick had the field to himself. Very very few. There's very few attacks on him from either the Republicans drinkers are more focused Doug Collins and Kelly left we were just battering each other. And so you kind of had the field himself and right now he is just getting. It's hard and bruised every day. By different leaks of his past sermons or his past stances are or at 2002 arrests and here's a lot less time to to answer those charges. Did if they had come out August or evil whenever. Certain doubts that's one of the more interest in dynamics of this race and as we've mentioned they're all running as a package deal I mean also winning in warlock losing wouldn't help Democrats at all let me give Republicans still. Still controlled the senate so left learned Perdue were running at Jordan events they barely talked which hooker in public at least. During the the first phases of it is because it was so contentious on the Republican side. Another showing up events to the event I'm driving down into shortly will be join of it they're having and warlock and also for running jointly as well. So that means any talent and warn Iraq's past sermons and whatever might be they can also hurt. I'm also off just like any attack on let's say David Perdue stock transactions. Could drag down Loeffler. Wrapping up here. And kind of good drawing back toward 30000. Foot year. How durable are the political changes that we've seen. Will the senate Ross tell us about the third turbulent. So basically what happens in business from here when Abrams and and we by an in Oslo was it. Democrats have been cast for like around forty 46. In most Georgian president George reasons the life for awhile. And then they would Abrams 49 sup 49. Worn off and give the Democrats 49 by and basically almost fifty so. Yes so look at it from my we've used it in also are only gets 47. That I will deny it might think hey maybe this was all of them strong impacts from opening. As opposed to vote on leadership because of that part of what you're watching for his these races in Georgia were all really close and Democrats want one. We need when they could run on the Internet trump. This runoff and eaten enough chocolate conceded he's ross' what's happening environment which means most voters student will be thinking slump is no longer president my boat is not. You know sort of sticky to talk anymore it's like a different process so. It also off and were not steel gate in the 48. 49 zoned adults don't need in Georgia is Clough it was a very closely to Kobe and leans Republican little. If there are 4546. Zone Middletown bristles like anti front opening. And the Democrats are still have trouble you know you know race has increased its generally are you in a race in this the other nuts. I did I agree it's hard so hard it is really hard to read too much into this these these. These returns. It did I expect hire turner than we've ever had in a runoff in Georgia history. Which is not a huge predictions and make also if you look at the last in an eighteen and this is an imperfect example. And did not agree comparison but still an eighteen we had. I'm a razor thin margin between Stacy Abramson and and drying care. In a few weeks later we had what opts for secretary of state and a public service commission seat where Republicans could easily and they won by 45 points it was a wasn't a blow out. But you saw some of the same dynamics that Republicans and always used to win in Georgia kind of sad and Democrats still won the suburbs but by less of lesser margin. It tended to be an older. And wider electorate which helped Republicans. I can tell you. Republicans here and every event inventory energized. You know in his it's really interesting. Being at these rallies because Marco Rubio had a round rally in Cobb County. Which Democrats have flipped but it's still a super important county for Republicans in Georgia because it's such a populous county. And he didn't mention Donald Trump's name once the entire event but what he did say it was this is the showdown of all showdowns is as important as ever. For tougher for Republicans to show up and there isn't hill 300 unmask people mostly and those people in this in this room. Who are rallied in ready to go and fired up. And I expect the same thing when I go down the middle Georgia Perry Georgia for this event few hours there's going to be just gotten a lot of energy on the ground. And Democrats have the same thing Democrats have a lot of energy to. So I think this will be looked at his lot of ways write a litmus test on pres elect Biden's administration. They pay. You know whether or not there's. Democrats can show up to the polls of trumpets and on the ballot whether I'm Republicans conjure up to the rules of troubles and of the ballot. And I think it'll be looked into that narrative. But remember bird it's just it's it's not your typical Georgia election so. Our role figures are much pupils that Buford. Clarifying. The trends in Georgia and what you expect from this runoff elections and thanks very end thank you Greg thanks scale as those. Greg was seen as a political reporter at the Atlanta journal constitution my name is Gayle hundred Tony chow is in the virtual control room Claire editor Curtis and audio editing you can get in touch right emailing us at podcast at 530 dot com. It also of course tweet announcement any questions or comments. If your fan of the show beavis or reading or review apple podcasts to work or tell someone about us thanks for listening and Wilson's. And yeah.

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