Welcome back to 'The View' Sara!

Co-host Sara Haines joins "The View" again for the first time since having baby No. 2, Sandra Grace!
2:55 | 03/12/18

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Transcript for Welcome back to 'The View' Sara!
Okay. Yeah. Okay. Everybody has been away from name and weighed and weighed don't know how I tell another bay. Secretly I really glad. Host of folks who do who came and sat in with us so we're very grateful to all of them. But we have missed yeah hanging and they. Hello how. Are exhibited a little bit of whoa it's a lot of low waiting to easier this time they and it was the first time you know was there doing some things you see coming this idea back but it is exponentially like we're now. Our defense is one on one might really yeah we were you know we got our hands fall AT it's good though it's really good. I'm enjoying it more this time I think the second time around you know it that. It's not hopeless like it that helped our eyes again when people said he gets better I thought it was like a Stafford wives response they casualty I know it's fine and I didn't believe them but. Now I know these phases are fleeting right I I sniff. Sandra more ice Miller and hello I'm slowed down right I'm working on being president so it's been done some pictures of them I. Adrienne how Allen only campground. Happy to pump up his cars because that happens the robbery attempt to finish she's got little Jim Heller and yet that's the last hadn't. That little Turkey that we. Al say that's gas when they smile but that was a real smile yeah I want real mommy handles like heat she does he smile as she's Sarah's right now about not relent. And take you like that I. Not all me like yeah yeah examined it. Bishop did not that would crack. This lake we have and we got Alec a little dull because people setting helps them if they hire to baby back until he carries his baby and we carry our baby and that's gone we really don't fly very odd and then he's really good for a few seconds before he grabs her by the head and dragged her on the rise. We're working on his -- sitting skill center. Bus. So that is our dining imaginary green team which the doctors that she's going to be a little peanut knows that she gets it from me I had there's nothing he. You know there's it greatly Marshall on I don't know who it's for but. You see that the couple has the first baby amid don't know what to do their Alitalia and and then a second time. You know that what comes -- thousand maybe it's. Our land and and that is I guess what an as yet again you get better as time goes on and less. Geared he relays there more resilient and that area and no one knows what they're doing first time you just know everyone else hasn't figured out yet don't at this time you're like a ho it's a club yet no one knows what's happening out okay.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Co-host Sara Haines joins \"The View\" again for the first time since having baby No. 2, Sandra Grace!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"53688953","title":"Welcome back to 'The View' Sara!","url":"/theview/video/back-view-sara-53688953"}