India COVID scare disrupts G7 meetings

The Indian delegation at the G7 summit are self-isolating after possible exposure to COVID-19.
1:33 | 05/05/21

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Transcript for India COVID scare disrupts G7 meetings
Because of this possible exposure what we know was the Indian foreign minister will not pulls. In person meetings for the rest it's time monkeys. Here in lines and he will only join virtually but the US delegation says the secretary blanket and the rest of his team do you plan to continue to do there in person work. As they had plant. Even though secretary of state Lincoln and four members of his staff had a bilateral meeting with Indian delegation including Indian foreign minister on Monday. You see them there they're standing next to each other but there are wearing masks they were socially distant they held that bilateral meeting in this very large rounds. And is examining those kinds of Alexandra nuns in the easy precautions in addition to the daily testing that has Americans your feeling confident that their risk of exposure was pretty low. And Secretary Clinton has been vaccinated the majority of the Americans traveling in the delegation. Have been vaccinated so again they are confident that the risk of exposure to the American delegation. It's pretty low this. Major blow to have conference. These leaders are so excited to get together evenings heal their eagerness to have these in person meetings. This was supposed to be sending us Steve Schmidt a symbol that in person diplomacy. Could continue if all these safety precautions. Words take and now they're gonna have to really cracked out is going to be a lot of questions. And pressure around the in person meeting scheduled for heads ST eight in June president Biden was hoping to attend that meeting in June. Right back here. Mary Alice parks ABC news London.

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{"duration":"1:33","description":"The Indian delegation at the G7 summit are self-isolating after possible exposure to COVID-19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"77510195","title":"India COVID scare disrupts G7 meetings","url":"/Politics/video/india-covid-scare-disrupts-g7-meetings-77510195"}