Andy Slavitt discusses concern over COVID-19 delta variant in US

Biden’s former COVID-19 response senior adviser and author of "Preventable" weighs in on investigating the origin of COVID-19 and the public's response to Dr. Anthony Fauci after released emails.
5:32 | 06/14/21

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Transcript for Andy Slavitt discusses concern over COVID-19 delta variant in US
As things are starting to get back to some semblance of normal and you're looking back on everything that you all went through, what are you -- what is your takeaway? You guys were in the thick of it. Well, I'm very excited to be here first of all. Look, we've just experienced as a country a kind of trauma that most of us haven't lived through. We're a generation that hasn't done a lot of sacrifice, had a lot of hard times and uncertainty. While we had a lot of losses, we survived. I think we're not done done with covid-19. I think in large part to president den, thanks to science, thanks to all the people who got vaccinated, we have a manageable challenge as opposed to a scary thing we don't know what to do with. We have plenty of manageable challenges. Last week Dr. Fauci issued an urgent warning saying more Americans, including teens and young adults, need to be vaccinated to stop a more contagious and virus new strain called the delta variant. It was first detected in India, but has spread to 74 countries, including the U.S. How nervous should we be? I've had my teens vaccinated. A lot have not. The delta variant is about 10% of all the cases in the U.S. At some point it will become the majority. The takeaway is simple. If you've been vaccinated T vaccines are effective and you don't need to worried. If you're not vaccinated, the delta variant is more dangerous and lethal than covid has been. Get vaccinated. If you're not sure about getting vaccinated, talk to your doctor about the pros and cons of getting vaccinated. It will save you from this delta variant. Andy, first of all, thank you for your service on this task force. I know it's been thankless and stressful. I'm grateful to all the medical experts who served. President Biden has called on the U.S. Intelligence community to step up their probe of the origins of the covid-19 virus, including the theory of a Wuhan lab leak. He's taking it seriously, president Biden. What do you think happened that changed the way he was looking at it, the way we're dealing with it? How should we deal with the Chinese government and its lack of transparency? According to the intelligence reports, we don't know the origin of covid-19. That's not unusual, but it is disturbing. Oftentimes it takes years to track these things down. What we need is cooperation from the Chinese government. We've not been getting it. I think the president, secretary of state, national security adviser are putting pressure on China to do this so we can figure out what went wrong. If the virus aerosolizes, it's possible that someone in a lab had something in a test tube and it happened. It's possible. It's also possible it came from a bat. There's a chapter in the book where president trump has a conversation where he learns about what could have happened by being told a bedtime story. That's an amusing insight into how he was looking at things. Ridiculous. Ridiculous. I'm very happy to hear that if you're double vaxed the variant isn't going to kill you. Tat's interesting. People refusing these vaccinations should pay attention to that. Republican senators Marsha Blackburn, Marco Rubio and Tom cotton are calling on Dr. Fauci to resign after his emails released showed he had doubts that covid was leaked from a lab. The man doesn't have a crystal ball. He works with what he can. What do you think this is really why are they attacking Fauci continuously? You knw what Anthony Fauci has been doing for the last two decades? Inventing the mrna platform which created the modern and pfizer vaccines in rapid time. On January 11th when the Chinese posted the genome sequence for the virus he was downloading it and in two days they began working on the vaccine. I don't know what Marsha Blackburn was doing for the last two decades, but they ought to be careful about taking down the scientist responsible for the vaccine in the first place. Let experts be experts. Experts aren't always going to be right, but Tony Fauci is a very humble person and he'll tell you what he knows and tell you his level of confidence.

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{"duration":"5:32","description":"Biden’s former COVID-19 response senior adviser and author of \"Preventable\" weighs in on investigating the origin of COVID-19 and the public's response to Dr. Anthony Fauci after released emails.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"78271158","title":"Andy Slavitt discusses concern over COVID-19 delta variant in US","url":"/theview/video/andy-slavitt-discusses-concern-covid-19-delta-variant-78271158"}