Do Democratic voters want a lover or a fighter?

“The View” co-hosts question what voters are looking for in a presidential candidate with two months until the Iowa caucuses.
5:53 | 12/02/19

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Transcript for Do Democratic voters want a lover or a fighter?
So it's just two months until the Iowa caucuses, and do you know who your candidate is? Democrats are still all over the place, and some are showing voters a more personal side. Mayor Pete claims that being gay helps him relate to African-American struggles. Senator Elizabeth Warren got choked up talking to a young girl during a q&a, and Joe Biden had fun with his wife during a campaign stop. Watch. And welcome to the president of the United States. Nibble, nibble, nibble. I thought it was so cute. People are so angry about that clip. They are. I thought it was silly and, like, they clearly still love each other and are playful. That's because -- When you show it like that it looks creepy. It looks like it happened for a long time, and, you know. I think it's adorable, and it's just kind of a reflex. You put your finger in someone's face, they kind of go for it. It was a reflex. It was sweet. That's what I did with Bernie Sanders. He kept going like this with his hands. I did not nibble. You have to do something. Everyone sees it's uncomfortable. I thought in that moment, they look like they're very happy, and frankly he needs to do more of that. That's his soft side. They seem to like each other though, still. They do. Melania looks like she's at a funeral half the time. Not for nothing. So do you think empathy will work on the campaign trail? Because that's what they're trying now, you know. The opposite really has been true of trump. Obviously, you know, he locks up children, he cuts food stamps. He does the opposite of empathy and caring of other people. He did go to Afghanistan over the holidays to see the troops. Yay. Every president does that. That's no big deal. I feel like sometimes the cruelty is baked into the cake. When you watch his ral I wills, anyone that's endured one, the people behind him really enjoy how mean he is, and when he cusses, they all cheer. The people behind him? The people at the rallies. Julian Castro was on this weekend and he talked about cruelty being what the goal is, and we as a nation, we're coarser now, and we have gotten to the point where hatefulness is celebrated. I did someone horrible and someone blocked me, yay. Why are you happy that you are so distasteful that no one ever wants to see you again? There's something about that that breaks my heart about what we become. In three years of everything being just -- going down, and it's not just Republicans. It's not just trump. Everyone now is, like -- Biden spoke to it when he first announced his candidacy. He said, we're fighting for the soul of America. I really believe that. It's how Democrats, do we want a lover or a fighter? We just want someone that will elevate the discourse and elevate what's going on. Yes. Think about it joy. You said, what this administration is doing about food stamps. Cutting the food stamp budget by $4.2 billion. $4.2 billion, and you're saying the minority communities are affected. 40% of the recipients are white people, and so people that are in a large part, some trump supporters, you're talking about 400,000 people in Texas losing their money. School children lose their school lunch. 128,000 in Florida. Households getting groceries will lose that benefit. Iowans will lose that benefit. Why aren't people talking about that? Can I ask a question? Why is it wrong to take care of people? Why is it wrong to feed people or house people that they need It's how you do it and how effective the government is in doing that, and I think that's where you have the divide and where Republicans and my family would say is -- 2 billion people need that assistance. They're talking about the politics of the moment, if you need a fighter, or someone to empathize with. I take umbrage at the idea you can't be both. President Obama was an empathizer and a fighter, and I think great leaders across the board can be both, and the media does a disservice to the American public thinking you have to have one or the other. I want to show this morning consult trend tracker. Come on, you guys. I prepped it. You see Joe Biden in here is -- excuse me. Can I speak? Statistically staying above the pack. No matter what happens. All the other candidates, ebbing up and ebbing down, and I sound so serious right now like I'm in class. Sorry. Now you see Elizabeth Warren going down, and despite our conversation over the past year plus, and what will continue, Joe Biden is still holding steady in the middle of the country. No matter what, or how many gaffes he has or whatever, it will be interesting to see which candidate can go up and hit that green. I talked to my in-laws as we all do over the break, people that don't live in New York City, they're in Florida. They talk to their in-laws? What did you say? They're my in-laws. I ask them about what they think is going on, and if they would vote -- they're Republicans. They said, as of right now to Meghan's point, Biden would be the only one we would think to vote for. I said, have you watched the debates? They haven't watched any. There's a disconnected, and there's that moment, and we were talking about this this morning, when kamala went after Joe Biden, and at that moment before the commentary was, like, that's her moment. This was it for her. It didn't work out. It's funny because that's the way the media was talking about it, and people at home saw it very differently. There's still a disconnect with the way the media talks about the race right now and the way they're describing it to people, and the way people at home are feeling about the issue. I think Democrats just want anybody who can defeat trump. They all can if we all vote for that person. If everybody votes, no matter who it is. When we come back, there's

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{"duration":"5:53","description":"“The View” co-hosts question what voters are looking for in a presidential candidate with two months until the Iowa caucuses.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"67442714","title":"Do Democratic voters want a lover or a fighter?","url":"/theview/video/democratic-voters-lover-fighter-67442714"}