The American dream Pitbull's immigrant parents instilled in him

The Cuban-American rapper talks about his new film "UglyDolls," the teacher that changed his life and America's immigration crisis.
8:00 | 04/25/19

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Transcript for The American dream Pitbull's immigrant parents instilled in him
The man with 80 million singles sold, 13 billion views on YouTube and number one hits in 18 countries is lending his considerable vocal talent to the new animated movie "Ugly dolls." Please welcome Mr. 305, Mr. Worldwide, you know who I'm talking about -- pitbull! Fire ball All right. You smell so good. I know. I love it. I took a shower this mourn. You have had so much success in your career. Very blessed. Thank god and thank the fans. Wonderful. What I love is you recently had the honor of putting your hand and footprints in cement at the Chinese theater in Hollywood. You ever did your trademark sunglasses. We put the glasses in there. I loved that. Honor to represent the culture. I just like to represent for the have nots. I love one race only and that's the human race. You're in "Ugly dolls." It's based on the popular toy. You voice a character named ugly dog. We have a clip. Good doggy. You come. Is that a dog? It's all right guys. Slick dog's got this. Boom boom boom What are you doing? Having fun. Getting crazy. Getting loose. Go. I'll stall them. Go, go, go. So much fun. I watched it last night with my 12-year-old daughter. My daughter danced throughout the entire movie. She had such a good time. It's an amazing opportunity to do this. What I love about this -- also Blake Shelton is involved in the movie. We have a record coming out together. The most important thing about the movie is the message. Imperfection is what is. With "Ugly dolls" I took the word and broke it down. Ugly means you gotta love yourself. To be involved with animation that's able to speak to kids in a world where it's all about followers and likes. I tell kids you need to be around people that are unique. Your name is synonymous with Miami. Dade county. You were raised by a single mom in little Havana. All over the place. You started a charter school. Yeah, mommy. That's our school in little Now it has ten locations across the country with 10,000 students. The issue of education very important to you. Education is very important to me. I didn't make it through high school. I went through 25 different schools. Why did you move so much? We had. Economically whether it was an eviction or we didn't have lights, food, money, whatever it may be. We survived. Thank you to my mom. I love you. She gave me survival skills. No problems, just solutions. We always found a way to make it living through these neighborhoods and going through the system, I felt likethe system was built towards failure. Why is education so important? A teacher changed my life. A teacher believed in me. I want a big shout out to her. Her name is hope Martinez. Thank you so much. I owe you. She told me the biggest risk you take is not taking one. I always thought about that. Any time I feel iffy about something I think about her. Take that risk. Take that challenge. Only perfect people don't take risks. Failure is the mother of all successes. That's why we have S.L.A.M. We graduated 100% last year. Very blessed. Looks like we're on the same track this year. Education is supposed to be the great equalizer. I believe that as well. A teacher changed my life. I want to commend you for jumping into action in Puerto My pleasure. I feel like our own president did not do that. You arranged to have your private plane transfer cancer patients from the island to the U.S. Mainland. As a first generation Cuban American here, the son of Cuban refugees what are your thoughts about the immigration crisis in this country? Guys we're the United States of America, not the divided states of America. This country was built by immigrants. We have to talk about the native Americans. Me being a first generation Cuban American that was embedded into me. You were born here. If you don't take advantage of this country after what we've been through, they were like you have to take full advantage of this country. With that said, how do I feel about that? If we do our history -- this is the truth. Mexico is not crossing the border. The border crossed Mexico. If we're going to talk what it is, that's why you have cities like Los Angeles, San Antonio, El Paso, Las Vegas, San Diego. Sounds like Spanish words to me or names I would say. It goes to show you somebody was here before. Either or, guys we all bleed the same blood and breathe the same air. When we start figuring that out is when we can really understand that we're really not that different. We're really more similar than we believe. You should run for president. No, I won't. This sounds like a political stump speech. Remember I was born -- In a great way. It's very inspiration and positive. Me being Cuban American I was already born politically incorrect. Whatever you're selling, I'm captivated. We're hearing more humanity. Our thanks to pitbull. "Ugly dolls" is this theaters may 3rd. Thanks to you guys.

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{"duration":"8:00","description":"The Cuban-American rapper talks about his new film \"UglyDolls,\" the teacher that changed his life and America's immigration crisis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"62630945","title":"The American dream Pitbull's immigrant parents instilled in him","url":"/theview/video/american-dream-pitbulls-immigrant-parents-instilled-62630945"}