What to watch for on 2nd night of the DNC | FiveThirtyEight

FiveThirtyEight on what to watch for on the second night of the Democratic National Convention.
9:24 | 08/18/20

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Transcript for What to watch for on 2nd night of the DNC | FiveThirtyEight
Hello and welcome to the second night coverage of the Democratic National Convention here at I 38. I personally am wearing my shirt to represent god be worked at epic Greek coffee cops since we don't have any of the crazy costumes on the convention floor. Figured our liven things up. Anyway I am here with politics editor served for Austin's and his staff has a gallon. Galen wearing wearing a crisp white shirt shirt that he's heat here in Texas. Here at us as elections analyst at annual rate gets independently carry out. KG Allen and I'm wearing red so together we are red white and blue zones vary conventional we are indeed look at that and not just plan. Natural patriots so. And of course we're gonna see a lot of red white and it's an act I am sure. But speaking of tonight what are we expecting this is usually the night where re C a rising star in the party give a keynote speech you know. I think maybe the most famous example of this is Obama in 2004 when he kind of stole the show with as there is no rat or blue American. There is no black or white America. Which went on to become a famous speech. What are we expecting tonight sir. Normally. It's windy. Pre outs are and from town DNC questions. Or are this year. Seventy eat teen who racing starts. And it does look as it. Abrams. Fair and a times see we aren't so liquor bottle. Yen. Given my. Power play. Someone else is. Eager sentenced to eighteen different needs different scenes are part lower state level. National and curious. How all this format war helped. Introduces. Her. Nathaniel is this essentially. Acknowledging that the party doesn't really know exactly where it's headed and it can't land on one rising star or is it just like. Hey we've got this walked before Matt we might as well experiment went what do you make of what this all means. I think it's. Probably the latter man I want now read into the minds of the DNC organizers. They you know I think there like. Basically hedging their bets as to camp though may be one of these seventeen people will be the next Barack Obama. Comets age group mayors state legislators people you've heard people you haven't heard. Think Stacy Abrams is the biggest fan I think bush probably she's now the most time to speak based on our hearings so I feel like the perception is going to be that Stacey Abrams as basically in the keynote speaker of the way that we've understood that in the past like with Barack Obama in 2004. Who in Castro and points while. Com but you know I think that unfortunately for some of these other rising stars failing don't like a minute or so to speak I don't think that's enough time to really make the kind of rhetorical impacts that Barack Obama may in 2004 I think you need at least five minutes or something like that. Com so I'm not sure this is going to be the best strategy kind of by pleasing everybody the DNC maybe is and it pleased no one. Tonight a somewhat. Emblematic. The fact that. Conventions when it comes to determining the outcome of an election. You may have a bounce in the polls but oftentimes that fades anyway. Angela conventions can be important for is you know showing off who the party thinks it is where it's trying to had. You know elevate people it wants to run for higher office in the future. So you know. We can learn something about the democratic and Republican parties. Throughout the next two weeks even if we're not learning you'd art who is going to win the election based on the shows that the two parties Iran. So based on the first night and also having seen the rundown for service coming evening Nathaniel what are we learning about a party from this process. Yes I I think what last night in particular we learned what there general election strategy is going to be this three pronged strategy. Racial justice to crime and IRS hand the economy. To which I think are geared toward com might persuade able independent voters. And one of which is geared toward increasing participation among minorities and it is obviously a big. So base for Democrats. Com you'll be pinching to see things one the other people you know a rising star in the party although not one of the technical keynote speakers is or resign as. Alexandria causing a Cortez who is speaking tonight in famously she's only getting about men and have to speak. Com but it'll be inching the CE com whether she has a more conciliatory. Tone how much she talks after Biden vs some of her. Ideas that have rankled some of these house Democrats. An annual. Rate in terms of class and I work there. And laying out between the protests. Brown parents and me and I think we're gonna see more. And the other thing that I think will be each. It's the year or into the brat that. Summer he yen Ian. Seymour. Tonight granite it struck me you where cars. Voices. But someone Connor plan if you see it. Intentional plan and are something we'll see. As. Yeah whenever you talk to Democrats about. Turning up the days or persuading particularly pleased suburban voters that they've had a lot of while we're essentially. Being twenty team possible we can walk and chew gum at the same time it we can turn the base out. And we can persuade voters so I guess this is better pitch kind of in convention form how they can try to do that we'll see how effective and as. Last question. Of course this is a bizarre for Mac we all kind of used to last night I'll admit that I we've watched the entire convention tonight. Because I thought the last thing it was really chaotic process and a lot of what was going on. But once I got used to the format and piecing things started to make a little more sense on the second go round. Hope you don't plan on doing math for all night of the convention but what it you'll meet of the format and you know Howard convention fits into. A two hour televised special format. Yeah I thought that it got off to a rocky start last night I think the first thirty minutes or so were varied jarring. Com with us and kids and everything like that Tom I think that was I was gonna happen with strange remote format. The lack of an audience kind of duty that energy really test equate format. That sent once they started getting into more focused messages specifically in the racial justice action. I started paying attention any kind of felt pretty normal I think that from here on out worked we've we've made that adjustment. Now our all ready to you know basically take the conventions and the speeches for what they are rather than cookies form. See the numbers. I three. Two. And again early in them no matter how hard. Always. See years. You're waiting to get through. And think there are the format talk and whit more or. Eat out there still at it. The fact that it was all virtual it's easier to use then you could imagine. The woman and Carano are. Only. Precedents. That would landed in the scene saying on the stage. Greenwich is broadcast and thousands of people had to deal. And I think. My guess with EU Indian town worker working on Democrats plant it's. We'll see more heavily. As well. Yeah I don't listen to a tall reproduce. The reporting that I've read as the capital caught up in advance and as soon as it happens they're releasing it on social media and so they've heard knowledge and a lot of people are watching. The networks or cable TV all two hours every night but they have these little snippets because they ballpark also cut down the length of speeches and so on so that it's kind of in many ways as must as it's designed for TV does art for social media. Do we have viewership numbers yet Nathaniel. Now just in completes we have the through the network's third on like CNN and fox don't have a total number. Global certainly check reckon review when we have more information and and I should also point out that we're going to be live blogging this evening so for anybody who wants some real time reactions to the second night of the convention Federer from 538 dot com. Would also be podcasting after the fact so check that out the identity politics podcast. Anyway thank you Nathaniel and Sarah and now we'll see how it goes doubts.

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