Democrats claim victory in Kentucky

Although the race remains too close to call despite a victory speech by Andy Beshear, “The View” co-hosts weigh in on the closely watched governor’s race between the Democrat and GOP Gov. Matt Bevin.
5:10 | 11/06/19

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Transcript for Democrats claim victory in Kentucky
be back tomorrow, and yesterday was election day in America, and Democrats -- -- Democrats seemed to score well in some red states like Virginia where they flipped both the house and the senate, and Kentucky. The democratic challenger won over Republican Matt bevin even though -- -- Even though at a Monday night rally, you know who warned voters what a loss would mean. Take a look. Here's the story. If you win, they're going to make it like hoe hum, and if you lose, they're going to say, trump suffered the biggest defeat in the history of the this was the greatest. You can't let that happen to me. That's funny. Now bevin that has not conceded yet, but, you know. I guess it happened. It does -- well, it does happen, and everybody seems to, you know, as we have said at this table, most politics is local. Yeah. And if you are not doing the job that the people in the state or the town or the, you know, hamlet need you to do, you're not going to get there, and it doesn't matter who comes down for you. Yeah. I suspect that part of this is what he suffered fr. I don't know whether this is a referendum. I think people just said, listen. This is what I need done. If you are doing what I need you to do, then you're going to be the person representing me, you know? Speaking of flipping the seat, remember that woman who flipped the bird to trump? At a rally? Her name is Julie briskman. She flipped him the bird when his car was going by. So she lost her job because of that. That's right. She sued her company and won severance from the company, and she just won at the louden county board of supervisors by 52.4% of the vote. I love that. That's a happy ending for the bird. For the bird. Sounds like bevin though was just, like, a really unpopular governor. Are you from Kentucky? Can I ask you a question really quick? He had a spat with public schools, correct? He attempted to reduce teachers' pensions and tried to reverse the medicaid suspension. He was considered not from Kentucky. I'm from Arizona, and I understand that doesn't go over well. I'm surprised by this. I'm sorry. The woman behind you. We're not surprised. We're very, very happy though. Okay. Some of us are educators or retired educators, and he was pretty ugly to us. Very, very. How do you think Moscow Mitch is taking it? I hope he's taking it very, very well. Because he's next. Yes, I hope. He was extremely unpopular in the state, and it shows the only tea leaf that I would read on this, and trump is going to downplay this. He absolves himself unless they win. This is an extremely unpopular politician, but it shows that normally in blood red states like Kentucky, if you bring trump in, you'll get a big crowd, and it should in theory, give a bump enough to win. Only if that person is doing their job. Yeah. I feel, you know, this -- I'm just going to keep trying to push this idea that it's not, you know, and it's based on some of the things that we have been talking about over this past couple of years, about what people need in their town. Right. In their state, in their city, and if you are not -- if you are the governor or you're the senator and you're not bringing home to the people what they need, that's what they're voting on. Yeah. I think it's interesting for people to always assume -- Well -- Let me finish my thought. It's a mistake for people to assume that because the party in -- Power. -- In power, has a great -- Stranglehold. -- Stranglehold or a message on a shirt that is going to keep people. If your answer is very little, you're not going to get elected. You're not going to say people don't -- people in the middle, left, right senators are tired of looking at their wallets and busting their behinds and being told, this is what you get. This is it because everybody says, oh, we're going to bring you -- I got a plan for that. I got this. I got that. Show me the money.

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{"duration":"5:10","description":"Although the race remains too close to call despite a victory speech by Andy Beshear, “The View” co-hosts weigh in on the closely watched governor’s race between the Democrat and GOP Gov. Matt Bevin.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"66796310","title":"Democrats claim victory in Kentucky","url":"/theview/video/democrats-claim-victory-kentucky-66796310"}