Conservative columnist Mona Charen calls Republicans 'hypocrites'

"The View" co-hosts discuss the fracturing in the Republican Party and whether Democrats are experiencing the same thing.
8:22 | 02/26/18

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Transcript for Conservative columnist Mona Charen calls Republicans 'hypocrites'
Any who this year's CPAC ended on a wild note. When conservative columnist called out Republicans for being part of the problem when comes to sexual misconduct. I'm disappointed on people on our side for being hypocrites about sexual harassers and abusers of women who are in our party who are sitting in the white house, who brag about their extra marital affairs, who brag about mistreating women. This is a party ready to endorse the Republican party, endorsed Roy Moore for the senate in the state of Alabama even though he was a credibly accused child molester. You cannot claim that you stand for women and put up with that. So she fired up the crowd so much that she was apparently escorted out of the conference for her own safety. But no matter where you fall politically, does she have a point? Absolutely. I think she's speaking truth. I applaud her. I really do. I thought she was brave to stand up in that crowd knowing she would get booed and saying she believed there was hypocrisy within the party. The problem is that nobody does stand up anymore. Whichever party you belong to and somewhere in between the truth gets lost. She made the point that the CPAC group invited this woman from France whose father was a holocaust denier and a Nazi and the daughter thinks her father was good and right and everything else and they invited her. This is a pension for Nazis now with charlottesville and the good guys on both sides and now LE pen. Bill Buckley who fought in world War II, bill crystal, those people are appalled by what's going on within this party. There are also people like pat Buchanan. First of all, I have many -- I'm saying there were figures in the Republican party that have been controversial. Last year there was a controversy over milo unapolis. Al kardinias. Only one U.S. Senator ended up speaking at CPAC. There's a woman sitting next to her in the white dress, a friend of mine, I wish what she said was getting as much attention as what Mona said. She said this conversation was long overdue. I don't blame conservative women for being skeptical and proceeding with caution. Because there's things trump doesn't say are extremely incendiary, he has support among women in general, that doesn't mean all the ideals I believe in and what my life surrounds have gone out the window. People speak up. It doesn't -- I think this binary idea that you're either for trump or a liberal is not accurate. No. It's not. No one ever said that. Conservative women are in position that are indefensible. I said you stop defending the indefensible and that's what I ask because there are things at CPAC, the booing of my father, another example. I cannot defend this but it's not -- Why aren't Paul Ryan and Mcconnell there? I think CPAC has become a controversial -- Sort of extreme, right? You and I -- The invitation of LE pen is bizarre. And milo is very strange. But then you have Ted Cruz and the president speaking as well. There's a fracture in the party. You and I talk about that a lot. I think that sort of conservative you are doesn't necessarily exist in this iteration of trump's world and exist in numbers and we have seen this fracture not only in the Republican party but in the democratic party as well. So to your point Meredith, where do we go from here where you see this extremism? Don't we all have to move to the middle somehow? To make sense of it. I would think to have a conversation with each other. Yeah. You mentioned LE pen's daughter. Marie LE pen is his daughter. Niece. Really? She's the niece of LE pen and the granddaughter -- Oh. Marie LE pen is the granddaughter correct? Yes. Okay. You brought up your dad. I wanted to say something because of trump's comments about him and I know you'll address it with your mom later. I'll wait until Wednesday. I think it's more appropriate for my mom to speak now. I interviewed your dad a lot of times and I don't know if he shared with you some of the interviews were contentious. He was a tough guy running for president. He was always a gentleman, a class act, always honest and had integrity and I just want to put that out there because I didn't always agree with him and it was my job to -- I feel this so often that my beliefs and the packaging in which my family and so many people I love and respect put into really failed. I didn't see the anger and the tribalism that came with trump. I got it quickly and learned it a lot than people in the media. This populism is real. A fracture in the party. Emplified at whole fight. I'm not a liberal and going to the other side but trump continues to put people like me in situations. I will not defend the indefensible. I never have and never will. Would you become independent? The hypothetical scenarios -- people like Jeff flake or whomever I don't see them winning in a primary. No pathway. I mean, all things are possible. I'm out of the guessing game but I'm a hard core conservative so I don't know any more. I think you have to stick with what you believe and I think more people are less boom, this is what I am only because we live in a world where there are things that you see that bother you, you know, I was -- I don't know what's going to happen with this Florida governor. He and I would never sit down in a room together, but when he said, I need to make these decisions for my state, for the kids in my state, I need to stand up, I just thought thank you. Yeah. I just want to hear somebody say, hey, you know what, I think this is not -- I think it is better that people are older to make these choices. I think the conversation -- How do you wrestle your party and bring it back to the party that you grew up in? It may not be possible. We were going to talk about Dianne Feinstein in this pushback with her running for reelection. There's a huge fracture in the democratic party whether you're going with Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden. I don't think it's sort of -- That's traditional politics. We're talking about worse -- I'm not going to defend CPAC. I would never defend CPAC. Really you used to be the ainority. It was the fringe element. Yes. And now the fringe has become the norm. The face of the party. People are trying to figure out, wait a minute, how fast did this happen and how long has this been coming. And who let it happen. There's a lot of it. Isn't the disgrace really at the top level of the Republican party where Paul Ryan and Mitch Mcconnell say nothing against trump? To just say I'm done because trump's president, I'm no longer going to fight for my ideals. I'm out of here. Speaking out. When we come back after the black history FYI we can talk about that because the question

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{"duration":"8:22","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss the fracturing in the Republican Party and whether Democrats are experiencing the same thing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"53367481","title":"Conservative columnist Mona Charen calls Republicans 'hypocrites'","url":"/theview/video/conservative-columnist-mona-charen-calls-republicans-hypocrites-53367481"}