Why the US can’t process coronavirus tests as fast as South Korea

In South Korea, COVID-19 patients can get test results in 24 hours.
6:06 | 03/24/20

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Transcript for Why the US can’t process coronavirus tests as fast as South Korea
I had two friends last week did the director test here at Minneapolis and both about where col three to five days for results and kind of aid don't call us we'll call use to deal. They are both still waiting for their tests and it's now been more than three to five games. What Anthony different you'll find it had a wonderful concert it's possible he did often. Part of a battle ground for hate ask it. We'll often Jesse are. The eighties perfectly okay. That's a good time thinking much. One of the things that we keep hearing about in the news these days is how long it takes to get test results if you can get a test all. And you've been doing some reporting into what the deal is but the lack in past and so what if you've been fine. Well one thing that turned out to. Me I had its. There where different technologies that we using rats compared to. Countries where. Testing capacity at a lot faster places like South Korea water. Test for hours. That's not actually the case in both the bats and in places like South Korea. That sexist thing called polymerase chain action. Which is common technology base the Annie laboratory at work genetics. Man. The pro it's not a technology. Problem which sticks out that's life. What experts mean it's it's a logistics problem. In terms of the fact d.s. Rich trying to you. A lot of control. Tests. It's. Lights out and Torre. And then cuts. To rule out got approval at other places. So all places have the technology that's art are used to be. Indeed when it comes to ease supply problem and they ran up we don't have the supply. The chemicals that need to ease tests. Why it does South Korea and other countries that have done. So many more tests and we have Wyatt. Where they better prepared to handle this sort of supply chain. Well we're better prepared because they've been there for backing 2015. In a cousin virus. Let's cope nineteen com Ers. ME RS. Hit South Korea and it did not have a huge outbreak was less than 200 people that contracted the illness but. It taught them a lot about what they needed to be doing to make sure they were prepared for the next virus. And so they have a lot more of these chemical regents on hand. And they had a lot the largest schools system set up but he Tico. Waiting to kind of be prudent action. I know that they're actually new tests in the works. Including this one I over the weekend people are now saying there's a 45 minute test that you can do is not really solving this prop. Connie yes now I mean it's solving the problem in that it's making more testing capacity available. But it doesn't necessarily change the supply problems 01 experts expect Meehan it's one of the many tests. Been. Recent weeks and approved by the FDA last week. That test is not based on peace ER. Still needs these free agent chemicals so night at a situation. A test that reliance on proprietary system that is. Much much less available laboratories. And you have to speak company it's buying all. Reagents available that day. Then can't be used but places that do happen. The machinery. Just kind of meat becomes this mess competing interests and it doesn't necessarily solve the problem. Of getting. Word through of these tests being passed. What's the horizon in terms of testing our scientists looking to create other types of tests to use for it this kind of virus. So one of the things that we know about the PCR tests is that it's very specific and it is also very sensitive. Which basically means that it's unlikely to produce false negatives and it's also like unlikely to produced false positives. And summit the other tasks that we have for viruses can get the job done faster and get the job done in bright new doctor's office. But the artists specific Eric cents. Send us at least for the foreseeable future answer and the best Bergen. And to. Detect cases and help public health officials actually get an estimate of how many cases that are out there that's in any way accurate. At least the next couple of weeks yet there's a lot of things in the pipeline and terms faster tests and tests that can be done more right in doctors' offices apps out there. End at. Its line he wall's not required. Agents that are short supply. Well I know able out in your plate today though we can wrap it up there thank you so much for speaking with Maggie. Thank you and thank you for your patience with my tiny Qaeda agents. Well I. I. I I. Okay.

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{"duration":"6:06","description":"In South Korea, COVID-19 patients can get test results in 24 hours.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/fivethirtyeight","id":"69774226","title":"Why the US can’t process coronavirus tests as fast as South Korea","url":"/fivethirtyeight/video/us-process-coronavirus-tests-fast-south-korea-69774226"}