Arden Myrin on getting candid in new memoir about small-town upbringing and grief

The comedian weighs in on the new season of the “Bachelorette” and tells “The View” why she chose to open up in her memoir, “Little Miss Little Compton,” about her unique childhood
9:03 | 10/16/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Arden Myrin on getting candid in new memoir about small-town upbringing and grief
We've seen carrying everything from mad T needed Chelsea Lately and insatiable but now she's opening up about where it all started in the small town in Rhode Island. Please welcome comedian actress and author of her new memoir little miss little Compton. Art in marine welcome Arden at Sony to have you here. What we're inning diving your buck in just the second but first I have to ask you about the bachelorette premiere this week. Not only are you a super fan your pod cast will you accept this rose is all about the latest bachelor nation drawn not snow. After week one it might be premature but who wish your pick to wean over Claire. Amien have you actress in her reaction. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Air to. Yeah. He Dora and all. I have to rewind it. And he. A tiny. Lady I very neat when I. Went and rallying. We got reaction Danielle and her eat getting heat can be hard to eat. But you're new book is all about your unique upbringing in a small town which I'm a little familiar with where you say the most notorious criminal was actually. I heard so tell out hello the crow. I. I don't know. Criminal habits UN. On. Day now. Yelling yeah. Crime. On it out. And mail. Now women have a local truck. Crouched. Around and beyond black little B. Marsh. I think I ND LU. Under house. Indoor crouch. And in any credible. Serving time in the bars behind the bars now after Kenny Gary Condit might. There's I don't get your. And I got the tough times but the book also deals with some heavy topics now this is more serious early on career. You experienced your own me too moment tell us your bit about that. You know. I'm. A monster. Com. Not matter and I am Connie. And girl like her. I am. Very cool I. V I mean. Any. Like bad lately. I honey and I remember her in crack. And director of Al record. Are in. New I didn't begging. And yeah. Yeah denying me or else he. Didn't running I'll. And the EU. Nearly hour and Iraq and you know I I and my mama I got a very. You meet you. We know would you. Like on our. Core. Yeah how. And I think rating you're looking. ET. Nino year and I also know. I didn't know that at and TR. Reid and rolling on at and you know. I think now I am keeping it ever be. In the lead right you know how. And I dig. You like Britney deal. And you know I'm eating and eating adding air. We urge your aren't. Well actually. Are in. You. Can enter new. Or didn't. An hour or hour and he old. War. Well that the power of a movement like that is so people are caught off guard next time they hear these stories and east coming. I think the fact is these were talked about so people didn't realize this could be a situation you worrying. So I can't get rent act. I never really. Neat around. And we never heard. Now. Aren't they Lori Geary. Or can't be sure I do note it. EU. Absolutely but you eleven inch end here scrappy mom Janet in this book is dedicated occurring you write about losing both of your parents in the last three years. You call your healing process Greek island haven't you managed to cope with all of that. You know being. Added. Her year and eat might not have any. Here. On in my mind. How in. Had a heart will and I'm hungry Turkey like getting out that I. I'll. Truly. A number. It really eager and I am RR. IA half month. New England town. Lot of yelling. Any I don't mind if they. And you can I ask why are struggling now to tell me. Or. Or. Any human can't Wear our be. Portable. Need Angeles Hines crying right where I'm. You knew I had an EU. Three room hi Ernie go right not to. Let Andy. She regularly got to playing. At. Great leader I eat all our hot wailing I. You know. A like YRE. Reality TV. Ads are numbered and aimed. At eight are clear I you know and NBU. Around her. Eighties it. Now I'm. We go but now there weren't sure you. Quarantines and being. At Nino year at your hurting you eat worse and that. I. Actually let me I. Agree and I wish I see it going I'm being. Oh yes. Like. I'm. An earlier and he is here. Art and paying now and let it happen cured her ain't no. I don't. I actually eat meat EL. Lack. And out right and it got or aren't. The only know. Eating out or don't. And or not. He turned and I. An outlet it renowned let them and wet and I always. No it isn't bad and you like yeah. I can't Leonard. And every land on. I'm and the energy and I mean you're not. You're right. Knee. And neither work. Week and every one or all. Attic. Like I. Really being EE. It taps into the inner voice that was always there but maybe not hurt. Thinking sell my Arden marine and they congratulations on your memoir your mom wire belittled me and her little content which is available right now. Think he's cell not. Or.

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{"duration":"9:03","description":"The comedian weighs in on the new season of the “Bachelorette” and tells “The View” why she chose to open up in her memoir, “Little Miss Little Compton,” about her unique childhood","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73661357","title":"Arden Myrin on getting candid in new memoir about small-town upbringing and grief","url":"/theview/video/arden-myrin-candid-memoir-small-town-upbringing-grief-73661357"}