How should 9/11 be remembered?

On the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, "The View" co-hosts discuss whether images of the World Trade Center should be removed from the screen.
6:33 | 09/11/19

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Transcript for How should 9/11 be remembered?
Guys for Morales happening right now at this site where the Twin Towers once stood. To mark the eighteenth anniversary of the 9/11. Terror attacks. The many media outlets to stop showing any footage of the actual attacks. Or the towers falling and some TV shows and movies and edited out all images of the twin attack us. The question is is is that the right thing that do. To consider that there would you know and if you're any living in them out. And if it's because you're doing it just opium ping and the towers don't exist in the years that you're talking about that's different. Understand why folks are not showing. The Twin Towers falling over and over because as a lot of networks. And it you know aside from me watching the Arab Gardiner. Tip I'd still want to see it over and over and over and over again I want children to see you know you don't scare you don't went. What is it a good thing too ended it all out war. Is it Bennett just to. Until that they should ask that question of victims. You know what did the victims of the tragedy feels should be done and whatever they say. It's what people should follow you might get a mixed review I would imagine the majority I think you're talking that's when you see. Those buildings and when you see them collapsed you're triggered by at least I am when I when I watch it. I think some times it's healthy to be triggered I think it's an it's a reminder of what happens. Here in this country and my brother texted me this morning is out serving what is now it's just a good reminder of putting things in proper perspective is that we were doing sort of a 9/11 type training. And he said some of that the folks I'm serving with were not born when this happens but there they are today fighting still be effects of what we're dealing with from nine elevenths. M it was a reminds me of not everyone lived through. That time and it's important to see it to know the sacrifices that were made by so many people. And in that sense I I think it's a good thing be triggered not all the time but to be up to be reminded about what's coming to people reminded those checking account. I think the issue in a state of anxiety now but terrorism is triggering and I'm sorry but. 3000 people lost their lives and it's one of the most horrific moments in all of history and I think face it shouldn't be exploited there shouldn't be shown over and over again for no reason but I think. Our minds are and what pure unadulterated evil looks like in the world's and that our democracy and freedom is a clear and present threat to sell many evils. In the world. I don't. I don't think it's back to have a trigger in the same way that I think only read history we should read all the dark parts as well also we hopefully learn from our mistakes. On a happier note or at least I thought it's kind of a happier. But it's something that. I thought was really interesting is that sixteen children of the fallen 9/11 heroes who died on an eleven are now becoming firefighters themselves this year. And there's something about that that is. Obviously Darden varies shot but also uplift uplifting as Alan I wrestled like those children young man who are toward choosing to do. Day now right I think you know I've I spoke to my children about it this morning because they weren't alive when it happened and I I just remember that day so well because. I was in front of a grand jury and I was in the Federal Triangle and they work. You know they've rushed in these marshals in these plaques jackets and in DCN. And they just brushed us out there and then no one knew what was going on and it was terrifying. And I I want my children to know what happened I want attention of the import of what happened and really how our country came together. Com and how divided it is now but that are country came together. And my son said so you were alive when that happens when I need he was so disconnected from it in sentence and so I think. For that very reason it's really important. Four I'm. Tests and never forget that moment Saturday I don't show it than people I its what I would let every network to do. I would like them all to work on one special. Yeah that is shown at a final all the networks. Where are. You get all the information. Is what is things at makes me that really irritates me. Is I wore my. I want people to know what happened but I want you to explain. How people came together and all the stuff that they did and when you just showed these 22 some things falling and you hear them. It just I just hate it really is get to flow little ones because I'm trying to win a five or more recently. So it's accomplice essence the whole thing could. And so there are conversations. You know cause she's going to school now so you have to campuses school is gonna deal when it. But I worked their I want. I want what we don't have what we think about all the things that went on a well what to I want someone to show people. The things that my grandfather told me about what happened and why. We go and we cited why we do this there's 'cause those conversation as that used to have would you grade group Monty Graham bond and all sparks are not that we're not seeing the kinds of memorial else. And and the the thing that that. The thing that we are really great that would just saying all you know what let's learns from this let's make sure we don't do this again yeah. He numbers 'cause thank god I get. While we've got we pretty good at that would allow bands and Newton a whole bunch of countries where am let's banner that learning. We've now we do slid backward sometimes. When. But that's because we don't have the conversations that read that you and I grew up what do you yes will be. Mothers and grandmothers who talked about the hardships. Bob what war brought him to the fact public you know we hear a bit but he's not. It's not treated like it's a big deal and I I worry about that because you know when people. Give up everything to go to war to take care of me. You're not I want to make sure I'm aware I want to make several web I don't want any bets or any of the the folks that go and fight for me. To be on the streets and it just how and is so that's why I think if we could get all the networks to do this on the specialists say hey. Listen look here's what we can't do. You know here's what we can't it maybe that can happen out of now.

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{"duration":"6:33","description":"On the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, \"The View\" co-hosts discuss whether images of the World Trade Center should be removed from the screen.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"65544427","title":"How should 9/11 be remembered?","url":"/theview/video/911-remembered-65544427"}