Chuck Schumer details how stimulus package will help Americans

The Senate minority leader explains the deal reached by Senate leaders and the White House to save the national economy from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.
9:04 | 03/25/20

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Transcript for Chuck Schumer details how stimulus package will help Americans
We stayed up late but let me tell you this is nothing compared to the dedication of the doctors and nurses and health care workers. Who would just risking everything to protect us and help us and the bill we put on the floor of the senate that would that's gonna pass today. We pushed very hard and we got a Marshall plan for hospitals 130 billion dollars it'll go for rent it'll go for ventilator civil gopher PP the protective equipment will go for masks it will go. Even to help with the new nurse has to come in her she's off but are kids are home from school some helped. Two blocks the kids so she can be in school so the bill we put on the floor I know you have and asked me but I'll get right to witness. Has to title yes please it's our fault it's called Marshall plan for hospitals and protecting our workers above corporations. And with bill the Republicans put on the floor you saw some of them complaining had none of this. But we have we greatly expanded its not close so we got much more money for hospital second workers what do battle these people being laid off. We have unemployment insurance on steroids you will they be able to apply quickly. For unemployment insurance you'll get your full salary for most workers for four months. And shall be furloughed Sophia company who work or to people you work for have health care. For you you keep getting that. And the so that gives the money where it's needed to the people of lost work not just grown and out of an airplane so even millionaires can get it and to boo because you're just for a load when the guard god willing this crisis is over. You will be able to go back to work to the same company we can reassemble the restaurants in the small businesses and everything else that. Is now dormant. Back together because everyone will stay with their employer the third thing. They have 400 billion dollars for corporations there was no oversight for the loans that trump. Or the secretary. Might give we have real oversight in fact Elizabeth Warren who's been very tough on this helped. Every contract they make has to be made public. Within seven or fourteen days. In need their bill there was no publicity but for six months so we'll know what these are we have an inspector general. Who with a subpoena power who can go after them and get to the bottom of it. So we will be able to keep a real high if there's any misdeeds and given out this corporate money. Fourth money for small businesses they'll be direct loans to small businesses who have no income now. And they will be able to stay in business and we will pay to keep their pay their employers at their salary. And fifth money for states and localities the Republicans didn't want any. We got a 150 billion dollars so New York State. Will get not only stopped five or six billion itself but the city will get two billion all the counties will get money. The MTA in New York City gets four billion dollars mass transit throughout. So this is a very good bill Tom we've gotten a lot of things in it none of which. We're in the bill the Republicans put on the floor on two on Sunday but we came together. We passed it we improved it it's not everything everyone wants but it's a great start and we'll keep at it. Senator Schumer this is make and it's. They didn't land in Gary hello it needs to seal it on this isn't necessarily directed at you because I think I've been on the record many times saying that I understand Norris I think actually. Played pretty fair on boasts I thank night I don't really disappoint it dates on this build several days of back and forth I it was reported Democrats were trying to ease the negotiations to expand collective bargaining for unions and tight aid to airlines reducing emissions there's it's let's see all of the trash talking about how people are concerned about the environment while bailing out airlines is. I personally think is a conversation for another time. Americans are suffering and scared X on why do you think there's partisan politics eat late round out of here I. Some of it wasn't partisan you know when the bill that was put on the floor and Mitch McConnell dated on his own without talking to us had no oversight of this corporate lending. Didn't have enough for the hospitals didn't have anything for state and local governments. We said we should wait a day in try to get that in and some people got mad but most people understood. As for these extraneous provisions none of the marine. But we do say in some don't like it if you're gonna give money to the airlines they got to keep their workers they can't fire will the flight attendants and everyone else they're getting federal loans a quarter go to the workers first. That kind of labor protection belongs in the bill in my opinion but these tiny strings. The weight but there was yours as part of adults who it was trying to I believed Kennedy's daughter. And again I I think I'm glad Ilyce dynamite it aptly fixing it I just think going or worded. I would implore all politicians to get eyewitness directives the but people like Mitch Allen at stake partisan politics out of this is not possible just I had little especially New Yorkers are scared. We had brought armed. We have to come together. And we did and this bill will pass today. And how hopefully money should be flowing into new York and the rest of the country early next week so that's very gear. And the money for like ventilator switch or show short of his desperately need it. A senator Schumer this sunny. Demagogue and the high. By senator Democrats did secure a provision to block trumps family businesses from receiving a loan money under the programs and that's something that I've been discussing an and I'm very concerned about that. The other day trump refused to say if he would bar his own company from receive this stimulus money so are you confident at this point. That he will find a whales around this. Note we've written a very strong provision not just for trump but certainly for him. But for any. Powerful official cabinet a senator a congressman. If they own a business or their family owns a business they should not get these loans the people in office should not write legislation that benefits them. So yes I'm quite confident it's a very strong provision. And we've also said the money shouldn't go to foreign companies. By some of these companies are overseas they pay no taxes they shouldn't be getting these loans. Senator Schumer this is Sarah it it's really great that the government has stepped up to offer these protections to affected Americans but do you have any advice to people who are looking to help on a grassroots level. And what are the best ways that we can be helping each other at time like this because I think so many of us are sitting at home saying. What can I do is an individual. To give back to help. And you know my own community. The worst things about there are two things about this crisis federal like none other I lived through 9/11 I lost three people three friends of mine in the towers. The difference here is two fold its first we're so uncertain. How long is this gonna last what are the act actual its steps we should take. I called the friend of mine who's a very Smart doctor and I said if you get this once and you immune from it they said we don't know yet has its own new. So the uncertainty is very troubling but second the isolation. New Yorkers Americans we like to come together during a crisis and we've done that very well. Now we're all isolated so one of the things I'd suggest actually is just because you're isolated stay in touch. Those kinds of things can deal with a little bit of the isolation that we feel. And encouraging. But we all know health care workers just encouraging them they're going through a nightmare now because of the overburdened. The health care system we've given now a lot of money an a lot of help that'll start coming once this bill passes but lending support to them can be very very important. Yeah. No we talked earlier about you know who's saying that he wants the country it's what made by the way. It's not vandalized Jesse my eyes he's Westbrook. You ask well and they know anyway. Eight you know he's just less than three weeks away. In Europe canyon is this isn't realistic and it isn't a good idea and is it time for us this is just really start. Implementing the things we need to do to save ourselves rather than listening again. Two politicians I had no no disrespect but I know I would rather listen to is not without she didn't bid to hear this again so what's your read an. I'd say two things here number one this kind of advice should come from health care professionals not politicians. They know things best and second that remind the president and everyone else. The best way to get the economy going again is to beat this virus and we should be doing everything we can. Right now to beat this virus to let it go well let it subside. And then we can get our economy going if you just don't do the things the doctors recommend it's going to be with us a much longer period of time.

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{"duration":"9:04","description":"The Senate minority leader explains the deal reached by Senate leaders and the White House to save the national economy from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"69795346","title":"Chuck Schumer details how stimulus package will help Americans","url":"/theview/video/chuck-schumer-details-stimulus-package-americans-69795346"}