50 Cent and Nicholas Pinnock discuss how their show 'For Life' addresses 2020 events

The rapper and actor on what they're looking forward to most in the new season.
8:00 | 11/18/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 50 Cent and Nicholas Pinnock discuss how their show 'For Life' addresses 2020 events
Please welcome Nicholas pinnock and Curtis Jackson. Sara has the first question. Sorry about that, Nicholas. I was trying to see what I was seeing and my glasses were kind of -- it was a whole thing. N problem. No problem at all. I apologize. Go ahead, Sara? You got some pretty cool news this week. The video for your hit single, "In da club" reached 1 billion views on YouTube. Yeah. When you released that video in 2003, did you ever think it would be seen a billion times, and would you have done anything differently if you knew? A billion. I never predicted a billion views on anything. It's exciting to have, you know, it's one of those songs that stick around because every day it's someone's birthday. Yeah. Good point. That's true. That's true. Sunny. I have it on for my birthday all the time. Now you also made headlines for some of your tweets involving Donald Trump, and though you support Biden, you said you turned down money from the trump campaign. Yeah. You implied the campaign gave lil Wayne money in turn for the do you think that was an attempt by the trump campaign to secure the black male vote? Absolutely, that was. You know, I think with the timing of it, for me they offered $500,000, and it went up to $1 million leading up to inauguration, and they were looking for people to publicly support him in different ways. He did some things prior to that, that would fix the perception of accepting his own actions. He did Wayne out for that. Yeah. Sara? Now nicholu're from the uk, but you spend a lot of time in the states. When you look at what's been going on here both leading up to and since ourion, what do you make of it? You know, it's not too dissimilar to what goes on in the uk to be honest, and we live in such a globalized world now, the internet. We follow everything the U.S. Does, and everything that affects here affects us over in Europe as well, and we watch it very closely, and it's interesting what goes on, you know, the way that Europe responds to it is very different obviously to the people in the U.S., because we can't vote, but we still have the opinion and we still have, you know, our favorites and so forth. To be here during the election was very interesting, but, you know, in no way a surprise either. Now Nicholas, you are absolutely fantastic in this series, and I'm such a sucker for a British accent to hear you speak now. Thank you. I am just a bigger fan, but you recently posted on Twitter this. Let's do better. White isn't a race. Black isn't a race. Asian isn't a race. People of all races know I'm tired. #Onerace. #Humanrace. What inspired you to write those words in this moment? Well, with everything that's going on in the world globally with the black lives matter movement, you know, it's -- you look at history and you look at colonialism and patriarcies and things, and racism, the term was designed to justify slavery, and it was a lie and it worked. If you separate people of different races and segregate them, it could justify that your treatment of, you know, a certain group of people and we need to get rid of these terms and these phrases. Race no longer needs to be something that we look at as far as culture color is concerned. That's not a way we should describe each other and ourselves. Once we get back to understanding and re-embracing the human race, I think from then on, we can start to find some cohesion to stop this segregation of each other. It's ridiculous. Now Curtis, a your executive producer of your show "For life," and Nicholas, you're a producer on it. With everything that's happened since last season with the black lives matter movement and the pandemic, tell us how it will impact the show going forward. There's a lot of -- we've seen a lot of social injustices and things change like police M misconduct, and things that happen in America relate to the uk very closely. So you see George Floyd and you see protesting in London. There's -- thehow implements these things, but we try to walk that thin line where it's still entertaining and entertainment and not so informative that it becomes educational for you what you are watching it. It's really good. You'll get a chance to see those things. We're going to be attacking them in a way that -- we attacked those subjects in a way that people haven't been used to yet, and it's going to be interesting to see the world. It's going to be interesting for you guys to see because I know what happens. It'll be interesting to see how we tackle the black lives matter movement. Well, I'm really looking forward to it because I, again, love the character that you play, and you play prisoner Aaron Wallace in the show. A character inspired actually by Isaac Wright Jr. Who was on this show with Curtis back in February, and you have had the opportunity to really get to know Isaac and his incredible journey. So what's one thing hehared with you that you keep with you as you tell his story? One of the things that sticks in me the most when I'm playing Aaron is his determination to prove his innocence, and to fight for the right thing. Because that was one of the things that Isaac was very clear about when I spoke to him and I asked him, how did he feel all those years of injustice and knowing he's innocent and being incarcerated? He said, he didn't have time for any other emotion. He didn't have time for happiness, anger, sadness, rage. None of those things. His focus was to prove his innocence, and to get himself out of prison, and that's something I carry with me whenever I'm, you know, in the skin of Aaron. Earlier we were talking about Michael B. Jordan being on the cover of "People's" sexiest man alive. Now you have been apart of that issue before. Any advice for him? It does wonders for your love life, but that kind of confuses you because, you know -- Slipping into your dms and stuff? Yeah, like, sexiest man alive. Sexiest in the world? I'm leaving all of that alone. How did they leave us out? How did they leave us out? The sexiest people, they left all us out. No, no, no. You see, this is the thing. That's the thing. You know who you are. You know. Right. I know, and I'm -- I have been on the cover of every magazine when I go in my own mind, you know, so, you know. Okay. Now we love to have you come when you come to the show, and Nicholas, you come back and hang with us again. It's really a pleasure to have you. I would love to. Thanyou. Season two of their show "For life" premieres tonight at 10:00 P.M. Right here on ABC, and we

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{"duration":"8:00","description":"The rapper and actor on what they're looking forward to most in the new season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"74278627","title":"50 Cent and Nicholas Pinnock discuss how their show 'For Life' addresses 2020 events","url":"/theview/video/50-cent-nicholas-pinnock-discuss-show-life-addresses-74278627"}