Bernie Sanders says 'you cannot go too far on the issue of climate change'

The presidential candidate explains why environmental issues should be a priority and if the Green New Deal goes too far.
8:08 | 03/01/19

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Transcript for Bernie Sanders says 'you cannot go too far on the issue of climate change'
The crowd kind of likes you I want to get your take because there was a lot of criticism about your 2016 campaign and sexual assault harassment allegations against top male campaign staffers. You've addressed it. You said it won't happen again and that obviously you're busy. Meghan and I have been in campaigns and we understand that the candidate is not where everybody is all the time. Have you gotten rid of all the top male staffers that have been accused and what are you doing more specifically? I believe we have, to answer your question. And second of all, when I ran for re-election in have the just in 2018 we established I think the strongest protocol against sexual harassment and that is being incorporated into this presidential campaign. I was embarrassed by that. We're going to do everything we can to make sure that it doesn't happen, and we have very strong safeguards in place. Senator, Amy klobuchar is getting a lot of heat for being a tough boss and difficult to work with, but there have actually been a lot of stories about you being a tough boss. In 2015 there was an article quoting staffers saying you were unbelievably abusive. You yelled during meetings. You were a . Why do you think that those kind of stories weren't getting as much attention as senator cloeb Cloe's is? I don't think in that particular story had a name attached to it. Des Moines register asked you questions about it as well. But there wasn't one person with their name on it. I have been in public life for 30 years and I've had hundreds of employees and I think the vast majority of employees will tell you that they enjoyed working with me, they were proud of what we've accomplished together. This, unfortunately -- and I know Amy very well and I think these -- you know, this is what media does. We should be talking about the major issues facing our country. We should be talking about climate change and the future of the planet. Right. You do understand it's my job though to ask the difference in your perspective between Amy as a boss and you as a boss? This was one article written in one Vermont paper. It did not have, as I recall, one person who's -- one person's name being mentioned. So after 20 years, 30 years in politics, there are some people who may have been disgruntled and may have been angry with me. That's my answer. But in general if you talk to the people who work with me, many have been around me for years and decades and find me as a pretty good employer. We're in sync today because I do want to talk about climate change. Alexandria ocasio-cortez worked with you and she claimed that the looming threat of climate change that continues to exacerbate global conflicts has gotten so dire that it is a legitimate question to ask whether it's moral for people to have children now. Does she have a point there, or is that too radical? Well, obviously that's an enormously personal choice that every couple is going to have to make. But this is what I will say, I will say that I am embarrassed that we have a president who refuses to even acknowledge the reality of climate change, and in my own personal opinion, I've been talking to scientists all over the world, if we do not get our act together and take on the fossil fuel industry and transform our energy system away from fossil fuel into energy efficiency and sustainable energy, the planet that we are going to be leaving our kids and our grandchildren -- and Jane and I have seven grandchildren -- will become increasingly unhealthy and uninhabitable. Given that reality, it seems to me the job we have to do is to immediately grasp the magnitude of the problem and transform our energy system to save the planet. Now, in terms of a couple's decisions they make, that is their decision. Couples make a lot of decisions in terms of whether they're going to have kids. Often it's economic and there are other factors as well. Does the green new deal go too far? No. You cannot go too far on the issue of climate change. The future of the planet is at stake, okay? Bernie, Bernie -- We have, according to the best scientists in the world, we have 12 years to begin substanley cutting carbon emissions before there will be ir rarable damage to the planet. I talked to some folks who were in paradise, California. Remember the terrible, terrible fire that wiped out the whole community -- I got to go again, Bernie. We have another commercial. I'm sorry. I hope that you'll join me to -- I'm going to start a movement to get all the weather men to report, it's 6 degrees outside, there's snow and also the polar caps have moved further, whatever. If the weather men would do that I think people would be paying attention more, wouldn't you? Let's start a movement on that. Let's do that. 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{"duration":"8:08","description":"The presidential candidate explains why environmental issues should be a priority and if the Green New Deal goes too far.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"61414252","title":"Bernie Sanders says 'you cannot go too far on the issue of climate change'","url":"/theview/video/bernie-sanders-issue-climate-change-61414252"}