Anthony Scaramucci on why he calls Trump the 'blue-collar president'

Former White House communications director tells "The View" about his new book and more.
9:20 | 10/22/18

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Transcript for Anthony Scaramucci on why he calls Trump the 'blue-collar president'
Hey, welcome back. Anthony scaramucci spent an action packed 11 days as white house communications director and he's written a new book about how the you-know-who in the white house is actually the blue collar president. Please welcome back Anthony scaramucci. There's nothing like a gold -- gilded apartment on fifth avenue to be called the blue collar president. Give me a break. But, I will not attack your book yet. I will though go after you on this one because you defend his speaking style. Now, he called stormy Daniels a horse face last week. I didn't defend that. Well, that's his speaking style. What else is there? There's other elements of his style. Obviously, he won, so that's a good part of his book is why he won. The title is about the blue collar people that I grew up with that actually voted for him. So to me, I think it's an all party, all season book. If you're a Democrat you should open up the book and read about the blue collar people that I met on the campaign trail that voted for him. 63 or 62.9 million people voted for him and I'm trying to -- Plus the Russians. Yeah. That's a valid point. Sunny just said that was a solid point but that was underneath the applause. I come from a working class blue collar family -- I didn't say every blue collar family. I can see a con man for who he is, and people who vote for him who are blue collar, obviously they don't care. He's not one of them. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Sunny, that's not even the point. When you guys are missing about the book, again, whether you like him or you don't like him or you didn't vote for him or you want him out of office -- All of the above. There's half of the people in the country feel like the establishment has let them down and so when he went out on the campaign trail and he met with those people -- and I write this very honestly in the book, I grew up in a blue collar family but I went to some fancy schools and then built a successful business and I started getting confirmed biases away from the people I grew up with. It wasn't until I got on the campaign trail that I realized how much economic desperation is out there in these blue collar neighborhoods where factories have been displaced, jobs have left -- Has he corrected any of that? I don't think so. Can I ask a question about that? Go ahead. Because we're talking about this like blue collar people aren't also Democrats, so we're talking about folks who have been left behind and I don't think he's really catching them up when I watch what's going on, so how do you feel when you see that he's not bringing it forward? Here's what I would say. I mean, this is an interesting part of the book, frankly, that he hijacked the base of the democratic party, so the traditional base of the democratic party, blue collar, working class people like the families that we grew up with were attracted to president trump. My cousin Bobby voted for trump. My cousin augie -- Are they happy now? They are happy. There's a lot of people that are happy. With what? What are they happy with? I want to know. Okay, so, listen, you can have a different opinion but you have to understand the country is very, very divided. What are they happy with? Can I ask you something -- They're happy with the wage growth. That's not me. That's "The Wall Street journal" reporting that the bottom 10% of the society have 5.5% wage growth. That was two weeks ago in the "Wall Street journal." That's not me saying it. They're happy with the unemployment numbers. Can I ask a question really quick. I don't disagree with what you're saying about him hijacking the democratic base. When you're talking about the blue collar president I always debate this is much more about the culture war as well and trump supporters hate the same people that traditionally the people on the right do too. Do you think this is more about a culture war raging in this country than anything else? I think it's a combination of things. I think it's wage depression. I think there's economic anxiety. The families that we grew up in -- I'll say this about my family. It was an aspirational blue collar family. We believed that some of us were going to go to good schools and become financially independent. The people I saw on the campaign trail, it was a desperational working class family. With that comes those biases. You may remember Thomas frank's book. We're talking about culture issues, not economic issues. I'm talking about we hate the same people. Again, I'm not from a blue collar background but I sure as hell know a ton of people that are in my life. I think that's the element of this that is being missed because he's not that different policy-wise than Marco Rubio as president would have been. So what is it culturally that he's hitting? He's the first -- Marco Rubio is -- president trump has like a smash mouth attitude and he's like a shock jock. So he's the first smash mouth shock jock president. So Marco Rubio didn't have those skill sets and so those people grafvitated -- Joy needs to get one of those stress balls. But he speaks from the gutter. Why would people be attracted to that? Several hundred people to his rallies. Candidate trump was attracting million thousands. I'm just being observational here. You were in the white house for 11 days as we were talking about. I'd rather say 954,000 seconds. Makes me feel better. You were fired by chief of staff John Kelly. I was, yes. And you were critical of him. You wrote he's a poor match with the self-confident, gregarious president. You said he has hissy fits. Where does this end? I think at some point he'll eventually leave the white house but I think he'll probably -- Who, trump? I'm in New York but it's like being a Yankee in Fenway park right now. You know, my family also wanted me to go to good schools. Let me just make that point because you said you went to Harvard or something. I'm not allowed to make that point anymore. I just want you to know that I have a masters degree and it was all free, just saying, all free. Where is that today? You're talking about different stuff and we're all over the place. Let me answer this question first. I'm pretty transparent about it. I think that he's hurt the morale. People say, okay, it's personal because he fired me. It's not personal. I've been fired before. That wasn't the first time. Read my book. I'll probably be fired again. So is he fired or does he get -- It's observational. I run two reasonably successful businesses. I know how to evaluate talent. He doesn't have the personality skill set for that job. I applaud his service to the country, four years in the Marine Corps. He has the personalty and skill set for that job. Why do ivanka and Jared trust him over you then? Because of what? Clearly you're out and he's still in. So I think that my mistake which was a mistake on the phone with a reporter happened at a very tumultuous time. There was a lot of transition going on at the same time and it was a serious mistake. So it was a fireable offense, Meghan, and so I got fired for a reason. I'm fully accountable. In I think calling it a hissy fit is tone deaf. That's because of your military background and I understand it. That's fine. That's my opinion that he demonstrated that last week, so I'm just being observational and factual. You respect the military, as do I. I've been to Afghanistan on troop support missions. I've been to Iraq on troop support missions, have a lot of respect for the military, but he shouldn't have fired me the way he fired me. I think there was a way more respectful, cooler way to fire me, and if he played the long game in politics he would have understood that but he's not that politically astute. I'm entitled to my opinion. He's entitled to his and he fired me. God bless. I know that we've been talking about your 11 days a lot but it almost cost you your marriage. That's true. You're now -- you have a healthy marriage now. Your wife is in the audience. You reconciled. You even have a podcast together, mooch and the Mrs. Right. Perhaps your firing was a good thing. If you weren't fired do you think you would still be married? So, I think I would still be married but that's my opinion. I mean, maybe Deirdre has a different opinion. What do you think? I would like to think -- I hope so. Don't drag her into this. I think we would still be married. I think it would have been a lot more patching up to do. A lot more therapy. Yeah. We don't need therapy. We just do our podcast. Either way, we're happy that you're still married and we're glad that you got the podcast. We're glad you came. Let me just say our thanks to the mooch. His book "Trump, the blue collar

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