Cop fired after pepper-spraying army lieutenant

"The View" co-hosts react to footage that emerged of Black-Latino Army Lt. Caron Nazario, who was in uniform, getting pepper-sprayed earlier this year during a traffic stop in Virginia.
8:19 | 04/12/21

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Transcript for Cop fired after pepper-spraying army lieutenant
The ongoing pattern of systemic police racism in America continues this weekend. Protests once again a broken out after twenty year old taunts him right. Was shot and killed by police during a traffic stop just ten miles away from where Derrick Shelvin unleashed. Brutality on George Floyd's neck. Footage also emerged. Of army lieutenant car zone is our Al. Getting pepper sprayed it earlier. This year doing another traffic stop that one is in Virginia take a look. I'm honestly afraid to get out cannot guarantee that people aren't actively serving this country and it's how you gonna treatment it. I didn't do well over and went door and pulled don't. Watch it but particularly. The available. Including. About the legal it. Why about it and kept it was not one went underground. You know I really think every state needs to follow Maryland's lead and get rid of the police bill of rights. At and police union is especially. Especially. They're Nebraska needs to get rid of the union because the unions seemed to keep preventing police from being. Treated like everybody else in this country when they break the law they need to be governed by the same rules. As everyone else every should be a federal standard in every state what ever are. Happens in this state in this state in this state he said because it's been flat out this is the dues of these adopts because unless. You get rid of this. This bill of the union that bill of rights is twenty states that probably still have to you get rid of that and make these laws federal and get. People citizen run. Review boards in every. Place there is a police station. It's just going to keep going. It's just going to keep going I mean Sarah whip. When you look at this what what what is going through your head especially the confrontation when an active member of the militant. What kept asking myself what a mind missing in this video what possibly could have happened that would justify. This. This officer Gutierrez and everything he was saying. And as you read into this the man did everything that were told to do if you're on a dark road and in your getting pulled over. Put on your emergency flasher is pulling to a well lit area he did all these things he even said out loud I did that for your safety in mind keeps asking what is going on he's doing everything you'd ask that shows his hands. The air against of this officer by the way some of the things coming out of his mouth it's like he's living out his movie dreams. Your fix in to ride the lightning son. And when he's in his Ari ill bet that gentleman says I'm nerve I'm scared to get out he's like you should be. What's going on here with. The man never brings down his town. And what that says to me is this man this officers gotten away with this. Tons of times before and to know that this is happening in a climate. Post George Floyd posts so many examples of this. Also the police. Protest last summer when we talked about the police brutality please reforming. This man this officer went to his job and behaved this way in this climate where were all highly aware that this is a problem. But as you mentioned the Maryland did a really good thing even against. The vetoing of their Republican governor. They did restricting no knock warrants a mandating body cameras requiring officers to prioritize DE escalation. That word keeps coming up. Also the fact that the internal affairs he should not be self regulating as a police department and it shouldn't give in now silence any need to hear when these complaints Tammy. So I hope that more people follow suit with this led to. Station. Right went joy when you saw this went went went through your mind. Well it's infuriating to watch the disrespect for and for lieutenant and they in the united states army being treated like that then this is happening over and over again. I was just thinking and why was pulled over for speeding I'm in pulled over for having him a long tail light out and nothing ever happens to me I mean night. I barely got a ticket for those things they I'd never felt like I was in not harm's way by the police in now because I'm a white woman. I just so I just feel better that I also glad it's confusing for people now did these these guys who are. Hud these non white drivers and get what to do wouldn't. So they put their hands on the wing Allison they should they reach for their registration should they take this seat belt on should they put their hands on they hedge they get out of the car should they stay in the caution they answer the police. Should they say to them why are you arresting me is that. Also provide a provocative. To ask that question. You know and I want you to not I think Sarah said something I want you to not say anything that's interesting isn't it. That shows that he knew this Gutierrez guy who's been fired and the rest of Jimmy fire. I knew that something he was doing there was walking into pepper spray on top of the I mean and then there's this reference to ride the lightning. According to my researchers. That is a reference to the electric chant watts. What do you talk and of the electric chair for the guy. And by the way it just as they couldn't see the license. And I've pulled over. To a lighted spot or sound good spot which was Smart of him to down they should have been happy. You know I mean if it's yeah frustrating and and disheartening to see this happening over and over again. That's just Megan when you so out what went what went through your mind went. Well. Loosening her own as Ariel is an army medic and anyone that knows anything about army medics knows that those are the people that are in like the real. Kinda it. It intends to DNA and insanity and war zones are people that literally deal with. You know soldiers in public their legs blown off and deal with IUD is it to very intense serious job. So for an army medic to be obviously treated outweigh is beyond my comprehension but. It gets to the point in dealer he's actually on the ground weeping. And I can't imagine someone who is an army medic. Given that things that I am sure he has experienced and seen being in a place where he's then crying on the ground and and being pepper sprayed and treated. Like an animal. How just how bad at egregious and disgusting. And Zale was I know what we saw on the video but I'm sure there's more to it I agree the language was very strains like. Screaming at him while you're going to be sari and he keeps saying I'm scared I'm scared. If I said I'm scared to a police officer I hope they would say. There's nothing to be scared out we're just trying to figure this out we're just trying to work it out. And I think you can you know believe in respecting the integrity of our law enforcement and also recognize that there's. Serious systemic issues that have gone by and a I'm shacks to add that. This is just not how we treat our veterans is not how we treat our soldier is. Anecdotally. I mean I'm friends of a lot of people a lot of horsemen in front of a lot of people the military all the men in my family in the military. Nor only there's like a sort of calm rock. My family's experience is when my Brothers are Alec police officers a lot of times attacks military. Some of those police officers in particular to treat a lieutenant army medic outweigh shame on them and I echo what everyone says they should be fired and I hope it lieutenant corona as Ariel gets everything he's asking for a believe he's suing. The Virginia police department right now. In a statement the town of Windsor Virginia. Announced that officer Joseph Gutierrez was terminated from his employment. Officials said an internal investigation. Had determined that from due terraces actions were not consistent. With the Windsor police department policies.

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{"duration":"8:19","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts react to footage that emerged of Black-Latino Army Lt. Caron Nazario, who was in uniform, getting pepper-sprayed earlier this year during a traffic stop in Virginia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"77025544","title":"Cop fired after pepper-spraying army lieutenant","url":"/theview/video/cop-fired-pepper-spraying-army-lieutenant-77025544"}