Arsenio Hall discusses ‘Coming to America’ sequel

After 33 years since the original film, the actor talks about the new movie, “Coming 2 America,” and reveals his favorite memory of “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg.
9:16 | 03/08/21

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Transcript for Arsenio Hall discusses ‘Coming to America’ sequel
You know people love to throw numbers around so I'm just gonna say for the longest time Arsenio Hall has sent. The stage for comedy. And his stand up. I'm screen comedies and of course is legendary top showing now he's back in the highly anticipated sequel coming to America Duff. Debt. Take a look. Soon next door in warriors will assassinate him. And child on the other side of the work. Take heart in your grief you're king. Because your father. Bark orders at me from things that need it will make you happy. Good pay the royal jet. We are going back to America. Always go no go majesty. Please welcome back at the fabulous. Arsenio Hall who. Yeah. I thin young Bette he ma'am that's finally ribbons it is not I think yet you know women talking about the royal family in Britain. But he Lulu are part of the royal fan fictional family the zone Melinda abzug undocked. So you should know a little bit about being at a royal family benefits fake city you have any thoughts on what's going on in England. It should is a mode this debate in Monroe family estate. But we're talking about a very similar problem and asked the expected worldwide. We have to change our attitudes towards black women. And you'll see that when them will be. Comes to your house let us what I would act are also thought it was it was sad that when they went to the palace this morning for comment. Visit to queen couldn't talk because she had done here we're gorilla glue that's a cop. I. That was wrong. So wrong that when a that was so wrong and yet right on time. You know they keep Sony's numbers apple apparently is third three uses since. Come to America. Finally came out this weekend so it's it's out you an Eddy and been talked about. This. For a long time we decided you were going to jail at your back and zero. Karen does and you know watt why now why now. While. You know we weren't gonna do it we to a joke about sequels in the movie we wanted to leave it where it is because this was a wonderful experience. We kept hearing about the movie it wouldn't go away we would hear from B currency's office that they're sort of party and they want everybody to dressed. Like the characters we would see restaurants in New York decorate themselves at Halloween as McDonald's and the employees as we doubt him. Employees and it never stop. Attendees who called the coming to America to an issue that the MVP from last night into typical oh. Wares and and and and Signet six so. One day and sit out the public an idea and from that day it took four years of development at first it was not because he says. I want to have us come back to America because I have achieved and I want Tracy Morgan to BI GM. Quality. Being an unlike O'Donnell is the idea UN Tracy look not to save me you know. And Roberts or better in theory will we come back Morgan Freeman is designed. To that it. It. But it's ridiculous tweak it to America and the kidneys at. I'm no solid octagon not slow at best. Let's check back. Let it all and wouldn't want to come front and went. Bob has a win and lemon and rich doctor conflict. Why haven't about where Obama comes around. Out is a hundred euros sovereign with James Earl Jones and he got a vision. At any had a child in telling him at that rush. The hook that we. He was supposed to lead character ready I'll doubt that it took six that was the make up eighties it. Oh brother I think you as a detailed map out. Sonny I I just loved view I love this movie so much. Our city you know and it one of the iconic characters and coming to America. Is reverend brown whom you play in both movies I just learned that your dad was a preacher. Did he provide some inspiration. For reverend brown. Ali sat. My dad and all his friends or my dad to it being called a national. Is ministers convention and you'd meet all these creatures and it. Preachers you know it's like. When what we did stand up. She had a whole it was something about that you knew she did join it was the same way carrot tops the same way creatures that like that all preaches about hope. And acts of little things are my day up and my uncle. I haven't auntie who was a preacher like preach and is my family business kind. Well you play it that way. And there's an Allen man of women in power in this film in its nicely timed with women's history month. Now why wasn't important to you for it back to be a part of the coming to America legacy. Well. I wish I could take credit for but I think that goes to Craig Brewer and the creator of black fish can your parents. Who wanted to make sure. That we makes you laugh but. The movie six something and an edge having already daughters he was really down with making it all happened and and I. I loved that this movie isn't head. He handed but it does slip some knowledge and back door while you're less. Why is any failure talk show the Arsenio Hall Show ran from 1989 to 1994 and came back again is every bit and when he thirteen it was obviously groundbreaking and widely considered to have changed and talked the entirely to him and gave. Yet after all this time somehow late night TV is still. Dominated by white men know why is a late night comedy still such a white guy sausage fest I don't understand that I don't like gay and I personally really miss you in late night. Thank you I appreciate that and Doug. I'm not sure why it is the way is and there are a lot more posts now what are you people like you know what in the morning got Trevor no way. It's better than it used to be when I was Keegan and doing it so we hope for continued change of minorities. And women in in every. Is weak weak we can see them but I I don't I don't know why seconds I don't know why. White guys named Jimmy always seem to work in late night. FICI's bank they turn to give us Jimmy home and I probably would have done better remote from the now look he would sign your talk show many time continue to go way back. Now we have our own favorite stories we'll beat out we can not speak of right now but do you have a favorite memory with Karen that you can share with us. I have two favorite memories of reverse of up to Europe like celebrity credits. And things took a hard idiot and I called what it taught it she says let's not talk out ride there and she came to New York. The night before one apprentice because she knew I needed arcs and that's what a string and it really doesn't you know what we don't want to lead a thousand come down yet. Powered Democrat I have. Opera. But in my early. Story isn't what we broke into his body and a dollar she knows days a week. If she sees you biting your nails she'll Richard didn't want to she told me this this whole little diatribe about sync about. Everything you've touched canisters stored up Ellen it's jeez get me to act. What I do this think 08. Don't get sick and bella report and she broke free from which she should have a service that people call and beat. Oh. President this I got attain this movie as everybody you want to saint Germain fallow Y love Wesley Snipes Tracy Morgan Leslie Johnson. At a cameo when Morgan Freeman that is one of the funniest cameo as I've ever seen. I see me in this movie is wonderful. I hope you all just bask in the light of it because I think people are going to just have the best time animation left me she cry. Coming to America is streaming absolutely everywhere act even if I open my mouth right not using its streaming right deep in my routes there it's. I'm Amazon primed media it's everywhere. We will be right back Arsenio please come back anytime you know when Michigan and a lot I don't know if you look.

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{"duration":"9:16","description":"After 33 years since the original film, the actor talks about the new movie, “Coming 2 America,” and reveals his favorite memory of “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"76325022","title":"Arsenio Hall discusses ‘Coming to America’ sequel","url":"/theview/video/arsenio-hall-discusses-coming-america-sequel-76325022"}