Ana Navarro opens up about husband's COVID-19 diagnosis

"He's out of the woods, I am feeling so blessed," Navarro told "The View" about her husband Al Cardenas.
4:09 | 10/19/20

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Transcript for Ana Navarro opens up about husband's COVID-19 diagnosis
Unfortunately covid cases are back on the rise globally. Several European countries are on the verge of returning to lockdown, and here in the U.S. We hit around 70,000 cases in one day for the first time since now this impacted you very personally, Ana. What happened? It came into my household. My husband got covid from somebody that works in my house who had gotten it from a nephew. 16 people have ended up with covid from that one person. Three of them in the hospital, including my husband? Right. Who spent five days in the hospital receiving remdesivir. It's the reason I was working from home last week, and being cautious, in an abundance of caution, and to not be contagious to anybody in the studio. Right. I've tested negative six times. My nostrils, whoopi, are about to file a sexual assault claim. I have been tested over and over again. Only you, Ana. Well, this is a luck of the draw. You know, some people will get it and be asymptomatic. Some people will get it and have slight symptoms. Some people will get it and have have bad symptoms. Some people will die. It's the timing. I've learned so much, right? Having -- he was at home for the first few days quarantined and isolated in our home, trying to beat it at home. Yeah. When you have got somebody with covid in your house, symptomatic, it's all you do all day. Right? Yeah. Take his temperature, take the oxygen level, feed him, wipe everything down. Make sure he's okay. Feed him again. Yeah. You're trying to do all of this without exposing yourself. It is -- it is manic. It is all-consuming. Yeah. And he was getting worse. So we made the decision to take him into the hospital for evaluation, and he had pneumonia, small pneumonia. Whoopi, you know what that does to you. I do. He was lethargic. Yes, I do. He's home now. He's feeling great. Good. He's out of the woods. I am feeling so blessed, and I can't -- I can't tell you how much this weekend I have thought of all the people who dropped their loved one off at an er never to see them again. Never again. Not to be able to hold their hand, not to be able to be with them, and they're never getting to come home again. There's almost 220,000 American families who are dealing with that right now as I speak, and so I'm one of the lucky ones. Yeah. We are one of the lucky ones, but this is hard. It's hard. It's scary, and I don't understand for the life of me, how the reaction of Donald Trump after getting covid is to make light of it, and to be so cavalier about it and to throw away the mask and pretend that macho men can be -- listen. My husband is a macho man. He doesn't need a song by the village people to announce it to the world. This is a guy who is muscular, who is in great health, and it almost took him down, and, you know, I think that the human reaction -- Yeah. -- The human logic would be to be more careful, not less after experiencing it. To be more empathetic, not less after experiencing. To rely more on the scientists and the doctors who save your life and what the CDC guidelines are, not less. So I, you know, if I didn't have enough reasons before to not support Donald Trump, vote for Joe Biden, I can tell you this is another reason for me. Yes, I want a president who believes in science. I want a president who cares about the American people and keeping us safe much more than trying to portray some faux machismo. It does sort of stagger me

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"\"He's out of the woods, I am feeling so blessed,\" Navarro told \"The View\" about her husband Al Cardenas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73698991","title":"Ana Navarro opens up about husband's COVID-19 diagnosis","url":"/theview/video/ana-navarro-opens-husbands-covid-19-diagnosis-73698991"}