How will Democrats respond to SCOTUS vote?

“The View” co-hosts react to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell locking down GOP support for a vote to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
10:42 | 09/22/20

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Transcript for How will Democrats respond to SCOTUS vote?
Today is national voter registration day which means every eligible voter still has time to register for the 2020 election. We teamed up with the nonpartisan effort I am a voter to help you make sure you are registered to vote and receive important election information over the next few weeks row. You'll see our guests share what voting means to them. So visit our website, click on vote your view and make sure you're ready to make your voice heard. The other thing we're excited about is sunny Hostin is talking about her new book. She's coming up. In any case with just 42 days until the election senate majority leader Mitch Mcconnell promised a vote on you know who's nominee to replace justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Looks like the Republicans have the votes to move forward. Sunny, do the Democrats have any moves? I don't think there are any moves left. I think the Republicans will push this nomination forward and I think they'll push the nominees through. It took 42 days to confirm Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I think the Republicans made it clear they want to do this before the election. It will be a bit unprecedented because there isn't much time because we don't know who the nominee will be. I will say this, this is a life-time appointment. This nominee must be tested like every other nominee. I remember when I was selected to be an assistant United States district attorney. I had FBI agents interviewing people I loved in a building with when I was 9 years old. The notion that it's too intrusive is ridiculous. That person has to be tested in the way every other nominee will be tested. So, Meghan, what's your take on this? Do you think this is inevitable? Yeah, I mean -- Is there -- Yeah. When rbg died, I was texted my liberal friends I said it was happening. I never thought it was an option not to have it happen. Apologies to everyone upset over it. Moving forward on to -- historically there's been a supreme court opening 29 times in history. 19 times there was one party in 17 times it's gone through. There's a lot of conversations about court packing on the left. Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Joe Biden was against court packing. There's a lot of hypocrisy. My concern is when we lose the senate, what happens when Democrats are in power and you have a Biden presidency and Democrats running the senate. This may be worth it to Republicans. I'm one of those people that think it probably is. Don't think there won't be a pay out on the other end. The Amy coney Barrett and the rhetoric that is going on with her right now, when you start talking about Christian women like we're all commanders wives in "The handmaid's tale," you can radicalize people in the country. I'm very anxious what what's going to happen going forward when it looks like she's going to be nominated. What about you, Sara? Is this the right way to be heading? There's a lot of talk about Amy coney Barrett. I condemn bigotry of any form, religious or otherwise. I think there's a nuance here being missed and often missed in political conversations these this is someone aspiring 0 the highest court of our land, the supreme court. People are trying to assess her judicial philosophy and whether or not it's influenced by things outside of the constitution of the United States. That's the very point of these hearings. The concern I have, which again is not anti-religion. I grew up in church. I get it. These are comments that Amy coney Barrett has made herself. It's fair game. As sunny said, people need to be vetted and explored. I look forward to hearings for answers to things that were alarming to me. It's the intersection of her faith and her ability to adjudicate the law. She herself would welcome questions on that. She's a highly academic and amazing lawyer and judge. She recognizes this country was built on is he coup larism. I look forward to those questions. I think we all do. The narrative is because she has a lot of kids and she's catholic. If we're talking about a Muslim or jewish person, this would not be the same conversation. I'm just here to warn everyone if you Kavanaugh this and turn it into something where women think they're being attacked -- by the way, at what point was she endorsed by her entire notre dame faculty that her religion is an issue. I talked about it yesterday -- Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. We're going to break. When we come back we'll have more to say about this conversation. We'll be right back. . Announcer: All eyes are on the Arizona congressional race. Tomorrow mark Kelly will be on "The view." Ready... Set... Glow! Discover the indulgent new Dove Glowing shower collection... Infused with mango and almond butter. Reveal radiant glowing skin. When migraine strikes, there's quick-dissolve Nurtec. Don't take if allergic to Nurtec. Side effects include nausea. 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{"duration":"10:42","description":"“The View” co-hosts react to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell locking down GOP support for a vote to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/theview","id":"73172157","title":"How will Democrats respond to SCOTUS vote?","url":"/theview/video/democrats-respond-scotus-vote-73172157"}